Listings GTA May 18 2018

GTA Listings for May 18

Here are the May 18 listings for across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
530 Lear Gate MiltonW4132791530 Lear Gate Milton
889 Consort Crescent MississaugaW4132789889 Consort Crescent Mississauga
5 Sawston Circle BramptonW41327875 Sawston Circle Brampton
2287 Springfield Court MississaugaW41327852287 Springfield Court Mississauga
71 Alfred Paterson Drive MarkhamN413274371 Alfred Paterson Drive Markham
130 Radial Drive AuroraN4132757130 Radial Drive Aurora
767 Philbrook Drive MiltonW4132714767 Philbrook Drive Milton
103 Whitney Place VaughanN4132735103 Whitney Place Vaughan
124 Gilbert Avenue TorontoW4132754124 Gilbert Avenue Toronto
372 Shuter Street TorontoC4132703372 Shuter Street Toronto
14 Bicknell Avenue TorontoW413269414 Bicknell Avenue Toronto
52 Delphinium Way BramptonW413268752 Delphinium Way Brampton
18 Buerkle Court KitchenerX413236918 Buerkle Court Kitchener
3 Portofino Place HamiltonX41317513 Portofino Place Hamilton
1 Baha Crescent BramptonW41319761 Baha Crescent Brampton
165 Wheeler Court Guelph EramosaX4132436165 Wheeler Court Guelph Eramosa
4778 Bloomburg Drive MississaugaW41319924778 Bloomburg Drive Mississauga
34 Ringley Avenue TorontoW413209434 Ringley Avenue Toronto
62 Jeffcoat Drive TorontoW413202962 Jeffcoat Drive Toronto
6551 Terraceeviso Terrace MississaugaW41318666551 Terraceeviso Terrace Mississauga
2280 Baronwood Drive 97 OakvilleW41316812280 Baronwood Drive 97 Oakville
24 Mona Lisa Court HamiltonX413225224 Mona Lisa Court Hamilton
20 Ferrino Court HamiltonX413239420 Ferrino Court Hamilton
7 Colbeck Crescent BramptonW41322177 Colbeck Crescent Brampton
43 Legacy Lane BramptonW413232843 Legacy Lane Brampton
16 Woodside Drive HamiltonX413233916 Woodside Drive Hamilton
2033 Headon Forest Drive BurlingtonW41324192033 Headon Forest Drive Burlington
2298 Dunforest Crescent OakvilleW41314422298 Dunforest Crescent Oakville
7331 Golden Meadow Court MississaugaW41313677331 Golden Meadow Court Mississauga
629 Four Winds Way MississaugaW4131674629 Four Winds Way Mississauga
90 Crown Victoria Drive BramptonW413263090 Crown Victoria Drive Brampton
1119 Glenridge Drive OakvilleW41313451119 Glenridge Drive Oakville
9600 Heritage Road BramptonW41319199600 Heritage Road Brampton
23 Dusk Drive BramptonW413222123 Dusk Drive Brampton
534 Corbin Court MississaugaW4131375534 Corbin Court Mississauga
4576 Metcalfe Avenue MississaugaW41314014576 Metcalfe Avenue Mississauga
28 Cedargrove Road CaledonW413178828 Cedargrove Road Caledon
581 Phoebe Crescent BurlingtonW4131662581 Phoebe Crescent Burlington
562 Kaiser Drive MississaugaW4131610562 Kaiser Drive Mississauga
95 S Cuffley Crescent TorontoW413129195 S Cuffley Crescent Toronto
477 Terrace Way OakvilleW4131925477 Terrace Way Oakville
63 Lola Crescent BramptonW413147863 Lola Crescent Brampton
1105 Chada Avenue MississaugaW41313271105 Chada Avenue Mississauga
145 S Fairleigh Avenue HamiltonX4131732145 S Fairleigh Avenue Hamilton
502 N Ofield Road HamiltonX4131413502 N Ofield Road Hamilton
42 Millen Road HamiltonX413196642 Millen Road Hamilton
67 Overdale Avenue HamiltonX413228367 Overdale Avenue Hamilton
157 Foxfield Crescent VaughanN4131426157 Foxfield Crescent Vaughan
68 Roseheath Drive VaughanN413235268 Roseheath Drive Vaughan
31 Lamp Crescent VaughanN413151131 Lamp Crescent Vaughan
1 Dilworth Chase Road BramptonW41326101 Dilworth Chase Road Brampton
10 Porter Avenue VaughanN413167910 Porter Avenue Vaughan
1675 Summergrove Crescent MississaugaW41324871675 Summergrove Crescent Mississauga
4 Spring Arbour Road VaughanN41316654 Spring Arbour Road Vaughan
363 Browndale Crescent RichN4132669363 Browndale Crescent Rich
22156 N Leslie Street EastN413208822156 N Leslie Street East
6321 Culmore Crescent MississaugaW41325826321 Culmore Crescent Mississauga
16 The Wishbone TorontoW413170416 The Wishbone Toronto
354 Clearmeadow Boulevard NewmarketN4131397354 Clearmeadow Boulevard Newmarket
16 Windswept Terrace BramptonW413263516 Windswept Terrace Brampton
87 Hay Avenue TorontoW413254287 Hay Avenue Toronto
230 Donald Avenue TorontoW4131583230 Donald Avenue Toronto
1128 Mcbride Avenue MississaugaW41318231128 Mcbride Avenue Mississauga
17 Victoria Street HaltW413129917 Victoria Street Halt
18 Noel Court BramptonW413139318 Noel Court Brampton
76 Cork Avenue TorontoW413249276 Cork Avenue Toronto
58 Newington Crescent BramptonW413147758 Newington Crescent Brampton
14 Redearth Gate BramptonW413222414 Redearth Gate Brampton
7302 Terraceagar Boulevard MississaugaW41322157302 Terraceagar Boulevard Mississauga
188 Cookview Drive BramptonW4132001188 Cookview Drive Brampton
984 Melton Drive MississaugaW4132265984 Melton Drive Mississauga
1261 Pinegrove Road OakvilleW41315891261 Pinegrove Road Oakville
50 Long Branch Avenue TorontoW413177450 Long Branch Avenue Toronto
850 Atwater Avenue MississaugaW4131544850 Atwater Avenue Mississauga
1094 Pepperidge Crossing MississaugaW41321111094 Pepperidge Crossing Mississauga
2577 Terraceident Avenue MississaugaW41324322577 Terraceident Avenue Mississauga
53 Fallstar Crescent BramptonW413220653 Fallstar Crescent Brampton
66 Forbes Terrace MiltonW413206666 Forbes Terrace Milton
23 Garden Terraceail Road MarkhamN413230423 Garden Terraceail Road Markham
14 Tufo Avenue MarkhamN413264614 Tufo Avenue Markham
131 Nelson Circle NewmarketN4132267131 Nelson Circle Newmarket
57 Muscadel Road VaughanN413179757 Muscadel Road Vaughan
1 Woodruff Road MarkhamN41318151 Woodruff Road Markham
14464 Woodbine Avenue WhitN413191614464 Woodbine Avenue Whit
99 Hammersly Boulevard MarkhamN413256499 Hammersly Boulevard Markham
138 Major Crescent AuroraN4132068138 Major Crescent Aurora
177 Montebello Avenue VaughanN4132461177 Montebello Avenue Vaughan
20 Manor Glen Crescent EastN413258120 Manor Glen Crescent East
43 Church Street MarkhamN413238043 Church Street Markham
816 Hollander Road NewmarketN4132664816 Hollander Road Newmarket
46 Moody Drive VaughanN413160146 Moody Drive Vaughan
95 Jack Monkman Crescent MarkhamN413208495 Jack Monkman Crescent Markham
26 William Luck Avenue EastN413212826 William Luck Avenue East
183 Sydney Circle VaughanN4131585183 Sydney Circle Vaughan
21446 Warden Avenue EastN413198621446 Warden Avenue East
62 Sugardale Street WhitN413167862 Sugardale Street Whit
1331 W Major Mackenzie Drive 123N41324421331 W Major Mackenzie Drive 123
4 Pikake Court VaughanN41320204 Pikake Court Vaughan
1331 Major Mackenzie Drive 8 VaughanN41322131331 Major Mackenzie Drive 8 Vaughan
4402 Aurora Road WhitN41317644402 Aurora Road Whit
97 Depeuter Crescent Bradford WestN413202297 Depeuter Crescent Bradford West
11 Streetoots Street MarkhamN413134611 Streetoots Street Markham
17 Langford Boulevard Bradford WestN413152617 Langford Boulevard Bradford West
57 Old Field Crescent NewmarketN413246757 Old Field Crescent Newmarket
142 Cottonwood Court MarkhamN4132292142 Cottonwood Court Markham
80 Walton Drive AuroraN413214580 Walton Drive Aurora
44 Nelson Circle NewmarketN413205144 Nelson Circle Newmarket
42 Baffin Court RichN413201342 Baffin Court Rich
56 Manila Avenue MarkhamN413196756 Manila Avenue Markham
