Listings GTA May 21 2018

Listings for May 21st 2018

All of the top picks for the GTA are here as of May 21st 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
229 Islington Avenue TorontoW4134550229 Islington Avenue Toronto
61 Wardlaw Place VaughanN413294661 Wardlaw Place Vaughan
87 Manor Hampton Street EastN413400387 Manor Hampton Street East
46 Driveummond Drive VaughanN413360746 Driveummond Drive Vaughan
66 Braywin Drive TorontoW413111566 Braywin Drive Toronto
217 Red Maple Road RichN4133942217 Red Maple Road Rich
24 Hammersly Boulevard MarkhamN413434924 Hammersly Boulevard Markham
260 Guildwood Parkway TorontoE4134122260 Guildwood Parkway Toronto
18 Sir Gawaine Place MarkhamN413334618 Sir Gawaine Place Markham
3366 Rhonda Valy MississaugaW41337013366 Rhonda Valy Mississauga
49 Hollingham Road MarkhamN413481849 Hollingham Road Markham
64 Devonridge Crescent TorontoE413481064 Devonridge Crescent Toronto
15 Mooney Streetreet Street BradfordN413373415 Mooney Streetreet Street Bradford
501 Hidden Terrace TorontoC4133676501 Hidden Terrace Toronto
69 Redwood Avenue TorontoE413486969 Redwood Avenue Toronto
521 Jones Avenue TorontoE4133375521 Jones Avenue Toronto
13 Pelister Drive MarkhamN413373613 Pelister Drive Markham
110 Holladay Drive AuroraN4133212110 Holladay Drive Aurora
46 Appleton Avenue TorontoC413475246 Appleton Avenue Toronto
21 Fraserwood Road VaughanN413342721 Fraserwood Road Vaughan
19 La Rush Drive TorontoW413454819 La Rush Drive Toronto
182 W Lawrence Avenue TorontoC4134751182 W Lawrence Avenue Toronto
7 Brimley Road Slip 12 TorontoE41345647 Brimley Road Slip 12 Toronto
127 Santa Maria Terrace VaughanN4134314127 Santa Maria Terrace Vaughan
79 S Kensington Avenue HamiltonX413364179 S Kensington Avenue Hamilton
34 Montebello Crescent AjaxE411885934 Montebello Crescent Ajax
119 The Fairways Way MarkhamN4134322119 The Fairways Way Markham
128 Crombie Street ClaringtonE4134595128 Crombie Street Clarington
1137 Quick Street NewmarketN41347601137 Quick Street Newmarket
8 Lyons Court HaltW41345608 Lyons Court Halt
55 Jonas Mill Way WhitN413393755 Jonas Mill Way Whit
52 Antique Drive RichN413398452 Antique Drive Rich
347 Woodbine Avenue TorontoE4133266347 Woodbine Avenue Toronto
24 Talisman Crescent MarkhamN413394824 Talisman Crescent Markham
56 Pettet Drive ScugogE413339156 Pettet Drive Scugog
386 Andrew Street NewmarketN4134291386 Andrew Street Newmarket
32 Bent Terraceee Court BramptonW413445332 Bent Terraceee Court Brampton
305 Bloomington Road Lot 12N4133636305 Bloomington Road Lot 12
275 Thistle Down Boulevard TorontoW4134421275 Thistle Down Boulevard Toronto
97 Maple Sugar Lane VaughanN413303597 Maple Sugar Lane Vaughan
559 Menczel Crescent NewmarketN4133197559 Menczel Crescent Newmarket
3 Lennon Terrace BramptonW41328523 Lennon Terrace Brampton
41 Alderbury Drive MarkhamN413350341 Alderbury Drive Markham
1260 Old School Road CaledonW41343611260 Old School Road Caledon
26 Regan Crescent HaltW413480526 Regan Crescent Halt
14 Paradise Gardens BramptonW413389614 Paradise Gardens Brampton
26 Canal Street GeorginaN413303726 Canal Street Georgina
45 Foreht Crescent AuroraN413412845 Foreht Crescent Aurora
332 Antigua Road MississaugaW4134264332 Antigua Road Mississauga
