Listings May 11 2018

Terrific Listings for May 11 2018

Here are our top recommendations for properties for sale around the GTA as of May 11 2018. You're not going to want to miss these!
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
685 Montbeck CrescentW4124522685 Montbeck Crescent
1909 Streetoneybrook CourtW41241761909 Streetoneybrook Court
437 Valermo DriveW4124039437 Valermo Drive
52 Lagani AvenueN412493052 Lagani Avenue
208 Cathcart CrescentW4123691208 Cathcart Crescent
4084 Lorraine CrescentW41246394084 Lorraine Crescent
5 Windham DriveC41242285 Windham Drive
82 Queenston CrescentN412429482 Queenston Crescent
2456 Lyndhurst DriveW41241902456 Lyndhurst Drive
1489 Royal Oaks RoadW41236221489 Royal Oaks Road
357 Douglas AvenueC4124023357 Douglas Avenue
19 Newgate RoadC412425419 Newgate Road
811 Fletcher Valley CrescentW4123626811 Fletcher Valley Crescent
85 Eastpine DriveN412396685 Eastpine Drive
105 Mccabe CrescentN4123723105 Mccabe Crescent
11 Brookbank CourtN412389911 Brookbank Court
146 Crane StreetN4123783146 Crane Street
41 Owen BoulevardC412428441 Owen Boulevard
29 Carnoustie CrescentN412458629 Carnoustie Crescent
119 Burbank DriveC4123732119 Burbank Drive
43 Crooked Streetick RoadN412405243 Crooked Streetick Road
2690 Ambercroft TerraceW41243422690 Ambercroft Terrace
32 Love CourtW412450432 Love Court
62 Carmen CrescentN412419362 Carmen Crescent
4086 Bridlepath TerraceW41246254086 Bridlepath Terrace
6 Loomis RoadW41245086 Loomis Road
8 Loomis RoadW41244538 Loomis Road
10 Blackdown CrescentW412380810 Blackdown Crescent
35 Castlemore AvenueN412415035 Castlemore Avenue
14 Great Heron CourtN412384714 Great Heron Court
161A Locksley AvenueW4124772161A Locksley Avenue
746 Coxwell AvenueE4124477746 Coxwell Avenue
83 Ampezzo AvenueN412387083 Ampezzo Avenue
101 Beckett AvenueN4124569101 Beckett Avenue
4166 Wilcox RoadW41237714166 Wilcox Road
6009 Osprey BoulevardW41239006009 Osprey Boulevard
40 Peter StreetN412433140 Peter Street
60 Marchington CircleE412416760 Marchington Circle
57A Horsham AvenueC412400557A Horsham Avenue
10 Monteith CrescentN412379310 Monteith Crescent
26 Abbott AvenueN412445526 Abbott Avenue
22 Grant CourtN412403122 Grant Court
48 Noranda CrescentW412479248 Noranda Crescent
51 Gollop CrescentW412413551 Gollop Crescent
886 Comfort LaneN4124458886 Comfort Lane
127 Humbercrest BoulevardW4123518127 Humbercrest Boulevard
245 Conley StreetN4123560245 Conley Street
439 Sunset Beach RoadN4123951439 Sunset Beach Road
133 Lionhead Golf Club RoadW4124215133 Lionhead Golf Club Road
214 E Streeteeles AvenueN4124615214 E Streeteeles Avenue
20 Forest Park CrescentN412462920 Forest Park Crescent
51 Fred Varley DriveN412424751 Fred Varley Drive
103 Manley AvenueN4125028103 Manley Avenue
213 Boulton AvenueE4123570213 Boulton Avenue
1354 Kestell BoulevardW41246611354 Kestell Boulevard
495 Hidden TerraceW4124461495 Hidden Terrace
444 Lakebreeze DriveE4123785444 Lakebreeze Drive
791 Shaw StreetW4123638791 Shaw Street
101 David Willson TerraceN4124466101 David Willson Terrace
102 Tea Rose StreetN4124808102 Tea Rose Street
19 Newfields DriveN412469219 Newfields Drive
1258 Nathaniel CrescentW41235541258 Nathaniel Crescent
126 Goodwin CrescentW4123901126 Goodwin Crescent
2 Ashwood CrescentW41246572 Ashwood Crescent
3147 Caulfield CrescentW41235283147 Caulfield Crescent