27 Fred Mclaren Boulevard MarkhamN413134127 Fred Mclaren Boulevard Markham
124 Legnano Crescent VaughanN4131517124 Legnano Crescent Vaughan
511 William Forster Road MarkhamN4132245511 William Forster Road Markham
8 Weidman Lane MarkhamN41316768 Weidman Lane Markham
19382 Yonge Street EastN413212619382 Yonge Street East
41 Rainbow Valley Crescent MarkhamN413245841 Rainbow Valley Crescent Markham
563 Elm Road WhitN4131349563 Elm Road Whit
178 Pelee Avenue VaughanN4132534178 Pelee Avenue Vaughan
572 Mcbean Avenue NewmarketN4132184572 Mcbean Avenue Newmarket
108 Streetewart Crescent Bradford WestN4132018108 Streetewart Crescent Bradford West
720 Chalk Lake Road UxbridgeN4131325720 Chalk Lake Road Uxbridge
450 Bristol Road NewmarketN4132647450 Bristol Road Newmarket
818 Sparrow Road NewmarketN4131850818 Sparrow Road Newmarket
873 Sparrow Road NewmarketN4131374873 Sparrow Road Newmarket
108 Komura Road VaughanN4131894108 Komura Road Vaughan
5 Paper Mills Crescent RichN41316985 Paper Mills Crescent Rich
21 Todd Road AjaxE413238921 Todd Road Ajax
1920 Arborwood Drive OshawaE41322791920 Arborwood Drive Oshawa
1370 Chippewa Street OshawaE41313321370 Chippewa Street Oshawa
9 Phillpot Lane AjaxE41320449 Phillpot Lane Ajax
29 Red Hawk Road TorontoE413139429 Red Hawk Road Toronto
33 Blue Eagle Terrace TorontoE413264833 Blue Eagle Terrace Toronto
913 Sundance Circle OshawaE4132077913 Sundance Circle Oshawa
14 Darley Street AjaxE413173414 Darley Street Ajax
47A Donside Drive TorontoE413199347A Donside Drive Toronto
19 Shellamwood Terrace TorontoE413180719 Shellamwood Terrace Toronto
6 Hollydene Road TorontoE41317736 Hollydene Road Toronto
Unit 4 Pidgeon Street TorontoE4131789Unit 4 Pidgeon Street Toronto
Unit 3 Pidgeon Street TorontoE4131765Unit 3 Pidgeon Street Toronto
304 Symington Avenue OshawaE4131414304 Symington Avenue Oshawa
7 Cathlo Street TorontoE41313717 Cathlo Street Toronto
94 Ashdale Avenue TorontoE413007994 Ashdale Avenue Toronto
60 Howes Street AjaxE413260460 Howes Street Ajax
8 Claridge Crescent WhitbyE41325048 Claridge Crescent Whitby
Unit 2 Pidgeon Street TorontoE4131709Unit 2 Pidgeon Street Toronto
42 Citadel Drive TorontoE413209842 Citadel Drive Toronto
217 South Ocean Drive OshawaE4132549217 South Ocean Drive Oshawa
6457 N Liberty StreetE41316506457 N Liberty Street
22 Minho Boulevard TorontoC413158222 Minho Boulevard Toronto
23 Regal Road TorontoC413144823 Regal Road Toronto
2552 Eleventh Line Bradford WestN41301932552 Eleventh Line Bradford West
85 Wetherburn Drive WhitbyE413037285 Wetherburn Drive Whitby
23 S Hartwell Road HaltW413109623 S Hartwell Road Halt
85 Logan Avenue TorontoE413024985 Logan Avenue Toronto
818 Mcbride Avenue MississaugaW4130846818 Mcbride Avenue Mississauga
3303 Tallmast Crescent MississaugaW41300173303 Tallmast Crescent Mississauga
10 Tayrow Road TorontoW413002010 Tayrow Road Toronto
66 Mulholland Avenue TorontoW413124166 Mulholland Avenue Toronto
231 Canada Drive VaughanN4130534231 Canada Drive Vaughan
253 Huntingwood Drive OshawaE4130261253 Huntingwood Drive Oshawa
60 Tanjoe Crescent TorontoC413112960 Tanjoe Crescent Toronto
20 Gartshore Drive WhitbyE412995320 Gartshore Drive Whitby
27 Caliber Court KingN413103227 Caliber Court King
1785 Saintfield Road ScugogE41306571785 Saintfield Road Scugog
47 William Street TorontoW413017547 William Street Toronto
6449 Cruz Avenue MississaugaW41304446449 Cruz Avenue Mississauga
421 Reeves Way Boulevard WhitN4131092421 Reeves Way Boulevard Whit
741 E King Street OshawaE4130570741 E King Street Oshawa
246B Berkeley Street TorontoC4130520246B Berkeley Street Toronto
403 Dowson Loop Circle NewmarketN4131274403 Dowson Loop Circle Newmarket
1045 Sandcliff Drive OshawaE41312381045 Sandcliff Drive Oshawa
2636 Barnstone Crescent MississaugaW41300762636 Barnstone Crescent Mississauga
12 W Sherwood Road AjaxE413125212 W Sherwood Road Ajax
196 Parkview Crescent NewmarketN4130909196 Parkview Crescent Newmarket
909 Dovercourt Road TorontoW4130066909 Dovercourt Road Toronto
127 Alvin Pegg Drive EastN4131176127 Alvin Pegg Drive East
67 Foreht Crescent AuroraN413053367 Foreht Crescent Aurora
867 Wrenwood Drive OshawaE4130443867 Wrenwood Drive Oshawa
31 Banks Drive BramptonW413021831 Banks Drive Brampton
63 Kenpark Avenue BramptonW412985563 Kenpark Avenue Brampton
32 Belwood Boulevard VaughanN413104232 Belwood Boulevard Vaughan
85 Brisdale Drive BramptonW413124285 Brisdale Drive Brampton
3405 Nutcracker Drive MississaugaW41298693405 Nutcracker Drive Mississauga
2292 Woking Crescent MississaugaW41302562292 Woking Crescent Mississauga
5A Caldwell Crescent BramptonW41299145A Caldwell Crescent Brampton
2177 Utley Road MississaugaW41304462177 Utley Road Mississauga
480 Springbank Crescent BurlingtonW4130044480 Springbank Crescent Burlington
1 Thelmere Place TorontoW41301511 Thelmere Place Toronto
72 Aberdeen Avenue VaughanN413017172 Aberdeen Avenue Vaughan
67 Boyces Creek Court CaledonW413039067 Boyces Creek Court Caledon
5 Marchbank Court TorontoW41299085 Marchbank Court Toronto
40 Vernet Crescent BramptonW412984140 Vernet Crescent Brampton
30 Dewitt Road TorontoW413107530 Dewitt Road Toronto
433 Camden Circle MississaugaW4130672433 Camden Circle Mississauga
256 Littlewood Drive OakvilleW4130179256 Littlewood Drive Oakville
66 Wingrove Street MarkhamN413015666 Wingrove Street Markham
48 Golfview Crescent HamiltonX413051348 Golfview Crescent Hamilton
605 Peter Rupert Avenue VaughanN4131031605 Peter Rupert Avenue Vaughan
79 River Ridge Boulevard AuroraN413057479 River Ridge Boulevard Aurora
10 Nasmith Avenue TorontoC413017810 Nasmith Avenue Toronto
47 Singleton Road TorontoE413114947 Singleton Road Toronto
87 Pearl Lake Road MarkhamN413027987 Pearl Lake Road Markham
3847 Swiftdale Drive MississaugaW41305283847 Swiftdale Drive Mississauga
657 Sentinel Road TorontoW4130200657 Sentinel Road Toronto
71 Barchard StreetE412985171 Barchard Street
5 New Dominion Court WhitbyE41304745 New Dominion Court Whitby
198 Gibson Circle Bradford WestN4130684198 Gibson Circle Bradford West
31 Haverhill Terrace AuroraN413033931 Haverhill Terrace Aurora
21 Coral Crescent RichN413031921 Coral Crescent Rich
189 Purcell Crescent VaughanN4130929189 Purcell Crescent Vaughan
28 Wheelwright Drive RichN413096828 Wheelwright Drive Rich
26 Christina Crescent Bradford WestN413004326 Christina Crescent Bradford West
3091 Ballydown Crescent MississaugaW41301343091 Ballydown Crescent Mississauga
5304 Mericourt Road BurlingtonW41309985304 Mericourt Road Burlington
40 Harlton Crescent TorontoW413099640 Harlton Crescent Toronto
56 Montcalm Avenue TorontoW413081356 Montcalm Avenue Toronto
792 Miriam Crescent BurlingtonW4130040792 Miriam Crescent Burlington
205 Easts Corners Boulevard VaughanN4130338205 Easts Corners Boulevard Vaughan
3714 Densbury Drive MississaugaW41304223714 Densbury Drive Mississauga
24 Bosworth Street HamiltonX413108924 Bosworth Street Hamilton
2184 N Terraceafalgar Road 25 OakvilleW41312012184 N Terraceafalgar Road 25 Oakville
112 Hutt Crescent AuroraN4131072112 Hutt Crescent Aurora
384 Ashdale Avenue TorontoE4130184384 Ashdale Avenue Toronto