253 Streeterling Road TorontoC4134871253 Streeterling Road Toronto
11 Scanlon Place HamiltonX413431811 Scanlon Place Hamilton
4812 Holborn Road EastN41335604812 Holborn Road East
Bldg11 Concession 9 Street Unit 5N4134466Bldg11 Concession 9 Street Unit 5
94 Pentland Crescent VaughanN413454394 Pentland Crescent Vaughan
309 West Lawn Crescent WhitN4133558309 West Lawn Crescent Whit
51 Helliwell Crescent RichN413419651 Helliwell Crescent Rich
448 Brisdale Drive BramptonW4134450448 Brisdale Drive Brampton
33 Dancers Drive MarkhamN413471433 Dancers Drive Markham
23 Firwood Crescent BramptonW413397123 Firwood Crescent Brampton
142 Yuile Court BramptonW4133185142 Yuile Court Brampton
54 Mcnally Street HaltW413292754 Mcnally Street Halt
131 Sundragon Terrace Bradford WestN4133377131 Sundragon Terrace Bradford West
102 Roseborough Drive ScugogE4132802102 Roseborough Drive Scugog
7236 Tippett Court MississaugaW41342737236 Tippett Court Mississauga
10 Temple Avenue EastN413296310 Temple Avenue East
19 Ambleside Drive ScugogE413462219 Ambleside Drive Scugog
534 Lear Gate MiltonW4133108534 Lear Gate Milton
4 Nina Place BramptonW41345544 Nina Place Brampton
3 Milner Crescent AjaxE41332843 Milner Crescent Ajax
142 Lauderdale Drive VaughanN4133840142 Lauderdale Drive Vaughan
23 Jemima Road BramptonW413482123 Jemima Road Brampton
2239 Pindar Crescent OshawaE41337962239 Pindar Crescent Oshawa
527 Sixteen Mile Drive OakvilleW4133300527 Sixteen Mile Drive Oakville
13 Robert Street TorontoW413397413 Robert Street Toronto
11 Deep Dene Drive TorontoE413457311 Deep Dene Drive Toronto
1214 Harlstone Crescent OshawaE41332361214 Harlstone Crescent Oshawa
114 Killington Avenue VaughanN4133492114 Killington Avenue Vaughan
55 Haynes Avenue TorontoW413391555 Haynes Avenue Toronto
28 William Grant Road MarkhamN413286028 William Grant Road Markham
132 Elyse Court AuroraN4134396132 Elyse Court Aurora
137 Pineway Boulevard TorontoC4134136137 Pineway Boulevard Toronto
1324 Ridgebank Drive OakvilleW41334911324 Ridgebank Drive Oakville
30 Sparks Street AuroraN413407530 Sparks Street Aurora
15 Gregson Street AjaxE413351715 Gregson Street Ajax
98 Metcalfe Street AuroraN413286498 Metcalfe Street Aurora
30 William Luck Avenue EastN413363030 William Luck Avenue East
6 Greenhouse Lane WhitN41332346 Greenhouse Lane Whit
2234 Pindar Crescent OshawaE41348502234 Pindar Crescent Oshawa
856 Beach Boulevard HamiltonX4134138856 Beach Boulevard Hamilton
69 Carveth CrescentE413413469 Carveth Crescent
41 Benlight Crescent TorontoE413431641 Benlight Crescent Toronto
141 East River Street OakvilleW4133313141 East River Street Oakville
9 Arctic Fox Crescent BramptonW41337719 Arctic Fox Crescent Brampton
24 Hardgate Crescent BramptonW413400024 Hardgate Crescent Brampton
26 Robert Street TorontoW413369526 Robert Street Toronto
124 Chipwood Crescent TorontoC4133449124 Chipwood Crescent Toronto
189 Fellowes Crescent HamiltonX4132945189 Fellowes Crescent Hamilton
89 Elena Crescent VaughanN413303989 Elena Crescent Vaughan
33 Constable Street AuroraN413329433 Constable Street Aurora
33 Millard Avenue NewmarketN413468933 Millard Avenue Newmarket
100 Southdown Avenue VaughanN4134276100 Southdown Avenue Vaughan