47 Arran CrescentC412362047 Arran Crescent
6 S Colton CrescentN41249286 S Colton Crescent
457 Sandlewood RoadW4124298457 Sandlewood Road
2504 Paula CourtW41242622504 Paula Court
6053 Street Ives WayW41241066053 Street Ives Way
139 Fifefield DriveN4124336139 Fifefield Drive
849 Aviation RoadW4124414849 Aviation Road
236 Vanda DriveN4123863236 Vanda Drive
40 Lowrie Lane GuelphX412404440 Lowrie Lane Guelph
82 Couples GalleryN412380282 Couples Gallery
40 Riel DriveN412452440 Riel Drive
3343 Streetocksbridge AvenueW41238223343 Streetocksbridge Avenue
2006 Waters Edge DriveW41247402006 Waters Edge Drive
12 Ennismore PlaceC412430812 Ennismore Place
101 Nottingham DriveN4123751101 Nottingham Drive
3220 Preserve DriveW41235053220 Preserve Drive
29 Lord Nelson CourtN412355329 Lord Nelson Court
2279 Kwinter RoadW41249992279 Kwinter Road
77 Invermay AvenueC412478977 Invermay Avenue
5 Binscarth RoadC41247835 Binscarth Road
418 Cairncroft RoadW4124075418 Cairncroft Road
37 Hurst AvenueN412504637 Hurst Avenue
81 Honey Locust CourtN412420181 Honey Locust Court
83 Beatrice WayN412388083 Beatrice Way
16 Caines AvenueC412448416 Caines Avenue
2391 Briargrove CircleW41245852391 Briargrove Circle
447 W Glengrove AvenueC4125044447 W Glengrove Avenue
129 Avondale AvenueC4124824129 Avondale Avenue
18 Glenborough Park CrescentC412500818 Glenborough Park Crescent
102 Roselawn DriveN4124589102 Roselawn Drive
133 Sherwood Forest DriveN4124042133 Sherwood Forest Drive
7 Streetanford RoadN41237547 Streetanford Road
736 Fieldstone RoadW4124032736 Fieldstone Road
7 Hazelglen AvenueC41246917 Hazelglen Avenue
183 North Meadow CrescentN4124959183 North Meadow Crescent
3 Crescenttridge Heights RoadW41238883 Crescenttridge Heights Road
89 Ruggles AvenueN412364389 Ruggles Avenue
30 Harlington RoadC412475230 Harlington Road
90 Germana PlaceN412439490 Germana Place
1205 Britannia RoadW41242821205 Britannia Road
30 Hadley CourtN412390430 Hadley Court
8 Montrose CrescentN41249498 Montrose Crescent
30 Donegall DriveC412350930 Donegall Drive
768 Highland Blade RoadN4124010768 Highland Blade Road
7297 Golden Meadow CourtW41237527297 Golden Meadow Court
146 Castle Rock DriveN4124988146 Castle Rock Drive
9 Otonabee AvenueC41242189 Otonabee Avenue
4 Timberlane CourtE41236604 Timberlane Court
118 Barletta DriveN4124838118 Barletta Drive
188 Terraceeegrove CircleN4123856188 Terraceeegrove Circle
32 Kaitlin DriveN412351232 Kaitlin Drive
81 Offord CrescentN412375781 Offord Crescent
59 Manila AvenueN412489759 Manila Avenue
27 Canterbury CourtN412373827 Canterbury Court
806 Henry StreetE4123989806 Henry Street
16 Binscarth RoadC412476616 Binscarth Road
51 Peterborough AvenueN412435351 Peterborough Avenue
333 S Paliser CrescentN4124111333 S Paliser Crescent
193 Tilford RoadW4123836193 Tilford Road
2895 Duncairn DriveW41235682895 Duncairn Drive
26 Boswell AvenueC412491626 Boswell Avenue
75 Clinton StreetC412473975 Clinton Street
1729 Chalkdene GroveW41247191729 Chalkdene Grove
52 Burbank DriveC412360052 Burbank Drive
5741 Glen Erin DriveW41247695741 Glen Erin Drive
1702 Pengilley PlaceW41239131702 Pengilley Place
1510 Bathgate RoadW41243001510 Bathgate Road
42 Sandbanks DriveN412435042 Sandbanks Drive
14 Spokanne StreetW412473114 Spokanne Street
22 Gough AvenueE412359022 Gough Avenue