11 Highbridge Place TorontoE413005511 Highbridge Place Toronto
442 Grey Landing MiltonW4131111442 Grey Landing Milton
5352 Hollypoint Avenue MississaugaW41304815352 Hollypoint Avenue Mississauga
25 Carisbrooke Square TorontoE413064725 Carisbrooke Square Toronto
543 Matisse Place MississaugaW4130877543 Matisse Place Mississauga
141 Fulton Avenue TorontoE4131164141 Fulton Avenue Toronto
25 Streetonebrook Crescent HaltW412984325 Streetonebrook Crescent Halt
4042 Gunby Crescent BurlingtonW41300704042 Gunby Crescent Burlington
425 Hinton Terrace MiltonW4130111425 Hinton Terrace Milton
2510 Terraceondheim Crescent MississaugaW41312592510 Terraceondheim Crescent Mississauga
52 Game Creek Crescent BramptonW413028852 Game Creek Crescent Brampton
2032 Solar Place OshawaE41300212032 Solar Place Oshawa
352 Fairview Drive WhitbyE4130271352 Fairview Drive Whitby
2744 Bur Oak Avenue MarkhamN41304152744 Bur Oak Avenue Markham
1946 Delaney Drive MississaugaW41303401946 Delaney Drive Mississauga
17 Kinsley Street KingN413050717 Kinsley Street King
9 Openbay Gardens BramptonW41301409 Openbay Gardens Brampton
3199 Oakview Road MississaugaW41299653199 Oakview Road Mississauga
24 Royal Valley Drive CaledonW413038824 Royal Valley Drive Caledon
222 Eaton Street HaltW4130535222 Eaton Street Halt
25 Sydney Circle VaughanN412999525 Sydney Circle Vaughan
1157 Avondale Drive OakvilleW41304821157 Avondale Drive Oakville
621 Constellation Drive MississaugaW4130969621 Constellation Drive Mississauga
30 Westgate Avenue AjaxE412995930 Westgate Avenue Ajax
43 Robertson Davies Drive BramptonW413118443 Robertson Davies Drive Brampton
1 Richard Avenue TorontoE41308221 Richard Avenue Toronto
555 Shuter Street TorontoC4130350555 Shuter Street Toronto
166 Roy Rainey Avenue MarkhamN4130724166 Roy Rainey Avenue Markham
63 Perivale Crescent TorontoE413126263 Perivale Crescent Toronto
60 Flint Crescent WhitN412984060 Flint Crescent Whit
51 Caliber Court KingN413056551 Caliber Court King
141 Streetickwood Court NewmarketN4130667141 Streetickwood Court Newmarket
89 Royal Chapin Crescent RichN413085089 Royal Chapin Crescent Rich
205 Parkview Crescent NewmarketN4130484205 Parkview Crescent Newmarket
105 Hearne Crescent AjaxE4130979105 Hearne Crescent Ajax
27 Gentle Ben WhitN413105427 Gentle Ben Whit
14119 Argyll Road HaltW413049914119 Argyll Road Halt
7056 Village Walk MississaugaW41304087056 Village Walk Mississauga
591 W Settlers Road OakvilleW4130284591 W Settlers Road Oakville
188 Coker Crescent Guelph EramosaX4130904188 Coker Crescent Guelph Eramosa
174 Gatwick Drive OakvilleW4130628174 Gatwick Drive Oakville
806 Firth Court NewmarketN4131257806 Firth Court Newmarket
95 Gartshore Drive WhitbyE413007295 Gartshore Drive Whitby
29 Elizabeth Street EastN413091729 Elizabeth Street East
407 Valermo Drive TorontoW4130988407 Valermo Drive Toronto
1230 Brillinger Street OakvilleW41298701230 Brillinger Street Oakville
15 Charles Streeturdy Road MarkhamN413069215 Charles Streeturdy Road Markham
17 Walter Sinclair Court RichN413123717 Walter Sinclair Court Rich
53 Wilson Drive Bradford WestN413103053 Wilson Drive Bradford West
14 Oak Gardens Court BramptonW413040714 Oak Gardens Court Brampton
6906 Vicar Gate MississaugaW41308766906 Vicar Gate Mississauga
3626B E Street Clair Avenue TorontoE41301653626B E Street Clair Avenue Toronto
79 Nashville Circle HamiltonX413094879 Nashville Circle Hamilton
106 Maberley Crescent TorontoE4130148106 Maberley Crescent Toronto
147 Memorial Park Avenue TorontoE4130430147 Memorial Park Avenue Toronto
222 Munro Street TorontoE4130854222 Munro Street Toronto
11 Archway Crescent TorontoW413081011 Archway Crescent Toronto
133 Timberlane Drive BramptonW4129904133 Timberlane Drive Brampton
12 Yarmouth Street BramptonW413075312 Yarmouth Street Brampton
172 Driveinkwater Road BramptonW4130496172 Driveinkwater Road Brampton
257 Blackthorn Avenue TorontoW4130262257 Blackthorn Avenue Toronto
242 Bussel Crescent MiltonW4130266242 Bussel Crescent Milton
4 Billcar Road TorontoW41306424 Billcar Road Toronto
106 Benjamin Boake Terrace TorontoW4130244106 Benjamin Boake Terrace Toronto
67 Roseglen Crescent TorontoW413056167 Roseglen Crescent Toronto
25 Geddy Street WhitbyE413075925 Geddy Street Whitby
12 Danzig Street TorontoE413063812 Danzig Street Toronto
2108 Harvest Drive MississaugaW41303272108 Harvest Drive Mississauga
630 South Unionville Avenue MarkhamN4130259630 South Unionville Avenue Markham
137 Barber Greene Road TorontoC4130334137 Barber Greene Road Toronto
29 Ken Wagg Crescent WhitN413015729 Ken Wagg Crescent Whit
2208 Ridge Landing OakvilleW41309422208 Ridge Landing Oakville
4 Billiter Road BramptonW41300194 Billiter Road Brampton
71 Bartley Bull Parkway BramptonW413030871 Bartley Bull Parkway Brampton
22 Novella Place BramptonW413059422 Novella Place Brampton
6 Moresby Street RichN41299966 Moresby Street Rich
1A Jeanette Street TorontoE41291161A Jeanette Street Toronto
92 Timber Valley Avenue RichN412885092 Timber Valley Avenue Rich
3905 Beechnut Row MississaugaW41294023905 Beechnut Row Mississauga
1 Archville Street BramptonW41298301 Archville Street Brampton
12 Bray Drive AjaxE412866412 Bray Drive Ajax
1298 Kettering Drive OshawaE41298221298 Kettering Drive Oshawa
464 Cavell Drive MississaugaW4129828464 Cavell Drive Mississauga
18 Pogonia Street TorontoE412923018 Pogonia Street Toronto
90 Woodvalley Drive BramptonW412878290 Woodvalley Drive Brampton
180 Waterbury Street CaledonW4128737180 Waterbury Street Caledon
10 Beavervalley Drive BramptonW412887710 Beavervalley Drive Brampton
6 Hoyle Drive BramptonW41289086 Hoyle Drive Brampton
1264 E Main Street MiltonW41294121264 E Main Street Milton
99 Westolivia Terrace VaughanN412892099 Westolivia Terrace Vaughan
11 Driveum Street WhitN412898011 Driveum Street Whit
1704 Kirkwall Crescent MississaugaW41287131704 Kirkwall Crescent Mississauga
42 Hickorybush Avenue BramptonW412931842 Hickorybush Avenue Brampton
151 Roxanne Crescent TorontoE4128803151 Roxanne Crescent Toronto
2 Fairlight Street BramptonW41291952 Fairlight Street Brampton
11 Maplewood Drive WhitbyE412889211 Maplewood Drive Whitby
271 Lech Walesa Drive MississaugaW4129481271 Lech Walesa Drive Mississauga
270 Claremont Street TorontoC4129833270 Claremont Street Toronto
15 Valhalla Boulevard TorontoE412907715 Valhalla Boulevard Toronto
55 Elmer Adams DriveE412886655 Elmer Adams Drive
29 Terraceailside Drive Bradford WestN412867729 Terraceailside Drive Bradford West
10774 Winston Churchill Boulevard HaltW412897810774 Winston Churchill Boulevard Halt
10 Sandy Beach Road BramptonW412901410 Sandy Beach Road Brampton
349 Regal Briar Street WhitbyE4128760349 Regal Briar Street Whitby
47 Castillian Drive VaughanN412872647 Castillian Drive Vaughan
5 Werrydale DriveE41287345 Werrydale Drive
37 Fortieth Street TorontoW412860837 Fortieth Street Toronto
56 Rimmington Drive VaughanN412858156 Rimmington Drive Vaughan
40 Twentieth Street TorontoW412875040 Twentieth Street Toronto
186 Maurice Drive OakvilleW4129019186 Maurice Drive Oakville
19 Crimson Forest Drive VaughanN412932219 Crimson Forest Drive Vaughan