12 Pringle Avenue MarkhamN413335512 Pringle Avenue Markham
94 Thistle Down Boulevard TorontoW413354494 Thistle Down Boulevard Toronto
54 Belsey LaneE413351854 Belsey Lane
15 Jason Crescent HaltW413314215 Jason Crescent Halt
259L Tufgar Crescent BurlingtonW4133973259L Tufgar Crescent Burlington
4 Goldenwood Crescent MarkhamN41331484 Goldenwood Crescent Markham
107 Big Hill Crescent VaughanN4133223107 Big Hill Crescent Vaughan
388 Manning Avenue C TorontoC4134059388 Manning Avenue C Toronto
5530 Haddon Hall Road MississaugaW41337325530 Haddon Hall Road Mississauga
210 Beach Boulevard HamiltonX4133882210 Beach Boulevard Hamilton
1691 Irvine Scott Street OshawaE41333941691 Irvine Scott Street Oshawa
1121 Greenhill Avenue OshawaE40850211121 Greenhill Avenue Oshawa
1340 Odessa Crescent OakvilleW41345221340 Odessa Crescent Oakville
47 Deep Dene Drive TorontoE413332447 Deep Dene Drive Toronto
139 Wardlaw Place VaughanN4133845139 Wardlaw Place Vaughan
51 Market Garden Mews TorontoW413298851 Market Garden Mews Toronto
27 Petworth Road BramptonW413474727 Petworth Road Brampton
65 Streetevenharris Drive TorontoW413308565 Streetevenharris Drive Toronto
3 Lawlor Street HaltW41347123 Lawlor Street Halt
13 Rattlesnake Road BramptonW413352413 Rattlesnake Road Brampton
228 Lech Walesa Drive MississaugaW4134005228 Lech Walesa Drive Mississauga
48 Blandford Street TorontoC413385648 Blandford Street Toronto
38 Windmill Boulevard BramptonW413333338 Windmill Boulevard Brampton
25 Mackay Avenue TorontoW413481325 Mackay Avenue Toronto
5280 Roadside Way MississaugaW41338505280 Roadside Way Mississauga
361 Street Augustine Drive OakvilleW4134323361 Street Augustine Drive Oakville
142 Flagstone Way NewmarketN4132986142 Flagstone Way Newmarket
6 Chetholme Place HaltW41330566 Chetholme Place Halt
11 Ingleton Boulevard TorontoE413379211 Ingleton Boulevard Toronto
1239 Tupper Drive MiltonW41339391239 Tupper Drive Milton
1462 Dunedin Crescent OshawaE41331891462 Dunedin Crescent Oshawa
18 Zachary Place VaughanN413482818 Zachary Place Vaughan
9 Portsmouth Road VaughanN41332789 Portsmouth Road Vaughan
352 Bartos Drive OakvilleW4133878352 Bartos Drive Oakville
7308 Corrine Crescent MississaugaW41333207308 Corrine Crescent Mississauga
4030 Bartlett Court BurlingtonW41331274030 Bartlett Court Burlington
111 Farthingale Crescent BramptonW4134151111 Farthingale Crescent Brampton
139 Humphrey Street HamiltonX4134008139 Humphrey Street Hamilton
182 Maple Sugar Lane VaughanN4133195182 Maple Sugar Lane Vaughan
2038 Redstone Crescent OakvilleW41344092038 Redstone Crescent Oakville
15 Posthorn Grove TorontoE413407815 Posthorn Grove Toronto
18 Ladywood Drive TorontoW413290618 Ladywood Drive Toronto
1037 Copperfield Drive OshawaE41329731037 Copperfield Drive Oshawa
15 Rattlesnake Road BramptonW413423715 Rattlesnake Road Brampton
53 Riel Drive RichN413298353 Riel Drive Rich
Unit 10 Pidgeon Street TorontoE4133703Unit 10 Pidgeon Street Toronto
88 Bolton Drive UxbridgeN413469788 Bolton Drive Uxbridge
173 Epsom Downs Drive TorontoW4134429173 Epsom Downs Drive Toronto
13735 Guelph Line MiltonW413316613735 Guelph Line Milton
12 Melsandra Street BramptonW413396612 Melsandra Street Brampton
