Increase The Value Of Your Home Without Renovating

If you’re out looking for some cost-efficient ways to add value to your house without having to spend tons of money on renovation costs, there are several places in your house where you can start looking.

Believe it or not, sometimes even some minor remodels can add up hundreds of dollars to your property’s worth.

From simple tasks like cleaning to something seemingly major like flooring updates, here are some affordable ways you can add value to your home:


Before you get your hands dirty with renovations, a good starting point would be to talk to a professional.

Depending on the area of your house that you will work on, some of these professionals that can help you are:

  • A Real Estate Agent which can provide you with expert advice on how to increase your property value and the local prices
  • An interior designer that can give you some ideas and suggestions for which areas of your house need updating and what you can renovate at a lower cost
  • An appraiser that can tell you the current market value and the potential value of your house so you don’t go overboard with renovation costs
  • A home inspector that can perform a check of your home’s structural components, its foundation strength, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, roof, floors. windows and doors, and provide you with a report with the results along with some tips on how you can improve them
  • Other professionals like a handyman, a professional organizer even a landscaper can give you valuable advice of what can be done to add value to the property


We cannot highlight enough the importance of fresh paint on the walls, both the interior and exterior ones.

It’s the most cost-efficient improvement to make to a house – all it requires is a few buckets of paint and breaking a bit of sweat.

**If you have a big family and children, this job can even be turned into fun quality time.

If you’re unsure of what would look good on your house, always choose neutral colors.

They are more appealing to most people, so if your goal is to sell your house for more, it will definitely make it more desirable for potential buyers.


– Worn out furniture
– Paint peeling off the walls
– Rust
– Broken shelves
– Other visible damage to the interior elements reduces the value of your property

To make sure you don’t have anything sticking out or looking like it’s ready to break at any minute, you can simply walk around your house and look for little things that look damaged, worn out, or broken.

If the repair seems cost-efficient, it will probably take minimal time to fix it as well, so don’t be afraid to put your handyman gloves on!

And remember, that stain on the carpet from the time when you spilled your coffee may not seem like a big deal for you, but it can very much be a problem for potential buyers. Even this stain can be easily fixed by cutting the stained part of the carpet and use the rest for some DIY project, so you can see your maintenance walk as the perfect opportunity to get creative as well.


The kitchen and bathroom are the focal points of every house because they have the most expensive features with the potential to make or break a deal at times.

Renovation costs for kitchens and bathrooms can reach tens of thousands of dollars, simple things are what matter for these rooms.

Simple things like; cleaning and de-cluttering. Start by:

  1. Dusting the shelves off,
  2. Cleaning the bigger elements like your shower and furnace
  3. Remove any unnecessary fixtures
  4. Bulky or worn-out elements

If you want to really refresh the space, clean the less-apparent places like;

  1. The grout between your tiles
  2. Behind the faucets
  3. Inside your cabinets

Although it may not seem like it at first, these small tasks will make a huge difference when you look at the bigger picture in the end.


Your yard is the first thing everyone sees before setting foot in the house, so it’s important to make a lasting impression with it.

The best thing about this part of the house is that it requires almost no investment to make it look spectacular, especially if you have a large outdoor space.

You can do so much:

– Plant grass
– A few flowers to add some colour
– Trim your shrubs and trees artistically
– Maybe even place a few yard gnomes you’ve been storing in your garage for ages

Remember that the flowers and shrubs may take time to grow, so make sure to take into consideration the time required for them to bloom, especially if you’re landscaping with the intent of selling the house at some point in the future.

If you’re unsure how to landscape your yard or which flowers to plant, you can always visit the local greenhouse or flower market.

Ask some of the nice people who work there for some advice, most of them will be happy to help free of charge.

Who knows, you may even get an extra helping hand along the way.


A simple home staging can get you far.

Even if you’re not up for some major changes, just a rearrangement of the furniture will do the trick.

By rearranging your furniture and elements, you can create a bigger space for potential buyers to walk around.

You might also have few cabinets and shelves you don’t need nor use, so remove those as well or place them in another, emptier room.

Some other tricks;

  1. Over-sized mirrors
  2. Plants
  3. Coffee tables
  4. Colours can also add a lot of value to the house

but it all depends on your rooms and how much you want to spend on staging.

Interior designers and Real Estate Agents use staging in their work frequently, you can always turn to them for advice if you need one.


Homes with good lighting are more attractive for buyers than those with minimal lighting, both interior and exterior ones.

Good lighting doesn’t only make the space more aesthetically appealing, but also helps highlight the most prominent features of a room.

If your goal is to give your home a new, sophisticated look, make sure to fix any busted bulbs you might have as well as place new ones to areas of your home that are either unlit or poorly-lit.


According to the National Association of Realtors, as many as 54% of people are willing to pay extra for a house with hardwood floors.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“There is no way in the world that changing your floors into hardwood ones falls under the “cheap” stuff”

And you’re totally right!

However, there is a trick that can give you hardwood floors without having to spend tons of money. It’s a type of carpet that is made out of real wood which rolls up as a regular rug. You can buy one for your home and spread them out in the rooms you want to have hardwood floors in.

Besides being more affordable than real hardwood flooring, you will achieve the wanted effect without having to wait for weeks for the handymen to be done and potentially save thousands of dollars.

Even if you don’t like the option of fake hardwood flooring but your floors look worn down at the moment, you can always buy an interesting carpet to cover the damaged areas and make it stand out.

It’s cheaper than replacing your whole flooring but will give you that refreshed and new look you’re aiming for.


It never harms to do a small update to your house, regardless if you intend on selling your house soon or just want to increase its value.

Aside from being simple and affordable, these tips hold the perfect opportunity to add a few extra dollars of worth to your home while saving a lot on major renovation costs.

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