833 Glenwood AvenueW4124265833 Glenwood Avenue
1465 Reeves GateW41245531465 Reeves Gate
62 Terraceemblant CrescentN412369662 Terraceemblant Crescent
167 Balsam AvenueE4123684167 Balsam Avenue
2221 Guyatt RoadX41240732221 Guyatt Road
19 John Weddell AvenueN412441519 John Weddell Avenue
32 Manadon DriveC412449732 Manadon Drive
76 Abbeywood TerraceC412360976 Abbeywood Terrace
15 Peninsula CrescentN412373915 Peninsula Crescent
154 Degrey DriveW4124109154 Degrey Drive
578 Dougall AvenueW4124604578 Dougall Avenue
8 Tecumseth AvenueW41250438 Tecumseth Avenue
3125 Sunflower DriveW41245653125 Sunflower Drive
248 W Kennedy StreetN4054299248 W Kennedy Street
243 Butterfly LaneW4123693243 Butterfly Lane
72 Edenbridge DriveN412418872 Edenbridge Drive
380 Morrison RoadW4123729380 Morrison Road
3304 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41247263304 Meadow Marsh Crescent
226 Thomas Cook AvenueN4124763226 Thomas Cook Avenue
127 Livante CourtN4124975127 Livante Court
35 Barkwood HollowN412488835 Barkwood Hollow
3312 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41247003312 Meadow Marsh Crescent
219 Cavell AvenueN4124567219 Cavell Avenue
17 Mckay CrescentN412385517 Mckay Crescent
10 Arianna CrescentN412473810 Arianna Crescent
3299 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41247083299 Meadow Marsh Crescent
174 Arianna CrescentN4124744174 Arianna Crescent
6 Arianna CrescentN41247356 Arianna Crescent
592 Serafini CrescentW4123882592 Serafini Crescent
30 Dumfries DriveN412474130 Dumfries Drive
26 Underhill CrescentN412377326 Underhill Crescent
2024 Queensbury DriveE41237092024 Queensbury Drive
35 Cranberry LaneN412359435 Cranberry Lane
66 Donegall DriveC412448366 Donegall Drive
213 Queen Filomena AvenueN4123876213 Queen Filomena Avenue
350 Lake PromenadeW4124831350 Lake Promenade
62 Airdrie DriveN412481962 Airdrie Drive
1343 Streetouffville RoadN41248061343 Streetouffville Road
49 Hua Du AvenueN412392349 Hua Du Avenue
57 Cairns GateN412505157 Cairns Gate
717 Nashville RoadN4123591717 Nashville Road
10 Ridgecrest RoadN412501310 Ridgecrest Road
63 Balmoral HeightsN412505763 Balmoral Heights
104 Fallingbrook RoadE4124503104 Fallingbrook Road
343 S Brookside RoadN4124346343 S Brookside Road
199 Cassandra BoulevardC4123918199 Cassandra Boulevard
58 Riverview GardensW412486258 Riverview Gardens
52 Shamrock CrescentN412385352 Shamrock Crescent
81 Ray StreetN412502281 Ray Street
305 Via Romano BoulevardN4125023305 Via Romano Boulevard
160 Borealis AvenueN4125054160 Borealis Avenue
10 Nordic PlaceC412388610 Nordic Place
5 Tamarack DriveN41235765 Tamarack Drive
315 Patricia AvenueC4124905315 Patricia Avenue
8 Idaho RoadW41248188 Idaho Road
18 Sayor DriveE412487218 Sayor Drive
157 East Humber DriveN4123635157 East Humber Drive
145 Collier StreetC4123915145 Collier Street
56 Guildford CircleN412502956 Guildford Circle
2602 Innisfil RoadW41223932602 Innisfil Road
50 Old Yonge StreetC412277950 Old Yonge Street
267 Parkview AvenueC4122091267 Parkview Avenue
69 Pellegrino Road Lot 38W412313169 Pellegrino Road Lot 38
2086 Blue Jay BoulevardW41232562086 Blue Jay Boulevard
70 Clarinda DriveC412206270 Clarinda Drive
63 Algoma DriveN412210163 Algoma Drive
15 Springer DriveN412224315 Springer Drive
1541 Woodeden DriveW41221921541 Woodeden Drive
152 Yonge BoulevardC4123112152 Yonge Boulevard