3064 Eberly Woods Drive OakvilleW41332603064 Eberly Woods Drive Oakville
38 Orley Avenue TorontoE413484138 Orley Avenue Toronto
50 Barrymore Road TorontoE413395550 Barrymore Road Toronto
1025 Gordon Heights MiltonW41329591025 Gordon Heights Milton
18 Meadowglen Boulevard HaltW413356818 Meadowglen Boulevard Halt
37 Perkinsfield Street WhitbyE413357037 Perkinsfield Street Whitby
49 Teignmouth Avenue TorontoW413480049 Teignmouth Avenue Toronto
20 Hazeldine Drive AjaxE413483120 Hazeldine Drive Ajax
56 Danzig Street TorontoE413368456 Danzig Street Toronto
18 Glen Hollow Avenue TorontoW413453818 Glen Hollow Avenue Toronto
2 Castlebay Street KitchenerX41339762 Castlebay Street Kitchener
99 Queen Mary Avenue BurlingtonW413333099 Queen Mary Avenue Burlington
3 Applegate Drive EastN41342533 Applegate Drive East
5494 Haddon Hall Road MississaugaW41338915494 Haddon Hall Road Mississauga
1248 Blencowe Crescent NewmarketN41342991248 Blencowe Crescent Newmarket
240 Alsace Road RichN4133003240 Alsace Road Rich
48 Bronze Crescent Bradford WestN413363148 Bronze Crescent Bradford West
24 Aintree Crescent BramptonW413470624 Aintree Crescent Brampton
12 Westhampton Way HamiltonX413375012 Westhampton Way Hamilton
309 Carlisle Road HamiltonX4133106309 Carlisle Road Hamilton
80 Gardiner Drive Bradford WestN413453480 Gardiner Drive Bradford West
11 Block Lot 3 BramptonW413469011 Block Lot 3 Brampton
29 Villandry Crescent VaughanN413486329 Villandry Crescent Vaughan
3492 Nighthawk Terrace MississaugaW41333903492 Nighthawk Terrace Mississauga
76 Arnies Chance WhitN413291676 Arnies Chance Whit
3201 Etude Drive MississaugaW41345163201 Etude Drive Mississauga
5582 Vivian Road WhitN41341415582 Vivian Road Whit
164 Verdi Road RichN4132926164 Verdi Road Rich
5234 Fairford Crescent MississaugaW41345555234 Fairford Crescent Mississauga
45 Thorntree Crescent BramptonW413398945 Thorntree Crescent Brampton
8 Rainstorm Road BramptonW41330178 Rainstorm Road Brampton
29 Nightstar Road TorontoE413394529 Nightstar Road Toronto
71 Ottawa Street ScugogE413291471 Ottawa Street Scugog
25 Dodge Drive WhitbyE413287225 Dodge Drive Whitby
7084 N Estoril Road MississaugaW41347797084 N Estoril Road Mississauga
9 Pears CourtE41335529 Pears Court
43 Anticosti Drive TorontoE413353943 Anticosti Drive Toronto
1292 Clarriage Court MiltonW41345721292 Clarriage Court Milton
4 Amherst Avenue TorontoC41345234 Amherst Avenue Toronto
232 Perry Street ScugogE4134069232 Perry Street Scugog
292 Hawkview Boulevard VaughanN4134035292 Hawkview Boulevard Vaughan
8 Doncrest Drive MarkhamN41346538 Doncrest Drive Markham
100 Donwoods Drive TorontoC4133776100 Donwoods Drive Toronto
347 Concordia Court OshawaE4134851347 Concordia Court Oshawa
51 Tournament Drive TorontoC413441451 Tournament Drive Toronto
3 Montano Court RichN41343623 Montano Court Rich
1317 Ravine Drive MississaugaW41331261317 Ravine Drive Mississauga
40 Lonsdale Road TorontoC413487840 Lonsdale Road Toronto
369 Hollywood Avenue TorontoC4133050369 Hollywood Avenue Toronto
235 Parkview Avenue TorontoC4133237235 Parkview Avenue Toronto
20 Restwell Crescent TorontoC413466520 Restwell Crescent Toronto
360 Sheddon Avenue OakvilleW4134759360 Sheddon Avenue Oakville
