GTA Listings Sept 4 2018

Listings September 4th, 2018 for Across the GTA

The best listings September 4th, 2018 for throughout the GTA.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
122 Stormont Tr, VaughanN4234413122 Stormont Tr, Vaughan
71 Acredale Dr, HamiltonX423354971 Acredale Dr, Hamilton
6680 Viola Crt, MississaugaW42329756680 Viola Crt, Mississauga
290 Vellore Park Ave, VaughanN4234478290 Vellore Park Ave, Vaughan
64 Ladyslipper Crt, MarkhamN423313264 Ladyslipper Crt, Markham
155 Meadowvale Rd, TorontoE4234371155 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto
116 Rivermill Cres, VaughanN4234410116 Rivermill Cres, Vaughan
3107 Seabright Dr, MississaugaW42337263107 Seabright Dr, Mississauga
127 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond HillN4233649127 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond Hill
92 Churchill Ave, TorontoC423365592 Churchill Ave, Toronto
80 Emmeloord Cres, MarkhamN423382480 Emmeloord Cres, Markham
275 Third Line, OakvilleW4233708275 Third Line, Oakville
38 Bedouin Cres, BramptonW423364338 Bedouin Cres, Brampton
2245 Canonridge Circ, OakvilleW42328912245 Canonridge Circ, Oakville
548 Fralicks Beach Rd, ScugogE4233405548 Fralicks Beach Rd, Scugog
142 Via Toscana Rd, VaughanN4234465142 Via Toscana Rd, Vaughan
15 Pavillion St, MarkhamN423407415 Pavillion St, Markham
184 Timpson Dr, AuroraN4234391184 Timpson Dr, Aurora
206 E Lawrence Ave, TorontoC4234463206 E Lawrence Ave, Toronto
17500 Lakeridge Rd, ScugogE423319917500 Lakeridge Rd, Scugog
542 Brittania Cres, KitchenerX4233672542 Brittania Cres, Kitchener
201 Willowridge Crt, OakvilleW4233157201 Willowridge Crt, Oakville
21 Mcphillips Ave, MarkhamN423363821 Mcphillips Ave, Markham
3 Earl Goodyear Rd, MarkhamN42337053 Earl Goodyear Rd, Markham
40 Settlers Ridge St, MarkhamN423391540 Settlers Ridge St, Markham
22 Newbridge Ave, Richmond HillN423403422 Newbridge Ave, Richmond Hill
2800 S Thickson Rd 2, WhitbyE42339132800 S Thickson Rd 2, Whitby
196 Baber Cres, AuroraN4234304196 Baber Cres, Aurora
3589 Jorie Cres, MississaugaW42339193589 Jorie Cres, Mississauga
1690 Sunnycove Dr, MississaugaW42343641690 Sunnycove Dr, Mississauga
1230 Highway 7A Rd, ScugogE42333891230 Highway 7A Rd, Scugog
1980 Aldermead Rd, MississaugaW42331141980 Aldermead Rd, Mississauga
140 Willis Dr, AuroraN4233875140 Willis Dr, Aurora
90 Chiswick Ave, TorontoW423444190 Chiswick Ave, Toronto
29 Lauderhill Rd, BramptonW423376029 Lauderhill Rd, Brampton
40 Highgate Dr, MarkhamN423380540 Highgate Dr, Markham
26 Lloyd Manor Rd, TorontoW423442826 Lloyd Manor Rd, Toronto
99 Parkway Ave, MarkhamN423385599 Parkway Ave, Markham
1445 Daniel Creek Rd, MississaugaW42342661445 Daniel Creek Rd, Mississauga
7 Grovetree Rd, TorontoW42345377 Grovetree Rd, Toronto
319 Downy Emerald Dr Bradford, West GwillimburyN4233489319 Downy Emerald Dr Bradford, West Gwillimbury
27 Lonny Crt, VaughanN423366827 Lonny Crt, Vaughan
103 Stonechurch Cres, MarkhamN4233841103 Stonechurch Cres, Markham
2071 Granby Dr, OakvilleW42335092071 Granby Dr, Oakville
801 Prest Way, NewmarketN4234457801 Prest Way, Newmarket
90 Barberry Cres, Richmond HillN423384990 Barberry Cres, Richmond Hill
7278 Golden Meadow Crt, MississaugaW42339397278 Golden Meadow Crt, Mississauga
32 Thicket Rd, TorontoW423292232 Thicket Rd, Toronto
6 Southdale Dr, MarkhamN42331486 Southdale Dr, Markham
932 Grand Ridge Ave, OshawaE4234529932 Grand Ridge Ave, Oshawa
66 Carnoustie Cres, Richmond HillN423365966 Carnoustie Cres, Richmond Hill
34 Hadley Crt, AuroraN423453234 Hadley Crt, Aurora
69 Barr Cres, BramptonW423321069 Barr Cres, Brampton
2407 Valley Heights Cres, OakvilleW42335432407 Valley Heights Cres, Oakville
59 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond HillN423385859 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond Hill
6805 Historic Tr, MississaugaW42330086805 Historic Tr, Mississauga
51 Vera St, VaughanN423345651 Vera St, Vaughan
Lot 166 Leger Way, MiltonW4234313Lot 166 Leger Way, Milton
8 Freshspring Dr, BramptonW42332828 Freshspring Dr, Brampton
2350 Hancock Rd, ClaringtonE42344402350 Hancock Rd, Clarington