485 Sandmere Place OakvilleW4128682485 Sandmere Place Oakville
51 Geoffrey Crescent WhitN412936851 Geoffrey Crescent Whit
3091 Chandler Drive ScugogE41285243091 Chandler Drive Scugog
4286 Forest Fire Lane MississaugaW41297584286 Forest Fire Lane Mississauga
72 Saintsbury Crescent BramptonW412873872 Saintsbury Crescent Brampton
23 Cabinet Crescent VaughanN412949023 Cabinet Crescent Vaughan
996 Dice Way MiltonW4128825996 Dice Way Milton
24080 Highway 48 GeorginaN412887924080 Highway 48 Georgina
18 Gina Drive VaughanN412872518 Gina Drive Vaughan
88 Manor Forest Road EastN412891488 Manor Forest Road East
342 Carruthers Avenue NewmarketN4129009342 Carruthers Avenue Newmarket
50 Dewlane Drive TorontoC412895550 Dewlane Drive Toronto
66 Pindar Crescent TorontoC412980966 Pindar Crescent Toronto
42 Weston Crescent AjaxE412901742 Weston Crescent Ajax
41 Edna Avenue HamiltonX412975641 Edna Avenue Hamilton
59 Haven Hill Square TorontoE412850059 Haven Hill Square Toronto
43 Derwyn Road TorontoE412907043 Derwyn Road Toronto
37 Tulip Street OakvilleW412944837 Tulip Street Oakville
88 Galbraith Avenue TorontoE412919388 Galbraith Avenue Toronto
31 Geddes Lane BramptonW412863531 Geddes Lane Brampton
3276 Lady Slipper Court MississaugaW41288693276 Lady Slipper Court Mississauga
63 Laurelhurst Crescent VaughanN412886563 Laurelhurst Crescent Vaughan
93 Battista Perri Drive MarkhamN412970393 Battista Perri Drive Markham
166 Kitty Murray Lane HamiltonX4129022166 Kitty Murray Lane Hamilton
23 Loontail Street CaledonW412936923 Loontail Street Caledon
238 Schreyer Crescent MiltonW4129187238 Schreyer Crescent Milton
1944 Bur Oak Avenue MarkhamN41285561944 Bur Oak Avenue Markham
125 Lakeland Crescent RichN4129653125 Lakeland Crescent Rich
3058 Country Lane WhitbyE41286953058 Country Lane Whitby
101 Streetrandmore Circle WhitbyE4129652101 Streetrandmore Circle Whitby
7 Wellspring Avenue RichN41286257 Wellspring Avenue Rich
427 Pine Cove Road BurlingtonW4129524427 Pine Cove Road Burlington
56 Camino Drive VaughanN412865056 Camino Drive Vaughan
76 Ruby Crescent RichN412896476 Ruby Crescent Rich
50 Buckle Crescent AuroraN412972250 Buckle Crescent Aurora
241 Zelda Crescent RichN4129012241 Zelda Crescent Rich
4108 Martlen Crescent MississaugaW41294964108 Martlen Crescent Mississauga
8 Deer Park Lane MarkhamN41287988 Deer Park Lane Markham
6761 Bansbridge Crescent MississaugaW41285486761 Bansbridge Crescent Mississauga
129 Verobeach Boulevard TorontoW4129736129 Verobeach Boulevard Toronto
464 Hewitt Circle NewmarketN4128922464 Hewitt Circle Newmarket
2587 Cavendish Drive BurlingtonW41286582587 Cavendish Drive Burlington
10598 Bathurst Street VaughanN412859710598 Bathurst Street Vaughan
137 Mcnicoll Avenue TorontoC4128487137 Mcnicoll Avenue Toronto
724 Arthur Street NewmarketN4128618724 Arthur Street Newmarket
174 Lauderdale Drive VaughanN4129528174 Lauderdale Drive Vaughan
2037 Edinburgh Drive BurlingtonW41287692037 Edinburgh Drive Burlington
3809 Althorpe Circle MississaugaW41288833809 Althorpe Circle Mississauga
19 Adam Court Guelph EramosaX412878019 Adam Court Guelph Eramosa
14 Sydney Circle VaughanN412942414 Sydney Circle Vaughan
2 Ellesboro Drive MississaugaW41295272 Ellesboro Drive Mississauga
5158 Cherry Street WhitN41293455158 Cherry Street Whit
5 Skyline Terrace KingN41290385 Skyline Terrace King
15 Andriana Crescent MarkhamN412863815 Andriana Crescent Markham
73 Orchardcroft Road OakvilleW412874473 Orchardcroft Road Oakville
2096 Seabrook Drive OakvilleW41285422096 Seabrook Drive Oakville
13 Crombie StreetE412858313 Crombie Street
45 Chipper Crescent TorontoE412978645 Chipper Crescent Toronto
5931 Bell Harbour Drive MississaugaW41295815931 Bell Harbour Drive Mississauga
58 Baker Hill Boulevard WhitN412917858 Baker Hill Boulevard Whit
21 Killick Road BramptonW412980221 Killick Road Brampton
75 River Drive EastN412896575 River Drive East
95 John Tabor Terrace TorontoE412863695 John Tabor Terrace Toronto
697 W Richmond Street TorontoC4129750697 W Richmond Street Toronto
11 E Gastonia Road BramptonW412875311 E Gastonia Road Brampton
33 Dallimore Circle TorontoC412890033 Dallimore Circle Toronto
768 A Montbeck Crescent MississaugaW4129765768 A Montbeck Crescent Mississauga
100 Tower Drive TorontoE4129157100 Tower Drive Toronto
19 Maple Valley Street BramptonW412981919 Maple Valley Street Brampton
2576 Rugby Road MississaugaW41297532576 Rugby Road Mississauga
768 B Montbeck Crescent MississaugaW4129763768 B Montbeck Crescent Mississauga
17 Helsby Crescent TorontoW412977917 Helsby Crescent Toronto
1239 Birchmount Road TorontoE41295031239 Birchmount Road Toronto
23 Hagley Road TorontoE412875523 Hagley Road Toronto
23 Twelve Oaks Drive AuroraN412852223 Twelve Oaks Drive Aurora
122 Walton Drive AuroraN4128575122 Walton Drive Aurora
263 Epsom Downs Drive TorontoW4128602263 Epsom Downs Drive Toronto
3 Tower Court Bradford WestN41292443 Tower Court Bradford West
182 Springdale Boulevard TorontoE4129651182 Springdale Boulevard Toronto
136 Jake Smith Way WhitN4129382136 Jake Smith Way Whit
6 Hosta Avenue MarkhamN41287746 Hosta Avenue Markham
67 Candy Crescent BramptonW412860667 Candy Crescent Brampton
306 Northwood Drive OakvilleW4132800306 Northwood Drive Oakville
2401 Colling Road BurlingtonW41328012401 Colling Road Burlington
50 Craigmont Drive TorontoC413280650 Craigmont Drive Toronto
14604 The Gore Road CaledonW413279014604 The Gore Road Caledon
736 Ceremonial Drive MississaugaW4132771736 Ceremonial Drive Mississauga
25 Black Diamond Crescent BramptonW413276325 Black Diamond Crescent Brampton
105 Canyon Hill Avenue RichN4132751105 Canyon Hill Avenue Rich
247 Israel Zilber Drive VaughanN4132759247 Israel Zilber Drive Vaughan
284 S Sixteen Mile Drive OakvilleW4132744284 S Sixteen Mile Drive Oakville
89 Emery Hill Boulevard MarkhamN413275289 Emery Hill Boulevard Markham
4260 Sugarbush Road MississaugaW41327124260 Sugarbush Road Mississauga
1127 Mayfair Road OakvilleW41327331127 Mayfair Road Oakville
111 Whitchurch Mews MississaugaW4132746111 Whitchurch Mews Mississauga
585 Mcgregor Farm Terrace NewmarketN4132731585 Mcgregor Farm Terrace Newmarket
94 Old Surrey Lane RichN413271594 Old Surrey Lane Rich
5 Deerbrook Terrace TorontoE41327215 Deerbrook Terrace Toronto
68 Marmion Avenue TorontoC413273868 Marmion Avenue Toronto
396 Cortleigh Boulevard TorontoC4132716396 Cortleigh Boulevard Toronto
5 Dewbourne Avenue TorontoC41327025 Dewbourne Avenue Toronto
47 Wakefield Crescent TorontoE413272547 Wakefield Crescent Toronto
25 Presley Avenue TorontoE413271025 Presley Avenue Toronto
238 Douglas Road RichN4132704238 Douglas Road Rich
946 Blyleven Boulevard MississaugaW4132695946 Blyleven Boulevard Mississauga
32 Woodward Avenue MarkhamN413269732 Woodward Avenue Markham
215 Burton Grove KingN4132689215 Burton Grove King
10 Costner Place CaledonW413137010 Costner Place Caledon
847 Bramble Court MississaugaW4132623847 Bramble Court Mississauga
172 Coastline Drive BramptonW4132254172 Coastline Drive Brampton
66 N Humber Boulevard TorontoW413258766 N Humber Boulevard Toronto
1501 Ashington Court MississaugaW41314321501 Ashington Court Mississauga