44 Ormiston StreetE413294444 Ormiston Street
8 Haddon Street TorontoC41344468 Haddon Street Toronto
14 Kingsworth Road KingN413327614 Kingsworth Road King
237 Flamingo Road VaughanN4134591237 Flamingo Road Vaughan
13756 Innis Lake Road CaledonW413314313756 Innis Lake Road Caledon
15110 Jane Street KingN413328215110 Jane Street King
18 Elkpath Avenue TorontoC413306718 Elkpath Avenue Toronto
15 Hambly Avenue TorontoE413480815 Hambly Avenue Toronto
1260 Hillhurst Road OakvilleW41334791260 Hillhurst Road Oakville
80 Fairholme Avenue TorontoC413485480 Fairholme Avenue Toronto
188 Farrell Road VaughanN4133340188 Farrell Road Vaughan
16 S Maple Avenue MississaugaW413350516 S Maple Avenue Mississauga
30 Boynton Circle MarkhamN413306630 Boynton Circle Markham
33 Horizon Court RichN413331033 Horizon Court Rich
53 Falling Leaf Court AuroraN413414353 Falling Leaf Court Aurora
45 Broadleaf Road TorontoC413379045 Broadleaf Road Toronto
1222 Tourmaline Court MississaugaW41345581222 Tourmaline Court Mississauga
186 Banff Road TorontoC4134108186 Banff Road Toronto
3556 Tenth Line Bradford WestN41329383556 Tenth Line Bradford West
687 Pape Avenue TorontoE4134786687 Pape Avenue Toronto
22 Natural Terrace BramptonW413325322 Natural Terrace Brampton
238 Combe Avenue TorontoC4133406238 Combe Avenue Toronto
1338 Cambridge Drive OakvilleW41336131338 Cambridge Drive Oakville
61 Ridge Point Crescent TorontoW413284761 Ridge Point Crescent Toronto
16 Edgecombe Court MarkhamN413408416 Edgecombe Court Markham
72 Skyline Terrace KingN413326572 Skyline Terrace King
151 Laverock Avenue RichN4134827151 Laverock Avenue Rich
109 Terraceeegrove Circle AuroraN4133760109 Terraceeegrove Circle Aurora
2100 Seabrook Drive OakvilleW41344652100 Seabrook Drive Oakville
315 Churchill Avenue KingN4133439315 Churchill Avenue King
445 Lakeshore Drive ScugogE4133155445 Lakeshore Drive Scugog
108 Paliser Court OakvilleW4134327108 Paliser Court Oakville
5655 16th Sideroad KingN41336555655 16th Sideroad King
2 Sir Henry Court KingN41340612 Sir Henry Court King
150 Riverside Drive VaughanN4133459150 Riverside Drive Vaughan
2404 Rideau Drive OakvilleW41337942404 Rideau Drive Oakville
60 Dungannon Drive MarkhamN413458260 Dungannon Drive Markham
18 Tammy Drive BramptonW413339218 Tammy Drive Brampton
28 Briggs Avenue RichN413415728 Briggs Avenue Rich
79 Hurst Avenue VaughanN413388879 Hurst Avenue Vaughan
56 Wallenberg Drive VaughanN413412356 Wallenberg Drive Vaughan
161 Newton Drive TorontoC4133556161 Newton Drive Toronto
101 Chesney Crescent VaughanN4134177101 Chesney Crescent Vaughan
9 Lurgan Drive TorontoC41346199 Lurgan Drive Toronto
55 Fenwood Heights TorontoE413442855 Fenwood Heights Toronto
483 Avon Crescent OakvilleW4134746483 Avon Crescent Oakville
202 Windermere Avenue TorontoW4133000202 Windermere Avenue Toronto
62 Sabiston Drive MarkhamN413300462 Sabiston Drive Markham
420 Farrell Road VaughanN4134309420 Farrell Road Vaughan
43B Burnview Crescent TorontoE413314143B Burnview Crescent Toronto
75 Post Oak Drive RichN413408675 Post Oak Drive Rich
975 Fredonia Drive MississaugaW4132813975 Fredonia Drive Mississauga
5 Longwood Drive TorontoC41331235 Longwood Drive Toronto
12 Wayside Avenue RichN413372712 Wayside Avenue Rich