190 Donessle DriveW4122218190 Donessle Drive
32 Glencairn AvenueC412225032 Glencairn Avenue
13 Granite CourtW412243813 Granite Court
42 Langmuir CrescentW412317642 Langmuir Crescent
29 Foxbar RoadC412304129 Foxbar Road
42 Greenbrook DriveW412271542 Greenbrook Drive
62 North Riverdale DriveW412267062 North Riverdale Drive
356 Williamson RoadN4122980356 Williamson Road
2201 Wuthering Heights WayW41234952201 Wuthering Heights Way
70 Charles StreetN412217470 Charles Street
85 Verdi RoadN412237985 Verdi Road
291 Upper Highland CrescentC4122676291 Upper Highland Crescent
98 Faust RoadgeN412253398 Faust Roadge
71 Rossburn DriveW412343371 Rossburn Drive
170 Wigwoss DriveN4122055170 Wigwoss Drive
114 Chayna CrescentN4122664114 Chayna Crescent
117 Camlaren CrescentN4122170117 Camlaren Crescent
106 Naughton DriveN4122450106 Naughton Drive
116 Chayna CrescentN4122665116 Chayna Crescent
40 Agincourt CircleW412218640 Agincourt Circle
51 Apple Orchard PathN412300251 Apple Orchard Path
Lot 170 Mary Wilson CourtN4123370Lot 170 Mary Wilson Court
3369 Mayfield RoadW41232283369 Mayfield Road
272 W Glengrove AvenueC4123277272 W Glengrove Avenue
46 Barksdale AvenueC412326646 Barksdale Avenue
104 Westrose AvenueW4122778104 Westrose Avenue
176 Ava RoadC4123028176 Ava Road
88 Castleridge DriveN412309388 Castleridge Drive
538 Old Orchard GroveC4122092538 Old Orchard Grove
2434 Valley Heights CrescentW41225282434 Valley Heights Crescent
11171 Lakeridge RoadE412292311171 Lakeridge Road
123 Mill StreetN4123098123 Mill Street
9 Weston CrescentE41233079 Weston Crescent
2585 Kenna CourtW41228162585 Kenna Court
112 Ridley BoulevardC4122486112 Ridley Boulevard
3161 Bayview AvenueC41220763161 Bayview Avenue
4296 Alta CourtW41221084296 Alta Court
51 Culnan AvenueW412252751 Culnan Avenue
30 Spencer AvenueW412306130 Spencer Avenue
93 Gorman AvenueN412197093 Gorman Avenue
10 Charlemagne DriveC412205910 Charlemagne Drive
192 Kingston RoadE4123225192 Kingston Road
4 Greenmount RoadW41233504 Greenmount Road
150 Hurst AvenueN4123151150 Hurst Avenue
930 Old Derry RoadW4122451930 Old Derry Road
18 Udine CourtN412344718 Udine Court
2C Methuen AvenueW41225782C Methuen Avenue
3 Edmund CrescentN41228793 Edmund Crescent
6 Springbrook GardensW41229376 Springbrook Gardens
50 Woodycrest AvenueE412320950 Woodycrest Avenue
18 Cavell AvenueW412321118 Cavell Avenue
15 Blackdown CrescentW412312515 Blackdown Crescent
23 Gaylord AvenueW412223423 Gaylord Avenue
40 Grandview AvenueN412264540 Grandview Avenue
2 Boticelli WayN41230212 Boticelli Way
56 Fairview AvenueW412296556 Fairview Avenue
Lot133 Elderbridge RoadW4122944Lot133 Elderbridge Road
23 Latania BoulevardW412251123 Latania Boulevard
10 Silverdale CrescentC412212010 Silverdale Crescent
9 Beaconsfield AvenueC41219269 Beaconsfield Avenue
258 Via Toscana RoadN4122057258 Via Toscana Road
2254 Viking CrescentW41233662254 Viking Crescent
20 Chant CrescentN412237020 Chant Crescent
36 Newton DriveC412322236 Newton Drive
1 Gossamer AvenueC41219991 Gossamer Avenue
703 Shaw StreetC4121940703 Shaw Street
24 Sayor DriveE412296324 Sayor Drive
495 Crawford StreetC4122187495 Crawford Street
34 Temple West CrescentE412277434 Temple West Crescent
102 Crane StreetN4122269102 Crane Street
5 John Moore RoadN41234765 John Moore Road
29 Driveiscoll DriveE412244129 Driveiscoll Drive