2442 Whitehorn Drive BurlingtonW41314172442 Whitehorn Drive Burlington
13 Fogerty Street BramptonW413164413 Fogerty Street Brampton
3995 Promontory Drive MississaugaW41319313995 Promontory Drive Mississauga
6 Highbush Court BramptonW41313226 Highbush Court Brampton
5471 Challenger Drive MississaugaW41319065471 Challenger Drive Mississauga
5100 Montclair Drive MississaugaW41325135100 Montclair Drive Mississauga
185 High Park Avenue TorontoW4131427185 High Park Avenue Toronto
127 Humbercrest Boulevard TorontoW4131606127 Humbercrest Boulevard Toronto
165 Sixteen Mile Drive OakvilleW4132319165 Sixteen Mile Drive Oakville
278 Cossack Court MississaugaW4132559278 Cossack Court Mississauga
1397 Greendale Terrace OakvilleW41314551397 Greendale Terrace Oakville
12413 Heritage Road CaledonW413247812413 Heritage Road Caledon
4 Goodsway Terrace BramptonW41313924 Goodsway Terrace Brampton
94 Hanbury Crescent BramptonW413184994 Hanbury Crescent Brampton
3252 Larry Crescent OakvilleW41314453252 Larry Crescent Oakville
1811 Featherston Drive MississaugaW41321381811 Featherston Drive Mississauga
6 N Sweetviolet Court BramptonW41321776 N Sweetviolet Court Brampton
88 Sutherland Crescent HamiltonX413129088 Sutherland Crescent Hamilton
5279 Durie Road MississaugaW41313105279 Durie Road Mississauga
1486 Queensbury Crescent OakvilleW41314761486 Queensbury Crescent Oakville
196 Ramona Boulevard MarkhamN4131754196 Ramona Boulevard Markham
36 Long Branch Terrace BramptonW413247736 Long Branch Terrace Brampton
57 Bright Land Drive VaughanN413166057 Bright Land Drive Vaughan
860 Wildrush Place NewmarketN4131677860 Wildrush Place Newmarket
152 E Campbell Avenue MiltonW4132144152 E Campbell Avenue Milton
1532 Merrow Road MississaugaW41321871532 Merrow Road Mississauga
23 Kingsview Drive VaughanN413207823 Kingsview Drive Vaughan
1356 Woodeden Drive MississaugaW41326341356 Woodeden Drive Mississauga
1328 Eddie Shain Drive OakvilleW41324961328 Eddie Shain Drive Oakville
2174 Belfast Crescent MississaugaW41315142174 Belfast Crescent Mississauga
2073 Falling Green Drive OakvilleW41312862073 Falling Green Drive Oakville
8 Degrey Drive BramptonW41322618 Degrey Drive Brampton
523 Durie Street TorontoW4132021523 Durie Street Toronto
2240 Westman Road MississaugaW41317442240 Westman Road Mississauga
9 Del Ria Drive TorontoW41319269 Del Ria Drive Toronto
16 Eiffel Boulevard BramptonW413168516 Eiffel Boulevard Brampton
100 Lola Crescent BramptonW4131516100 Lola Crescent Brampton
2595 2 Side Road BurlingtonW41315862595 2 Side Road Burlington
23 Elway Court TorontoW413235023 Elway Court Toronto
666 Cedar Avenue BurlingtonW4132563666 Cedar Avenue Burlington
1432 Glenburnie Road MississaugaW41316591432 Glenburnie Road Mississauga
213 Mcwilliams Crescent OakvilleW4131508213 Mcwilliams Crescent Oakville
969 Cristina Court MississaugaW4132455969 Cristina Court Mississauga
2414 Edenhurst Drive MississaugaW41318452414 Edenhurst Drive Mississauga
877 Spinning Wheel Crescent MississaugaW4131339877 Spinning Wheel Crescent Mississauga
5268 Middlebury Drive MississaugaW41321475268 Middlebury Drive Mississauga
2527 Paula Court MississaugaW41321272527 Paula Court Mississauga
241 Tweedsdale Crescent OakvilleW4131411241 Tweedsdale Crescent Oakville
759 Agnew Crescent MiltonW4131418759 Agnew Crescent Milton
323 Sandhurst Drive OakvilleW4131615323 Sandhurst Drive Oakville
1447 Beemer Avenue MississaugaW41319301447 Beemer Avenue Mississauga
1315 Woodland Avenue MississaugaW41322031315 Woodland Avenue Mississauga
1432 Glenburnie Road MississaugaW41316681432 Glenburnie Road Mississauga
2018 Jacamar Court MississaugaW41319272018 Jacamar Court Mississauga
61 Alpine Crescent RichN413265261 Alpine Crescent Rich
398 Alper Street RichN4132631398 Alper Street Rich
25 Meadowsweet Lane RichN413245925 Meadowsweet Lane Rich
48 Weeping Willow Lane MarkhamN413242948 Weeping Willow Lane Markham
27 Carlyle Crescent AuroraN413159827 Carlyle Crescent Aurora
182 Parkston Court RichN4132473182 Parkston Court Rich
43 Rodeo Drive VaughanN413135843 Rodeo Drive Vaughan
2 Gemini Crescent RichN41324812 Gemini Crescent Rich
11 Mccombe Lane VaughanN413200211 Mccombe Lane Vaughan
68 Morrison Crescent MarkhamN413169568 Morrison Crescent Markham
299 Highglen Avenue MarkhamN4132443299 Highglen Avenue Markham
6 Adelia Place KingN41314386 Adelia Place King
46 Maple Grove RichN413171246 Maple Grove Rich
108 William Bartlett Drive MarkhamN4131996108 William Bartlett Drive Markham
42 Rondeen Road VaughanN413178342 Rondeen Road Vaughan
76 Grayfield Drive WhitN413148376 Grayfield Drive Whit
12 Kylemount Court VaughanN413192912 Kylemount Court Vaughan
27 Highland Park Boulevard MarkhamN413247127 Highland Park Boulevard Markham
5 Kingmount Crescent RichN41323155 Kingmount Crescent Rich
49 Timberline Terrace AuroraN413213149 Timberline Terrace Aurora
20 Horse Rake Road VaughanN413157220 Horse Rake Road Vaughan
86 Tyler Street AuroraN413131686 Tyler Street Aurora
8 W Tidnish Court KingN41316348 W Tidnish Court King
1061 Warby Terrace NewmarketN41312921061 Warby Terrace Newmarket
122 Walter Scott Crescent MarkhamN4132384122 Walter Scott Crescent Markham
49 Painted Rock Avenue RichN413200649 Painted Rock Avenue Rich
24 Southbrook Crescent MarkhamN413252324 Southbrook Crescent Markham
83 Francis Street VaughanN413198983 Francis Street Vaughan
403 Vellore Avenue VaughanN4132346403 Vellore Avenue Vaughan
39 Fairty Drive MarkhamN413184439 Fairty Drive Markham
32 Seabreeze Avenue VaughanN413172132 Seabreeze Avenue Vaughan
168 Curtis Crescent KingN4131447168 Curtis Crescent King
211 Woodspring Avenue NewmarketN4132575211 Woodspring Avenue Newmarket
47 Dina Road VaughanN413260847 Dina Road Vaughan
367 Binns Avenue NewmarketN4131390367 Binns Avenue Newmarket
146 Rothbury Road RichN4131739146 Rothbury Road Rich
135 Old Surrey Lane RichN4132260135 Old Surrey Lane Rich
166 Huntington Park Drive MarkhamN4131293166 Huntington Park Drive Markham
4009 Concession 2 Road UxbridgeN41319244009 Concession 2 Road Uxbridge
95 Yellowood Circle VaughanN413216395 Yellowood Circle Vaughan
76 Ken SinclairLot 10 Crescent AuroraN413150276 Ken SinclairLot 10 Crescent Aurora
333 William Forster Road Road MarkhamN4131762333 William Forster Road Road Markham
7450 Ninth Line MarkhamN41313997450 Ninth Line Markham
20759 Warden Avenue EastN413219920759 Warden Avenue East
166 Sail Crescent VaughanN4132558166 Sail Crescent Vaughan
721 Reid Road UxbridgeN4131424721 Reid Road Uxbridge
111 Hillview Road AuroraN4132310111 Hillview Road Aurora
62 Fonthill Boulevard MarkhamN413178762 Fonthill Boulevard Markham
61 Sir Modesto Court VaughanN413198361 Sir Modesto Court Vaughan
111 Heathwood Heights Drive AuroraN4132059111 Heathwood Heights Drive Aurora
44 Terraceailsbrook Terrace MarkhamN413256944 Terraceailsbrook Terrace Markham
184 Bay Thorn Drive MarkhamN4132502184 Bay Thorn Drive Markham
62 Headwater Crescent RichN413171662 Headwater Crescent Rich
222 Kentland Street MarkhamN4132166222 Kentland Street Markham
91 Wheeler Crescent WhitN413148591 Wheeler Crescent Whit
27 Wallington Avenue TorontoE413190927 Wallington Avenue Toronto
7 Kilchurn Castle Drive TorontoE41322877 Kilchurn Castle Drive Toronto