1423 Cobbler Lane OakvilleW41341501423 Cobbler Lane Oakville
75 Queens College Drive RichN413365075 Queens College Drive Rich
76 Classic Drive BramptonW413479076 Classic Drive Brampton
20 Warlock Crescent TorontoC413323120 Warlock Crescent Toronto
13 Mezzo Street BramptonW413430213 Mezzo Street Brampton
511 Coleen Drive OakvilleW4133130511 Coleen Drive Oakville
13 Country Club Crescent UxbridgeN413285513 Country Club Crescent Uxbridge
27 Baynards Lane RichN413363227 Baynards Lane Rich
1 Morganfield Court RichN41338651 Morganfield Court Rich
160 Lansdowne Avenue TorontoW4133693160 Lansdowne Avenue Toronto
2116 Courtland Drive BurlingtonW41338682116 Courtland Drive Burlington
35 Anewen Drive TorontoC413317335 Anewen Drive Toronto
3105 Millicent Avenue OakvilleW41335023105 Millicent Avenue Oakville
36 Larkin Avenue KingN413286236 Larkin Avenue King
447 Mill Street RichN4133160447 Mill Street Rich
198 Newton Drive TorontoC4133093198 Newton Drive Toronto
4382 Lakeshore Road BurlingtonW41335924382 Lakeshore Road Burlington
84 Shadow Falls Drive RichN413381784 Shadow Falls Drive Rich
1339 Wendigo Terrace MississaugaW41347051339 Wendigo Terrace Mississauga
9 Sidney Street TorontoC41348779 Sidney Street Toronto
101 Holly Drive RichN4134427101 Holly Drive Rich
14 Parkheights Terrace KingN413352914 Parkheights Terrace King
7 Motley Court RichN41331287 Motley Court Rich
3 Porter Creek Hllw BramptonW41342003 Porter Creek Hllw Brampton
237 Walby Drive OakvilleW4133068237 Walby Drive Oakville
20 Cedar Avenue TorontoE413291220 Cedar Avenue Toronto
103 Manley Avenue WhitN4132861103 Manley Avenue Whit
9 Isabella Street CaledonW41331829 Isabella Street Caledon
3153 Mission Hill Drive MississaugaW41348173153 Mission Hill Drive Mississauga
2 Links Lane BramptonW41328962 Links Lane Brampton
29 Keily Crescent CaledonW413320729 Keily Crescent Caledon
15 Lavinia Avenue TorontoW413480215 Lavinia Avenue Toronto
92 Churchill Avenue TorontoC413473092 Churchill Avenue Toronto
63 Frederick Streetamm Crescent MarkhamN413386963 Frederick Streetamm Crescent Markham
34 Ferrah Street MarkhamN413315434 Ferrah Street Markham
11995 Lakeridge Road Road ScugogE413414211995 Lakeridge Road Road Scugog
8040 Ninth Line HaltW41343758040 Ninth Line Halt
3805 Candlelight Drive MississaugaW41344193805 Candlelight Drive Mississauga
673 E Merton Street TorontoC4134605673 E Merton Street Toronto
66 David Willson Terrace EastN413298566 David Willson Terrace East
375 Shirley Drive RichN4134166375 Shirley Drive Rich
2940 Lakeview Boulevard AjaxE41342012940 Lakeview Boulevard Ajax
8 Jacob Fisher Avenue VaughanN41328918 Jacob Fisher Avenue Vaughan
284 Highglen Avenue MarkhamN4133426284 Highglen Avenue Markham
9 Dopp Crescent BramptonW41340739 Dopp Crescent Brampton
390 Hartwell Way AuroraN4134195390 Hartwell Way Aurora
1331 Blackburn Drive OakvilleW41336261331 Blackburn Drive Oakville
99 Donside Drive TorontoE413353599 Donside Drive Toronto
13 Richmead Road BramptonW413454213 Richmead Road Brampton
6881 Old Homestead Road GeorginaN41345696881 Old Homestead Road Georgina
2052 Carns Court BurlingtonW41329502052 Carns Court Burlington
9 Greenlefe Court AuroraN41343349 Greenlefe Court Aurora