210 Van Dusen BoulevardW4122668210 Van Dusen Boulevard
37 Deanefield CrescentW412256837 Deanefield Crescent
35 Dunblane AvenueN412219035 Dunblane Avenue
63 Humber Valley CrescentN412268063 Humber Valley Crescent
219 Burbank DriveC4122524219 Burbank Drive
144 Antorisa AvenueN4123445144 Antorisa Avenue
88 Masken CircleW412322688 Masken Circle
2731 Hammond RoadW41232892731 Hammond Road
23 Otter CrescentC412288523 Otter Crescent
9 Heathfield StreetE41221069 Heathfield Street
94 Wanita RoadW412310294 Wanita Road
3 Wilmac CourtN41222703 Wilmac Court
52 Weeping Willow LaneN412315852 Weeping Willow Lane
89 Kingswood RoadE412326089 Kingswood Road
18 Lloyd Sanderson DriveW412280118 Lloyd Sanderson Drive
15 Cape George TerraceN412224915 Cape George Terrace
6 Placeowman LaneN41234816 Placeowman Lane
85 Overdale AvenueX412304685 Overdale Avenue
1561 Terraceotwood AvenueW41233981561 Terraceotwood Avenue
13 Bowman StreetC412320213 Bowman Street
1404 Streetanbury RoadW41226731404 Streetanbury Road
17 Beaconsfield DriveN412209317 Beaconsfield Drive
12 Coates CrescentN412236712 Coates Crescent
635 Duclos Point RoadN4122976635 Duclos Point Road
49 Regency SquareE412251749 Regency Square
42 Ruscoe CrescentW412329542 Ruscoe Crescent
28 Manorwood DriveN412256328 Manorwood Drive
143 Hamilton StreetE4122607143 Hamilton Street
21 Kimberley AvenueE412261821 Kimberley Avenue
112 Cabernet RoadN4122354112 Cabernet Road
28 Main StreetW412262528 Main Street
1035 Masters GreenW41226421035 Masters Green
31 Hilton AvenueC412280731 Hilton Avenue
3210 Sawmill StreetW41234783210 Sawmill Street
2318 Folkway DriveW41219412318 Folkway Drive
275 Wales CrescentW4123486275 Wales Crescent
2126 Bridge RoadW41234822126 Bridge Road
3127 South DriveW41234693127 South Drive
44 Ash CrescentW412219844 Ash Crescent
15213 Highway 50 RoadW412221115213 Highway 50 Road
480 Warren RoadN4123080480 Warren Road
70 Main StreetN412332970 Main Street
5 West Coast Terraceail TerraceN41230185 West Coast Terraceail Terrace
127 Church StreetN4122495127 Church Street
64 Elm Grove AvenueN412298564 Elm Grove Avenue
10 Timbermill CrescentN412220310 Timbermill Crescent
108 Hollingsworth DriveN4123146108 Hollingsworth Drive
1677 Willow WayW41222481677 Willow Way
220 E Mcrae Drive Th6C4122266220 E Mcrae Drive Th6
453 Pondview PlaceW4122107453 Pondview Place
87 Prospectors DriveN412227987 Prospectors Drive
15 Melissa CourtN412288415 Melissa Court
72 Fieldwood DriveE412343572 Fieldwood Drive
58 Pickett CrescentN412236558 Pickett Crescent
36 Scotch Valley DriveN412282936 Scotch Valley Drive
30 Galt AvenueE412195430 Galt Avenue
1386 Chalfield DriveW41233931386 Chalfield Drive
1327 Beaufort DriveW41232921327 Beaufort Drive
414 Kerrybrook DriveN4123425414 Kerrybrook Drive
134 Spruce StreetC4122605134 Spruce Street
200 Streetrathearn AvenueN4122032200 Streetrathearn Avenue
243 Allan StreetW4121989243 Allan Street
50 Blue Spruce LaneN412242250 Blue Spruce Lane
1 Cushendale DriveC41226331 Cushendale Drive
49 Thornbank RoadN412280249 Thornbank Road
22 Elm Grove AvenueN412239922 Elm Grove Avenue
3166 The Credit WoodlandsW41227023166 The Credit Woodlands
61 Ashdale AvenueE412193061 Ashdale Avenue
9 Denmark CrescentC41225269 Denmark Crescent
1380 Connaught TerraceW41227141380 Connaught Terrace
1402 Acton CrescentW41223081402 Acton Crescent