26 Coach Crescent WhitbyE413130526 Coach Crescent Whitby
1496 Concession 7 RoadE41326031496 Concession 7 Road
36 Larchmount Avenue TorontoE413203236 Larchmount Avenue Toronto
115 Cadorna Avenue TorontoE4132475115 Cadorna Avenue Toronto
86 W Concession StreetE413130986 W Concession Street
1715 Pharmacy Avenue TorontoE41321921715 Pharmacy Avenue Toronto
18 Buena Vista Avenue TorontoE413129518 Buena Vista Avenue Toronto
41 Montana Crescent WhitbyE413224341 Montana Crescent Whitby
2028 E Dundas Street TorontoE41315572028 E Dundas Street Toronto
189 Rhodes Avenue TorontoE4132327189 Rhodes Avenue Toronto
283 Aldred Drive ScugogE4131782283 Aldred Drive Scugog
9667 Wotten Road ScugogE41316419667 Wotten Road Scugog
446 Hounslow Avenue TorontoC4131912446 Hounslow Avenue Toronto
159 Cassandra Boulevard TorontoC4131687159 Cassandra Boulevard Toronto
13 Slingsby Lane TorontoC413162113 Slingsby Lane Toronto
434 Hounslow Avenue TorontoC4131329434 Hounslow Avenue Toronto
35 Burncrest Drive TorontoC413136935 Burncrest Drive Toronto
181 Olive Avenue TorontoC4131429181 Olive Avenue Toronto
5 Caravan Drive TorontoC41326015 Caravan Drive Toronto
124 Regina Avenue TorontoC4131978124 Regina Avenue Toronto
36 Laurentide Drive TorontoC413131936 Laurentide Drive Toronto
285 Dunview Avenue TorontoC4131355285 Dunview Avenue Toronto
12 Skelmore Crescent TorontoC413258912 Skelmore Crescent Toronto
148 Parkview Avenue TorontoC4131577148 Parkview Avenue Toronto
1072 Sixth Line OakvilleW41305301072 Sixth Line Oakville
330 Woodmount Avenue TorontoE4129868330 Woodmount Avenue Toronto
1127 W Queen Street MississaugaW41303221127 W Queen Street Mississauga
42 Lunau Lane MarkhamN413047042 Lunau Lane Markham
196 E Manor Road TorontoC4130769196 E Manor Road Toronto
128 Colston Avenue WhitbyE4130032128 Colston Avenue Whitby
40 Taylor Court Bradford WestN413062540 Taylor Court Bradford West
2081 Wakely Street OakvilleW41298482081 Wakely Street Oakville
205 Pomona Avenue BurlingtonW4130721205 Pomona Avenue Burlington
2022 Pineview Drive OakvilleW41311482022 Pineview Drive Oakville
269 Rambler Court OakvilleW4131135269 Rambler Court Oakville
1232 Falgarwood Drive OakvilleW41312681232 Falgarwood Drive Oakville
94 Yonge Boulevard TorontoC413097194 Yonge Boulevard Toronto
35 Coulson Avenue TorontoC413109835 Coulson Avenue Toronto
59 Southvale Drive VaughanN413073059 Southvale Drive Vaughan
482 N Ruth Avenue TorontoC4131041482 N Ruth Avenue Toronto
8 Heintzman Crescent VaughanN41305978 Heintzman Crescent Vaughan
70 Summitcrest Drive RichN413068370 Summitcrest Drive Rich
241 Westlake Avenue TorontoE4130510241 Westlake Avenue Toronto
49 Timna Crescent VaughanN413024549 Timna Crescent Vaughan
775 Exceller Circle NewmarketN4130355775 Exceller Circle Newmarket
51 Pine Ridge Drive TorontoE413089451 Pine Ridge Drive Toronto
57 Landwood Avenue VaughanN413042457 Landwood Avenue Vaughan
9 Ravenhill Crescent MarkhamN41306739 Ravenhill Crescent Markham
284 Kingsdale Avenue TorontoC4130825284 Kingsdale Avenue Toronto
43 Lorne Street CaledonW413050843 Lorne Street Caledon
103 Cupola Crescent VaughanN4130578103 Cupola Crescent Vaughan
4 Whitmore Court BramptonW41303654 Whitmore Court Brampton
11 Canis Street BramptonW413114411 Canis Street Brampton
28 Palomino Crescent TorontoC413061228 Palomino Crescent Toronto
375 N Westmoreland Avenue TorontoW4130648375 N Westmoreland Avenue Toronto
70 Royalavon Crescent TorontoW412996070 Royalavon Crescent Toronto
18 Mattice Road TorontoW413005918 Mattice Road Toronto
364 Margueretta Street TorontoW4131112364 Margueretta Street Toronto
14 Masken Circle BramptonW413112014 Masken Circle Brampton
739 Wanless Drive BramptonW4130015739 Wanless Drive Brampton
15 Blackdown Crescent TorontoW413022315 Blackdown Crescent Toronto
643 Street Germain Avenue TorontoC4131100643 Street Germain Avenue Toronto
11 Humbercrest Boulevard TorontoW413021211 Humbercrest Boulevard Toronto
1395 Whitney Terrace MiltonW41310901395 Whitney Terrace Milton
32 Donwoods Crescent WhitbyE413058032 Donwoods Crescent Whitby
109 Toscana Road VaughanN4130720109 Toscana Road Vaughan
748 Woburn Avenue TorontoC4130690748 Woburn Avenue Toronto
3340 Aquinas Avenue MississaugaW41307663340 Aquinas Avenue Mississauga
3800 Concession Road 2 UxbridgeN41305763800 Concession Road 2 Uxbridge
67 Banner Lane KingN412999467 Banner Lane King
495 Crawford Street TorontoC4129991495 Crawford Street Toronto
21 Sachet Drive RichN413029221 Sachet Drive Rich
60 Vines Place AuroraN413126360 Vines Place Aurora
143 Donlea Drive TorontoC4130665143 Donlea Drive Toronto
11 North Hills Terrace TorontoC413005711 North Hills Terrace Toronto
12 Legato Court TorontoC413105312 Legato Court Toronto
57 Arbour Drive MarkhamN413000157 Arbour Drive Markham
408 Hoover Park Drive WhitN4130051408 Hoover Park Drive Whit
78 Bristol Road NewmarketN413029178 Bristol Road Newmarket
2238 Pindar Crescent OshawaE41303182238 Pindar Crescent Oshawa
Lot 45 John Smith StreetN4130842Lot 45 John Smith Street
4 Creekview Avenue RichN41301144 Creekview Avenue Rich
50 Glen Long Avenue TorontoW413013150 Glen Long Avenue Toronto
177 Allegro Drive BramptonW4130670177 Allegro Drive Brampton
136 Ellis Avenue KingN4130631136 Ellis Avenue King
2227 Previn Court BurlingtonW41308632227 Previn Court Burlington
1145 Lamplight Way MississaugaW41300531145 Lamplight Way Mississauga
10 Tollerton Avenue TorontoC413016710 Tollerton Avenue Toronto
275 W River Oaks Boulevard OakvilleW4129943275 W River Oaks Boulevard Oakville
77 Gailcrest Circle VaughanN413015077 Gailcrest Circle Vaughan
48 Leno Mills Avenue RichN413020148 Leno Mills Avenue Rich
19 Baleberry Crescent EastN413052119 Baleberry Crescent East
284 Hounslow Avenue TorontoC4130867284 Hounslow Avenue Toronto
114 Randolph Road TorontoC4131110114 Randolph Road Toronto
4 Kingdom Street TorontoW41304374 Kingdom Street Toronto
79 Chelmsford Avenue TorontoC412986279 Chelmsford Avenue Toronto
139 Elmhurst Avenue TorontoC4130231139 Elmhurst Avenue Toronto
7 Glenstroke Drive TorontoE41302957 Glenstroke Drive Toronto
347 Tudor Avenue OakvilleW4130549347 Tudor Avenue Oakville
1612 Broadmoor Avenue MississaugaW41303241612 Broadmoor Avenue Mississauga
140 W Rossi Drive VaughanN4130354140 W Rossi Drive Vaughan
927 Willowbank Terrace MississaugaW4130177927 Willowbank Terrace Mississauga
209 Matthew Drive VaughanN4130950209 Matthew Drive Vaughan
35 Macdonell Avenue TorontoW413015435 Macdonell Avenue Toronto
57 S Silver Oaks Crescent MarkhamN413082057 S Silver Oaks Crescent Markham
15 Milne Court HamiltonX413051215 Milne Court Hamilton
257 Elmhurst Crescent BurlingtonW4130671257 Elmhurst Crescent Burlington
458 Streetanfield Drive OakvilleW4130194458 Streetanfield Drive Oakville
10 Glen Agar Drive TorontoW413055310 Glen Agar Drive Toronto
74 Kootenay Roadge VaughanN412985474 Kootenay Roadge Vaughan
66 Carnoustie Crescent RichN412991866 Carnoustie Crescent Rich
3 Cygnus Drive RichN41312693 Cygnus Drive Rich
728 Quantra Crescent NewmarketN4129961728 Quantra Crescent Newmarket
83 Hunterwood Chse VaughanN413027283 Hunterwood Chse Vaughan
3 Bridgend Crescent BramptonW41308923 Bridgend Crescent Brampton