1499 Lorne Wood Road MississaugaW41336181499 Lorne Wood Road Mississauga
25 Waymount Avenue RichN413411625 Waymount Avenue Rich
1098 Lambton Drive OakvilleW41342321098 Lambton Drive Oakville
158 Tomlinson Circle MarkhamN4133356158 Tomlinson Circle Markham
288 Bogert Avenue TorontoC4133290288 Bogert Avenue Toronto
14185 Highway 27 Road KingN413336714185 Highway 27 Road King
10 Keylime Court CaledonW413290110 Keylime Court Caledon
18 Elderslie Crescent VaughanN413443718 Elderslie Crescent Vaughan
20646 Yonge Street EastN413451220646 Yonge Street East
129 Reflection Road MarkhamN4133457129 Reflection Road Markham
32 Lonetree Court BramptonW413446332 Lonetree Court Brampton
32 Thicket Road TorontoW413382032 Thicket Road Toronto
38 N Merlin Drive BramptonW413445638 N Merlin Drive Brampton
179 Gilbert Avenue Avenue TorontoW4134634179 Gilbert Avenue Avenue Toronto
2066 Mckerlie Crescent BurlingtonW41332422066 Mckerlie Crescent Burlington
15 Thicket Road TorontoW413349515 Thicket Road Toronto
18 Launch Gate RichN413319318 Launch Gate Rich
596 Grand Terraceunk Avenue VaughanN4134097596 Grand Terraceunk Avenue Vaughan
2 Bellefond Street VaughanN41345142 Bellefond Street Vaughan
582 William Forster Road MarkhamN4133442582 William Forster Road Markham
13 Rockport Crescent RichN413447413 Rockport Crescent Rich
35 Dunblane Avenue VaughanN413337235 Dunblane Avenue Vaughan
133 Kemano Road AuroraN4132895133 Kemano Road Aurora
50 N Timberline Terrace AuroraN413471050 N Timberline Terrace Aurora
266 Ceremonial Drive MississaugaW4134486266 Ceremonial Drive Mississauga
357 S Queen Street MississaugaW4133175357 S Queen Street Mississauga
1068B Shaw Drive MississaugaW41348751068B Shaw Drive Mississauga
933 Knotty Pine Grove MississaugaW4132978933 Knotty Pine Grove Mississauga
185 Culp Terrace OakvilleW4134092185 Culp Terrace Oakville
21 Lisson Crescent BramptonW413289321 Lisson Crescent Brampton
16 Arcadian Circle TorontoW413464916 Arcadian Circle Toronto
146 Lacewood Drive RichN4134660146 Lacewood Drive Rich
140 W Rossi Drive VaughanN4133274140 W Rossi Drive Vaughan
114 Timberline Terrace AuroraN4133022114 Timberline Terrace Aurora
85 Harold Lawrie Lane MarkhamN413338085 Harold Lawrie Lane Markham
49 Timberline Terrace AuroraN413297749 Timberline Terrace Aurora
35 Rebecca Street OakvilleW413366335 Rebecca Street Oakville
31 Township Avenue RichN413341231 Township Avenue Rich
63 Welland Avenue TorontoC413483363 Welland Avenue Toronto
50 Wilmar Road TorontoW413486250 Wilmar Road Toronto
24 Desjardin Drive MarkhamN413379524 Desjardin Drive Markham
394 Summerhill Avenue TorontoC4133781394 Summerhill Avenue Toronto
C224 Robert Parkinson Drive BramptonW4133639C224 Robert Parkinson Drive Brampton
6 Archibald Drive KingN41338596 Archibald Drive King
57 Lady Loretta Lane VaughanN413479257 Lady Loretta Lane Vaughan
26 Borland Crescent CaledonW413312526 Borland Crescent Caledon
8025 First Nassagaweya Line MiltonW41330538025 First Nassagaweya Line Milton
78 Marsden Court NewmarketN413282778 Marsden Court Newmarket
18 Sciberras Road MarkhamN413300618 Sciberras Road Markham
215 Greyabbey Terrace TorontoE4134663215 Greyabbey Terrace Toronto
99 Reginald Lamb Crescent MarkhamN413310099 Reginald Lamb Crescent Markham