4 Prairy Grass Cres, East GwillimburyN42330644 Prairy Grass Cres, East Gwillimbury
50 Old Yonge St, TorontoC423387650 Old Yonge St, Toronto
5 Waterford Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42328855 Waterford Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
32 Hillholm Blvd, Richmond HillN423351532 Hillholm Blvd, Richmond Hill
88 Lesgay Cres, TorontoC423446788 Lesgay Cres, Toronto
1 Personna Blvd, MarkhamN42334161 Personna Blvd, Markham
6 Berkindale Dr, TorontoC42340366 Berkindale Dr, Toronto
193 Olive Ave, TorontoC4234316193 Olive Ave, Toronto
191 Chartwell Rd, OakvilleW4233896191 Chartwell Rd, Oakville
22 Lowesmoor Ave, TorontoC423389722 Lowesmoor Ave, Toronto
191 York Mills Rd, TorontoC4233265191 York Mills Rd, Toronto
190 Churchill Ave, KingN4232972190 Churchill Ave, King
60 Bond Cres, Richmond HillN423313860 Bond Cres, Richmond Hill
129 Anndale Ave, TorontoC4232940129 Anndale Ave, Toronto
170 Forestwood Dr, OakvilleW4234520170 Forestwood Dr, Oakville
316 Forde Cres, KingN4234406316 Forde Cres, King
701 Briar Hill Ave, TorontoC4233050701 Briar Hill Ave, Toronto
3245 Mayfair Pl, BurlingtonW42339213245 Mayfair Pl, Burlington
227 Oak Cres, BurlingtonW4234502227 Oak Cres, Burlington
10530 Fifth Line, MiltonW423395610530 Fifth Line, Milton
368 Jumna Ave, MississaugaW4234049368 Jumna Ave, Mississauga
69 Carlton Rd, MarkhamN423414469 Carlton Rd, Markham
4 Fern Ave, Richmond HillN42329914 Fern Ave, Richmond Hill
10A Toscanini Rd, Richmond HillN413706810A Toscanini Rd, Richmond Hill
31 Glenarden Cres, Richmond HillN423352831 Glenarden Cres, Richmond Hill
3985 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42336533985 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
175 Glen Park Ave, TorontoC4233853175 Glen Park Ave, Toronto
1531 Narva Rd, MississaugaW42336741531 Narva Rd, Mississauga
52 Marydon Cres, TorontoE423438452 Marydon Cres, Toronto
2 Colonel George Mclar Dr, MarkhamN42336482 Colonel George Mclar Dr, Markham
15842 Horseshoe Hill Rd, CaledonW423305615842 Horseshoe Hill Rd, Caledon
420 Farrell Rd, VaughanN4233728420 Farrell Rd, Vaughan
1300 Amber Crct, OakvilleW42345231300 Amber Crct, Oakville
106 Country Club Dr, KingN4233412106 Country Club Dr, King
1219 Burrowhill Lane, MississaugaW42339421219 Burrowhill Lane, Mississauga
56 Elbern Markell Dr, BramptonW423380356 Elbern Markell Dr, Brampton
259 Pleasant Ave, TorontoC4233353259 Pleasant Ave, Toronto
7 James Walker Crt, MarkhamN42333727 James Walker Crt, Markham
2487 Old Bronte Rd, OakvilleW42332032487 Old Bronte Rd, Oakville
1655 Angela Cres, MississaugaW42343311655 Angela Cres, Mississauga
172 N Brentwood Rd, TorontoW4234196172 N Brentwood Rd, Toronto
1473 Birchwood Dr, MississaugaW42333961473 Birchwood Dr, Mississauga
290 Ash Tree Way, OakvilleW4233326290 Ash Tree Way, Oakville
70 Woodmans Chart, MarkhamN423321570 Woodmans Chart, Markham
75 Post Oak Dr, Richmond HillN423294675 Post Oak Dr, Richmond Hill
37 Gatehead Rd, TorontoC423452237 Gatehead Rd, Toronto
1351 Devon Rd, OakvilleW42341321351 Devon Rd, Oakville
8 Bathurst Glen Dr, VaughanN42338528 Bathurst Glen Dr, Vaughan
21 Wales Ave, MarkhamN423412421 Wales Ave, Markham
4122 Davis Dr, East GwillimburyN42338874122 Davis Dr, East Gwillimbury
320 Castan Ave, MarkhamN4234442320 Castan Ave, Markham
93 Granite St, VaughanN423349293 Granite St, Vaughan
164 Timpson Dr, AuroraN4233689164 Timpson Dr, Aurora
13385 Innis Lake Rd, CaledonW423375813385 Innis Lake Rd, Caledon
69 Fairmont Ridge Tr, KingN423424869 Fairmont Ridge Tr, King
146 Old King Rd, CaledonW4234105146 Old King Rd, Caledon
26 Larkin Ave, KingN423296726 Larkin Ave, King
127 Stave Cres, Richmond HillN4233946127 Stave Cres, Richmond Hill
23 Lena Dr, Richmond HillN423315123 Lena Dr, Richmond Hill
2567 Carberry Way, OakvilleW42334352567 Carberry Way, Oakville
18 Getz Park, VaughanN423445218 Getz Park, Vaughan
7185 Patterson Sdrd, CaledonW42337817185 Patterson Sdrd, Caledon
52 Ridgecrest Dr, TorontoE423446852 Ridgecrest Dr, Toronto
1648 Sagewood Crt, MississaugaW42343681648 Sagewood Crt, Mississauga
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