4 Lisson Crescent BramptonW41304664 Lisson Crescent Brampton
19214 Kennedy Road EastN412992319214 Kennedy Road East
34 Kelways Circle BramptonW413037534 Kelways Circle Brampton
24 Covina Road BramptonW413096224 Covina Road Brampton
24 Rock Elm Court VaughanN412995624 Rock Elm Court Vaughan
50 Observatory Crescent BramptonW412997350 Observatory Crescent Brampton
1341 Crescenttdale Road MississaugaW41309771341 Crescenttdale Road Mississauga
2475 Sylvia Drive OakvilleW41304282475 Sylvia Drive Oakville
46 Normark Drive MarkhamN413060446 Normark Drive Markham
1213 Jezero Crescent OakvilleW41307711213 Jezero Crescent Oakville
468 Grindstone Terrace OakvilleW4130402468 Grindstone Terrace Oakville
10530 Fifth Line MiltonW413016410530 Fifth Line Milton
3342 Hedley Road BurlingtonW41298443342 Hedley Road Burlington
118 W North Shore Boulevard BurlingtonW4130573118 W North Shore Boulevard Burlington
333 Rumsey Road TorontoC4130913333 Rumsey Road Toronto
869 Long Drive BurlingtonW4130077869 Long Drive Burlington
33 Lisa Crescent RichN413042133 Lisa Crescent Rich
30 Gellatly Court KingN413045330 Gellatly Court King
68 Aviemore Drive TorontoW413014568 Aviemore Drive Toronto
146 Shelbourne Drive VaughanN4130689146 Shelbourne Drive Vaughan
75 Sleepy Hollow Place WhitbyE413051775 Sleepy Hollow Place Whitby
77 Balsamwood Road VaughanN413074877 Balsamwood Road Vaughan
29 Corvinelli Drive WhitbyE413001329 Corvinelli Drive Whitby
108 Gloucester Grove TorontoC4130698108 Gloucester Grove Toronto
28 Shalom Aleichem Court VaughanN412993628 Shalom Aleichem Court Vaughan
1558A Davenport Road TorontoW41309511558A Davenport Road Toronto
49 Linacre Drive RichN413014649 Linacre Drive Rich
150 Culp Terrace OakvilleW4130152150 Culp Terrace Oakville
60 Forest Ridge Road RichN413002760 Forest Ridge Road Rich
155 Chartwell Road OakvilleW4131181155 Chartwell Road Oakville
1328 Devon Road OakvilleW41298871328 Devon Road Oakville
359 Veterans Drive BramptonW4130615359 Veterans Drive Brampton
12 Mistysugar Terrace VaughanN413123412 Mistysugar Terrace Vaughan
2307 Gladacres Lane OakvilleW41303622307 Gladacres Lane Oakville
50 Langtry Place VaughanN413007450 Langtry Place Vaughan
15 Settler Field Road Lot205 BramptonW413090015 Settler Field Road Lot205 Brampton
3563 Vandorf Sideroad WhitN41301703563 Vandorf Sideroad Whit
128 Grandview Avenue MarkhamN4130853128 Grandview Avenue Markham
840 Valens Road HamiltonX4130552840 Valens Road Hamilton
4084 Spruce Avenue BurlingtonW41310864084 Spruce Avenue Burlington
26 Natalie Place TorontoE413124726 Natalie Place Toronto
55 Glen Abbey Terrace VaughanN413004555 Glen Abbey Terrace Vaughan
11 Peppermint Close BramptonW413127811 Peppermint Close Brampton
93 Hailsham Court VaughanN413121193 Hailsham Court Vaughan
1 Lancer Drive VaughanN41301281 Lancer Drive Vaughan
15 York Ridge Road TorontoC413010715 York Ridge Road Toronto
71 Connaught Avenue AuroraN413008071 Connaught Avenue Aurora
138A W Finch Avenue TorontoC4131141138A W Finch Avenue Toronto
54 Chadwick Crescent RichN412993354 Chadwick Crescent Rich
306 Bernard Avenue RichN4130613306 Bernard Avenue Rich
9 Sanremo Court VaughanN41304879 Sanremo Court Vaughan
5 Tailor Street MarkhamN41309815 Tailor Street Markham
245 Rosedale Heights Drive TorontoC4130826245 Rosedale Heights Drive Toronto
2047 Redan Drive MississaugaW41301982047 Redan Drive Mississauga
1030 Veroli Court MississaugaW41301041030 Veroli Court Mississauga
71 Wimbleton Road TorontoW413113871 Wimbleton Road Toronto
184 Duncan Road RichN4129836184 Duncan Road Rich
165 Barrhill Road VaughanN4131014165 Barrhill Road Vaughan
18 Serene Way VaughanN413031318 Serene Way Vaughan
505 Sutherland Drive TorontoC4129989505 Sutherland Drive Toronto
38 Bedouin Crescent BramptonW413024738 Bedouin Crescent Brampton
3453 Skipton Lane OakvilleW41305563453 Skipton Lane Oakville
16550 Mount Hope Road CaledonW413036916550 Mount Hope Road Caledon
27 Leone Lane BramptonW412998227 Leone Lane Brampton
37 Chaplin Crescent TorontoC413011237 Chaplin Crescent Toronto
102 Churchill Avenue TorontoC4128776102 Churchill Avenue Toronto
176 Princess Avenue TorontoC4128592176 Princess Avenue Toronto
2033 Laurelwood Drive OakvilleW41294012033 Laurelwood Drive Oakville
4240 W Bloor Street TorontoW41289544240 W Bloor Street Toronto
47 Claymore Drive TorontoW412870547 Claymore Drive Toronto
2227 North Ridge Terrace OakvilleW41286202227 North Ridge Terrace Oakville
40 Page Avenue TorontoC412905340 Page Avenue Toronto
41 Streetrathearn Avenue RichN412887041 Streetrathearn Avenue Rich
3389 Mistwell Crescent OakvilleW41292403389 Mistwell Crescent Oakville
93 Emmeloord Crescent MarkhamN412974193 Emmeloord Crescent Markham
64 Caprara Crescent MarkhamN412900164 Caprara Crescent Markham
3 Violet Avenue TorontoE41288993 Violet Avenue Toronto
723 Street Clarens Avenue TorontoW4129223723 Street Clarens Avenue Toronto
84 Baby Point Road TorontoW412933784 Baby Point Road Toronto
23 Lynnvalley Crescent BramptonW412951823 Lynnvalley Crescent Brampton
18 Chicory Gate VaughanN412922418 Chicory Gate Vaughan
70 Concord Avenue TorontoC412889870 Concord Avenue Toronto
417 Carrville Road RichN4113125417 Carrville Road Rich
28 Brookwater Crescent CaledonW412911528 Brookwater Crescent Caledon
47 Spring Hill Drive KingN412850547 Spring Hill Drive King
105 Bannatyne Drive TorontoC4128675105 Bannatyne Drive Toronto
2152 Pinevalley Crescent OakvilleW41286852152 Pinevalley Crescent Oakville
110 Wilson Avenue TorontoC4129512110 Wilson Avenue Toronto
42A Elvina Gardens TorontoC412849342A Elvina Gardens Toronto
425 Avon Crescent OakvilleW4129821425 Avon Crescent Oakville
30 Jacksonville Drive BramptonW412864030 Jacksonville Drive Brampton
2257 Carpenters Circle OakvilleW41287082257 Carpenters Circle Oakville
678 Mcgregor Farm Terrace NewmarketN4129557678 Mcgregor Farm Terrace Newmarket
26 Hurst Avenue VaughanN412981526 Hurst Avenue Vaughan
761 S Audley Road AjaxE4129493761 S Audley Road Ajax
153 Lionhead Golf Club Road BramptonW4128612153 Lionhead Golf Club Road Brampton
5172 Bethesda Road WhitN41286105172 Bethesda Road Whit
214 Richmond Street RichN4128784214 Richmond Street Rich
263 Highglen Avenue MarkhamN4128833263 Highglen Avenue Markham
267 Helen Avenue MarkhamN4129774267 Helen Avenue Markham
16 Robert Berry Crescent KingN412933816 Robert Berry Crescent King
215 Lennox Avenue RichN4128621215 Lennox Avenue Rich
26 Whitehorn Crescent TorontoC412939426 Whitehorn Crescent Toronto
238 Pinewood Drive VaughanN4129066238 Pinewood Drive Vaughan
899 Kingsway Drive BurlingtonW4129189899 Kingsway Drive Burlington
1 Raymond Drive VaughanN41289521 Raymond Drive Vaughan
7411 N Cochrane Street WhitbyE41290057411 N Cochrane Street Whitby
619 Beresford Avenue TorontoW4128665619 Beresford Avenue Toronto
53 Whitebirch Lane EastN412888853 Whitebirch Lane East
47 E Kirk Bradden Road TorontoW412870047 E Kirk Bradden Road Toronto
242 Edenbridge Drive TorontoW4128662242 Edenbridge Drive Toronto
61 Roe Avenue TorontoC412947061 Roe Avenue Toronto
344 Fesserton Road RichN4129790344 Fesserton Road Rich
15 Balsam Road TorontoE412941315 Balsam Road Toronto