13 Venue Road BramptonW413283913 Venue Road Brampton
851 Father Dsouza Drive MississaugaW4134527851 Father Dsouza Drive Mississauga
35 Bentoak Crescent VaughanN413429435 Bentoak Crescent Vaughan
3313 Terraceelawny Circle MississaugaW41330113313 Terraceelawny Circle Mississauga
15 Cormorant Crescent VaughanN413381415 Cormorant Crescent Vaughan
914 Riordan Court NewmarketN4134091914 Riordan Court Newmarket
2416 Willowburne Drive MississaugaW41333612416 Willowburne Drive Mississauga
105 Sir Lancelot Drive MarkhamN4134556105 Sir Lancelot Drive Markham
101 Leadership Drive BramptonW4134225101 Leadership Drive Brampton
26 Firefly Road BramptonW413484826 Firefly Road Brampton
188 Burton Road OakvilleW4134524188 Burton Road Oakville
47 Kingslake Road TorontoC413287147 Kingslake Road Toronto
6928 Historic Terrace MississaugaW41330466928 Historic Terrace Mississauga
7 Mira Vista Place VaughanN41329057 Mira Vista Place Vaughan
25 Ladder Crescent EastN413339925 Ladder Crescent East
11 Terraceumpet Street WhitN413338511 Terraceumpet Street Whit
2537 Waterford Street OakvilleW41336562537 Waterford Street Oakville
200 David Dunlap Block 4 CircleC4133184200 David Dunlap Block 4 Circle
33 Belwood Boulevard VaughanN413327333 Belwood Boulevard Vaughan
150 Valentina Drive MarkhamN4133471150 Valentina Drive Markham
1488 Dundas Crescent MississaugaW41330581488 Dundas Crescent Mississauga
15 Sandway Crescent VaughanN413347715 Sandway Crescent Vaughan
90 Burncrest Drive TorontoC413320690 Burncrest Drive Toronto
15 Lacona Crescent RichN413421315 Lacona Crescent Rich
18 Camor Court TorontoE413453218 Camor Court Toronto
10 Challenger Court TorontoE413423510 Challenger Court Toronto
16 Foxgrove Court MarkhamN413468616 Foxgrove Court Markham
20 Montreal Street BramptonW413351420 Montreal Street Brampton
17 Pugsley Avenue RichN413483017 Pugsley Avenue Rich
1367 Sheldon Avenue OakvilleW41339601367 Sheldon Avenue Oakville
7275 Waldorf Way MississaugaW41330147275 Waldorf Way Mississauga
23 Via Nova Drive VaughanN413299023 Via Nova Drive Vaughan
15 Seminole Drive BramptonW413369715 Seminole Drive Brampton
206 Terraceudeau Avenue MississaugaW4134179206 Terraceudeau Avenue Mississauga
4769 Allegheny Road MississaugaW41340204769 Allegheny Road Mississauga
29 Novan Crescent AuroraN413441729 Novan Crescent Aurora
13972 Dixie Road CaledonW413336413972 Dixie Road Caledon
80 Manor Hampton Street EastN413436880 Manor Hampton Street East
2294 Mowat Avenue OakvilleW41343432294 Mowat Avenue Oakville
383 Atwood Lane OakvilleW4133522383 Atwood Lane Oakville
446 South Service Road MississaugaW4134736446 South Service Road Mississauga
8 Wallaby Way BramptonW41335748 Wallaby Way Brampton
386 Dowson Loop NewmarketN4133951386 Dowson Loop Newmarket
617 Logan Avenue TorontoE4134780617 Logan Avenue Toronto
2351 Woodward Avenue BurlingtonW41334742351 Woodward Avenue Burlington
22 Miracle Terrace BramptonW413317122 Miracle Terrace Brampton
49 Lyndbrook Crescent BramptonW413451549 Lyndbrook Crescent Brampton
56 Nellida Crescent HamiltonX413364256 Nellida Crescent Hamilton
29 Balin Crescent BramptonW413391329 Balin Crescent Brampton

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