Home Maintenance Checklist – 12 Tasks For 12 Days

If you recently decided to sell your house there is probably a mountain of things you have to think of; from getting your furniture in place to painting the house, maybe even buying something new for it.

Amidst all that, you may forget something very important – the maintenance round.

It is not something people are usually happy and eager about doing, but it’s something you definitely should do.

In the end, the responsibility for it falls down on your shoulders anyway, so it’s better to be safe than sorry once the potential buyers enter the property.

With that in mind, here is a checklist of 12 tasks you can do in 12 days to get your home ready to show to the whole world!


Having curb appeal and a nice outdoor space is always a huge plus for buyers.

If you manage to wow them with your yards, they will be more willing to buy the house.

There are so many things you can do to add curb appeal.

  1. You can trim the fence, bushes, and trees to make them look well-kept and organized.
  2. Plant a few flowers here and there to add colour
  3. Mow the grass so it’s levelled properly
  4. Finally, you can power wash the driveway and other concrete areas in the yard to make them sparkling clean and look brand new



Don’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t really work when it comes to properties.

Most buyers do judge the house based on how it looks on the outside, which is why it’s important to make it as attractive as possible.

Check for cracks and chips, any loose or missing caulk or any other visible damage you find on the exterior.

Repair the damage you found and add a fresh coat of paint once you’re done with repairing.

When you do all this to the exterior area, the fresh paint on the walls will give that brand-new look to the house, significantly increasing its value.


Flooding and mold can cause a problem, especially if you live in areas with a rainy climate or frequent storms.

– Inspect the trim
– Gutters and downspouts
– Seals to make sure there is no leakage and they are containing the water during downpours so no water or mold enters the house


If your carpets are torn and damaged, remove them.

If your flooring is damaged, fix it.

Buyers don’t like to see damaged floors since floor replacement can cost a fortune.

There are some affordable options available on the market today if you’re going for a full renovation of the flooring, but if you want to go for something more minor, there are always simpler solutions. Like cleaning for instance.

If you have tiles as flooring, cleaning them and the grouts can make them look newer, while if you have carpets, steam cleaning them can help you get rid of any stains or mold that may cause a smell as well.


Maybe the HVAC filters aren’t the first thing you think of that needs updating since they aren’t visible, but they need your attention as well.

Although not many replace the filters as often as required, this can be something buyers ask about which means you should take care of replacing them if you already haven’t previously.

Check if your filters are;
– Outdated
– Dirty
– Damaged
– Replace them if needed

If you plan on selling the house soon, there is no need to buy expensive filters. They are not as cost-efficient as the cheaper ones, but the latter ones do the job almost as efficiently.


Damage to windows and doors is pretty apparent once a potential buyer enters the house.

Cleaning the windows is the obvious thing to do, but besides this basic thing, there are other maintenance chores you can do to the windows and doors.

– Check
– Work properly
– Can be closed easily
– Don’t make a squeaking and creaking noise when opened and closed.
– See if the paint isn’t peeling off
– If they have any visible damage or cracks on them that may cause concern for buyers

Same with doors.
– Test if they close properly
– Can be locked
– Are in good condition
– Have their sturdiness
– Have durability

Another very important thing is to check the weather stripping and caulking.

They are used to seal the cracks between the interior and exterior parts of the doors and windows so no air enters or leaves the space due to air leaks. It’s also a method used to save on energy utilities, so it may be a big bonus when you present this to potential buyers.


Electrical rust can be a major issue, even though it’s hard to notice.

Make sure to go around your house and inspect your electrical outlets, even those you’re not using actively.


Safety systems are a priority for many and as such should be at the top of your maintenance list.

Make sure;
– To test all your carbon and smoke detectors,
– Replace any fire extinguishers if they are outdated so you know they function properly.

They may save someone’s life in the future.


Repairing the roof or completely replacing it is not only expensive but also time-consuming.

While the roof gets repaired or replaced, you will have to go somewhere else, costing you additional money for rent, something you surely don’t want when you already have the huge costs of repairing your roof.

This is exactly how potential buyers will think about the situation as well.

Nobody wants to have to fix a roof just when they bought a house because everyone knows how expensive and time consuming it is.

Besides inspecting and repairing the roof itself, check the chimney for any missing or loose mortar and clear any obstructions in it so it can be functional and operate properly.


– Water pressure
– Clogged drains
– Leaks
– Sink traps
– Problems with valves

are all parts of the plumbing system maintenance.

Because this is a specific area, it’s best to hire a professional plumber who will inspect and clean your plumbing system so no issues arise as a result.

In addition to this, it’s best to have your septic systems serviced or emptied if needed. Besides the unpleasant smell no one likes, it can cause flooding, leaks, and problems with the rest of the plumbing system, so it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to plumbing.


Experienced home buyers know that the basement can be an indicator of many problems, so they can head to it first before looking at other areas of the house.

Any signs of:
– Dampness
– Mold
– Cracks
– Leaks
– Damaged floors

These can be an indicator of a potentially major problem that requires immediate fixing.

So, don’t forget to inspect what’s hiding underneath your house and do the necessary repairs.


There’s nothing like a good scrub to make your house look spectacular.

After you’ve done all the previous repairs, it’s time to deep clean your house.

Start from dusting, mopping and vacuuming, to cleaning the windows, door screens, even the grouts between the tiles and behind your counters.

Although it may seem like a lot of tough work at first, the results will show in the end.


Not everyone is a handyman so you may not be experienced with fixing things, but most of the maintenance you need to do is not complicated and there is always Google there to help you if needed.

Once you’re done with the maintenance, everything that’s left is to let the numbers do the talking in the end.

All you need to do is be patient and diligent with your maintenance tasks.

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