3 Highbourne Road TorontoC41290583 Highbourne Road Toronto
228 Hillhurst Boulevard TorontoC4128930228 Hillhurst Boulevard Toronto
68 Glenheron Crescent VaughanN412935168 Glenheron Crescent Vaughan
25 Ronald Avenue RichN412908625 Ronald Avenue Rich
297 Melrose Street TorontoW4129258297 Melrose Street Toronto
25 Burnhamthorpe Park Boulevard TorontoW412898225 Burnhamthorpe Park Boulevard Toronto
11 Frontier Drive RichN412140911 Frontier Drive Rich
80 Alexander Boulevard GeorginaN412956280 Alexander Boulevard Georgina
886 Comfort Lane NewmarketN4128718886 Comfort Lane Newmarket
702 Glencairn Avenue TorontoC4129029702 Glencairn Avenue Toronto
16993 Mount Placeeasant Road CaledonW412969716993 Mount Placeeasant Road Caledon
495 Hounslow Avenue TorontoC4129439495 Hounslow Avenue Toronto
100 Alfred Avenue TorontoC4129415100 Alfred Avenue Toronto
29 Adamede Crescent TorontoC412974229 Adamede Crescent Toronto
604 Shaw Street TorontoC4129771604 Shaw Street Toronto
3700 Anderson Street WhitbyE41288273700 Anderson Street Whitby
63 Ramona Boulevard MarkhamN412890563 Ramona Boulevard Markham
649 Merton Street TorontoC4129451649 Merton Street Toronto
1470 W Myrtle Road WhitbyE41287411470 W Myrtle Road Whitby
750 W Richmond Street TorontoC4129772750 W Richmond Street Toronto
83 Morningside Avenue TorontoW412978383 Morningside Avenue Toronto
39 Godfreys Lane MississaugaW412945839 Godfreys Lane Mississauga
75 Delaware Avenue TorontoC412909375 Delaware Avenue Toronto
59 Rockview Gardens VaughanN412874659 Rockview Gardens Vaughan
464 Balkan Road RichN4129627464 Balkan Road Rich
462 Balkan Road RichN4129622462 Balkan Road Rich
9 Lady Fern Drive MarkhamN41292649 Lady Fern Drive Markham
222 Pearson Avenue TorontoW4129284222 Pearson Avenue Toronto
56 Fairview Avenue TorontoW412970456 Fairview Avenue Toronto
251 Torresdale Avenue TorontoC4129536251 Torresdale Avenue Toronto
5 Remington Drive RichN41298115 Remington Drive Rich
3354 Whilabout Terrace OakvilleW41288323354 Whilabout Terrace Oakville
1986 Calgary Court MississaugaW41286451986 Calgary Court Mississauga
6 Otterburn Court MississaugaW41287726 Otterburn Court Mississauga
1414 Helen Court OakvilleW41285321414 Helen Court Oakville
6 Portia Street MarkhamN41285596 Portia Street Markham
425 Lansdowne Avenue TorontoC4128728425 Lansdowne Avenue Toronto
78 Hazelmere Drive RichN412850778 Hazelmere Drive Rich
228 Wineva Avenue TorontoE4129015228 Wineva Avenue Toronto
909 Streetoutt Crescent MiltonW4128972909 Streetoutt Crescent Milton
215 Dew Street KingN4128748215 Dew Street King
6220 Kingston Road TorontoE41293786220 Kingston Road Toronto
62 Ruscica Drive TorontoC412902462 Ruscica Drive Toronto
58 Pickett Crescent RichN412912758 Pickett Crescent Rich
7 Arborglen Drive HaltW41286927 Arborglen Drive Halt
382 S Robert Parkinson Drive BramptonW4128477382 S Robert Parkinson Drive Brampton
390 Kerrybrook Drive RichN4129342390 Kerrybrook Drive Rich
343 Sutherland Drive TorontoC4129430343 Sutherland Drive Toronto
10115 Britannia Road MiltonW412857810115 Britannia Road Milton
76 Elgin Street MarkhamN412909576 Elgin Street Markham
3316 Erin Centre Boulevard MississaugaW41294193316 Erin Centre Boulevard Mississauga
23 Roblocke Avenue TorontoW412957423 Roblocke Avenue Toronto
103 Beaver Avenue TorontoW4129586103 Beaver Avenue Toronto
24 Maxome Avenue TorontoC412869324 Maxome Avenue Toronto
143 Riverview Drive GuelphX4129283143 Riverview Drive Guelph
282 S Paliser Crescent RichN4129806282 S Paliser Crescent Rich
23 Crockart Lane AuroraN412884123 Crockart Lane Aurora
28 Rivington Avenue VaughanN412969128 Rivington Avenue Vaughan
20047 Yonge Street EastN412970020047 Yonge Street East
15663 Clayhill Road HaltW412866815663 Clayhill Road Halt
8 Bathurst Glen Drive VaughanN41298188 Bathurst Glen Drive Vaughan
7115 Mcniven Road MiltonW41286197115 Mcniven Road Milton
6 Taos Court RichN41286986 Taos Court Rich
118 Elbern Markell Drive BramptonW4128976118 Elbern Markell Drive Brampton
169 Thompson Drive EastN4129059169 Thompson Drive East
58 Summerside Crescent TorontoC412866058 Summerside Crescent Toronto
53A Gloucester Street TorontoC412875153A Gloucester Street Toronto
61 Cobblestone Drive TorontoC412873161 Cobblestone Drive Toronto
136 Bingham Avenue TorontoE4128951136 Bingham Avenue Toronto
28 Temple Avenue TorontoW412886328 Temple Avenue Toronto
6 Bruno Ridge Drive CaledonW41287616 Bruno Ridge Drive Caledon
438 Old Colony Road RichN4128931438 Old Colony Road Rich
32 Samson Terrace KingN412956632 Samson Terrace King
918 S Centre Street WhitbyE4129312918 S Centre Street Whitby
238 South Kingsway TorontoW4129647238 South Kingsway Toronto
1628 Glenburnie Road MississaugaW41285151628 Glenburnie Road Mississauga
171 Streetaines Road TorontoE4129000171 Streetaines Road Toronto
692 Willowbank Terrace MississaugaW4129175692 Willowbank Terrace Mississauga
35 Bradford Court WhitbyE412864835 Bradford Court Whitby
168 Oxford Street RichN4128831168 Oxford Street Rich
7 Lakehill Crescent TorontoE41286247 Lakehill Crescent Toronto
217 Lakeview Avenue BurlingtonW4128492217 Lakeview Avenue Burlington
141 Ceremonial Drive MississaugaW4129161141 Ceremonial Drive Mississauga
405 Athabasca Drive VaughanN4128552405 Athabasca Drive Vaughan
11 E Kennedy Street AuroraN412859311 E Kennedy Street Aurora
86 Windham Terrace AuroraN412853486 Windham Terrace Aurora
163 Reiner Road TorontoC4129043163 Reiner Road Toronto
23 Ormiston StreetE412920323 Ormiston Street
290 W Kennedy Street AuroraN4128557290 W Kennedy Street Aurora
8 Nora Road TorontoW41296658 Nora Road Toronto
9 E Kennedy Street AuroraN41285669 E Kennedy Street Aurora
157 John Button Boulevard MarkhamN4118514157 John Button Boulevard Markham
119 Clearspring Road WhitbyE4128829119 Clearspring Road Whitby
135 E Lawrence Avenue TorontoC4129534135 E Lawrence Avenue Toronto
34 Young Garden Crescent BramptonW412948534 Young Garden Crescent Brampton
168 Mcnicoll Avenue TorontoC4128494168 Mcnicoll Avenue Toronto
54 Laskin Drive VaughanN412914554 Laskin Drive Vaughan
71 Eakin Mill Road MarkhamN412862271 Eakin Mill Road Markham
51 High Oak Terrace RichN412971651 High Oak Terrace Rich
6565 Spinnaker Circle MississaugaW41291356565 Spinnaker Circle Mississauga
10 Fairlin Drive TorontoW412916310 Fairlin Drive Toronto
6 Bethnal Avenue TorontoW41285196 Bethnal Avenue Toronto
20 Esquire Road TorontoE412914720 Esquire Road Toronto
211 Poyntz Avenue TorontoC4129105211 Poyntz Avenue Toronto
40 Mount Albert Road EastN412969040 Mount Albert Road East
71 Green Valley Circle WhitN412913671 Green Valley Circle Whit
53 Briardale Place AuroraN412853053 Briardale Place Aurora
11 Buxton Road TorontoW412947711 Buxton Road Toronto
58 Fraserwood Avenue TorontoC412906058 Fraserwood Avenue Toronto
3341 Liptay Avenue OakvilleW41290393341 Liptay Avenue Oakville
41 Manor Forest Road EastN412881441 Manor Forest Road East
9 11 Donald Avenue TorontoW41288729 11 Donald Avenue Toronto
83 Bond Crescent RichN412901383 Bond Crescent Rich
8 Deverell Crescent TorontoW41294578 Deverell Crescent Toronto
12 Nicort Road KingN412851112 Nicort Road King

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