How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Preparing your home for selling seems like an endless string of tasks.

There are just so many things to think of that you may get lost in the whole process and forget the most essential things.

But no worries, we got your back on that.

We’ve made a list of 11 essential things you shouldn’t forget to do before showing your house to the world to see…and buy.


Proper space organization can go a long way with potential home buyers.

When your space is decluttered and clean, those looking around can freely focus on the house itself rather than the small decorations, knick-knacks, and stuff thrown around the house.

Clutter can also make your rooms look smaller and messier than they are, so make sure to remove anything extra from your cabinets, closets, chairs, and shelves to allow your buyers to see the real potential of the home.


Logically, those thinking about buying the house would want to know if the paperwork related to it is clean and every permission received.

At least those who are seriously considering buying your house will ask you about the paperwork and you must provide them with it.

The sooner they will be able to check if everything is okay financially and legally, the faster you’ll be able to sell the house to them.


Your yard will be the first thing potential home buyers will see when they enter the property, so it’s crucial to make a lasting first impression with it.

Get your shovels and pottery out and start landscaping.

Plant some fresh grass, style those old, overgrown bushes and place a few flower pots here and there to add some color.


Many argue that lighting is everything when it comes to interior design.

There is so much you can do to a space by just adding the right type of lighting.

To make your rooms stand out, go out and do some lighting shopping before presenting your house to potential home buyers.

Carefully pick:

  • Some lamps
  • Light bulbs
  • Chandeliers
  • Any type of light fixtures you believe will add a different dimension to the space and make it look more sophisticated and modern.

Most importantly, don’t forget to turn all lighting fixtures on when buyers enter the house so they can serve their purpose.


Paint that’s peeling off the walls is not a pleasant sight, especially when someone is considering whether to buy the property or not.

In fact, most of those that will see the wall paint peeling off will stop considering your house as their potential future home.

In their minds, that’s a sign that you haven’t taken proper care of the property.

This is exactly why the first thing everyone does once they decide to sell the property is adding fresh paint to the walls.

It doesn’t only show proper care, but it also makes the house look newer, cleaner and more presentable for future hosts.


We’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but when it comes to their potential home, most people do.

And because they do, it’s important to make the exterior of the house as presentable and memorable as possible.

As you did with the interior walls, you need to add some fresh paint to the exterior walls as well.

Some lighting on the outside won’t hurt either as it will add to the newer look you’re trying to achieve.

Whatever you choose to do to the exterior, try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think of something that will make them say “wow” when they approach the house.


We’ve talked about how important staging your house is previously, but if you’ve missed that article, you surely haven’t missed so many Sales Agents talking about it.

Staging has not only helped homes sell faster, but also for more money.

In fact, many Real Estate Agents have added this as a separate service they charge for!

You don’t have to have an Agent to stage your home though.

You can:

  • Re-arrange the furniture
  • Move around the décor on your own
  • Present your rooms in their best light
  • Give out a homey feeling so buyers can instantly see themselves spending their next Sunday evening there.


Potential buyers are not interested in your book collections, family portraits or other personal belongings you may have in the house.

They can’t envision themselves living there if you have photographs of your family on every wall staring back at them and if they can’t connect to the house and see it as their home, they will probably walk away.

So, try to make your house as neutral as possible.

  • Remove your family portraits
  • Photographs
  • Kids’ drawings
  • Personal collections

So the buyers can see the house in a blank state and start envisioning how they would organize everything.

It may be emotionally hard to do this, but you need to disassociate yourself from the house as it’s no longer your home, but rather a house you’re selling for others to call home.


By the end of everything, you will probably be tired of everything, but it’s important to take care of every last detail, and this includes cleaning as well.

  • Dust off the shelves
  • Clear the stains off your kitchen surfaces
  • Vacuum the floors

But also clean the spaces that aren’t so obvious like;

  • The insides of your lamps
  • The oven and the fridge
  • The baseboards

You never know where the home buyers will look in, so you need to make sure everything is spotless.


Buyers seem to have a thing for professional photographs.

Some statistics even show that MLS listings with professional photos of the property sell faster and better.

Maybe it’s because more people are drawn in to go and see the property, maybe because the house looks better in professional photos rather than those you took with your smartphone, or maybe because of some psychological reason unknown to us, who knows.

Whatever the case may be, if you want to increase your chances of making a deal soon after you’ve listed your house, statistics say you should hire a professional Real Estate photographer to take photos of your house and edit them.


Last, but very much not the least is the price.

I know that no number will match the value of your property in your mind and heart, but it’s important not to get too ahead of yourself.

Before you place a number on the house, do a small research of the local market.

There are so many MLS websites out there that make this job so easy that it will take you only a few hours to get a good idea of what the market is all about and what is the expected price you can get for your house.


Selling your house may be hard at first.

You have so many memories living in it that it’s difficult to imagine someone else making new ones in there.

But regardless of how emotionally attached you are to the house, you have to think rationally and try to organize the property so it sells faster and better.

That’s why if you present your home in a good condition, potential home buyers will be willing to pay more for it, guaranteeing a faster and a better sale for you.

Having a Realtor by your side can be helpful because they are experts in home selling and can advise you through the process from start to finish, but if you decide not to hire one, you can follow these simple tips for a smooth home presentation that will get you a solid offer and a quick deal.

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