1402 S Acton CrescentW41233421402 S Acton Crescent
18 Felbrigg AvenueC412269118 Felbrigg Avenue
216 Dunwoody DriveW4122587216 Dunwoody Drive
99 Page AvenueC412197199 Page Avenue
29 Cedar Ridge RoadN412248829 Cedar Ridge Road
32 Forsyth CrescentW412249032 Forsyth Crescent
3 Grayfield DriveN41226203 Grayfield Drive
3383 Doane RoadN41226473383 Doane Road
15 Attraction DriveW412232915 Attraction Drive
67 Hocken AvenueC412337567 Hocken Avenue
Lot 91 Dairymaid RoadW4122387Lot 91 Dairymaid Road
24 Leacroft CrescentC412331624 Leacroft Crescent
22 Sweet Anna CourtN412343222 Sweet Anna Court
3 Pinehurst CourtN41225193 Pinehurst Court
1211 Winter CrescentW41234671211 Winter Crescent
12 Kimbermount DriveE412339712 Kimbermount Drive
128 Bowood AvenueC4122705128 Bowood Avenue
34 N Bridgend CourtN412222434 N Bridgend Court
25 Silkgrove TerraceN412203725 Silkgrove Terrace
378 East AvenueE4122380378 East Avenue
134 Sunset Beach RoadN4121982134 Sunset Beach Road
8 Fairmont CloseW41227098 Fairmont Close
98 Valecrest DriveW412298698 Valecrest Drive
58 Glen RoadC412290258 Glen Road
56 Hillside AvenueN412202456 Hillside Avenue
98 Adrian CrescentN412329798 Adrian Crescent
64 Lakeview AvenueC412324164 Lakeview Avenue
330 Roselawn AvenueC4123115330 Roselawn Avenue
1164 W Haig BoulevardW41232491164 W Haig Boulevard
35 Anewen DriveC412228235 Anewen Drive
3550 Sanderling DriveW41224163550 Sanderling Drive
14 Viamede CrescentC412224014 Viamede Crescent
32 Redfinch CrescentN412217832 Redfinch Crescent
15205 10th Concession RoadN412334415205 10th Concession Road
50 Roulette CrescentW412196350 Roulette Crescent
7 Hearthstone CrescentN41226407 Hearthstone Crescent
289 Nottingham Forest Road BradfordN4123431289 Nottingham Forest Road Bradford
73 Peckham AvenueC412149573 Peckham Avenue
367 W Elgin Mills RoadN4121881367 W Elgin Mills Road
85 Genuine LaneN412150385 Genuine Lane
97 Castlegrove BoulevardC412142497 Castlegrove Boulevard
77 Burnett AvenueC412120277 Burnett Avenue
31 Cedar Springs DriveN412117131 Cedar Springs Drive
1561 Indian GroveW41213261561 Indian Grove
194 Arnold AvenueN4121581194 Arnold Avenue
2543 Argyle RoadW41215592543 Argyle Road
16 Robin Hood RoadW412125116 Robin Hood Road
963 Parkland AvenueW4121665963 Parkland Avenue
55 Harold Lawrie LaneN412184355 Harold Lawrie Lane
1554 Tyandaga CourtW41215441554 Tyandaga Court
268 Belmore CourtW4121924268 Belmore Court
46 Appleton AvenueC412161046 Appleton Avenue
8225 The Dell RoadE41214658225 The Dell Road
251 Oak Park AvenueE4121871251 Oak Park Avenue
1050 Greenwood AvenueE41218561050 Greenwood Avenue
15 Rathnelly AvenueC412132715 Rathnelly Avenue
25 E Kirk Bradden RoadW412177125 E Kirk Bradden Road
141 Goulding AvenueC4121475141 Goulding Avenue
36 Oriole AvenueW412161536 Oriole Avenue
1580 Winterhaven RoadW41216281580 Winterhaven Road
26 Kilburn PlaceW412172926 Kilburn Place
121 Three Valleys DriveC4121482121 Three Valleys Drive
298 Princess AvenueC4121872298 Princess Avenue
375 Kwapis BoulevardN4121437375 Kwapis Boulevard
28 Brass DriveN412191028 Brass Drive
73 Major Buttons DriveN412158873 Major Buttons Drive
106 Casa Nova DriveN4121713106 Casa Nova Drive
7906 E Eastview Road GuelphX41218547906 E Eastview Road Guelph
2232 Rosegate DriveW41212492232 Rosegate Drive
11 Northbank CourtN412133311 Northbank Court
71 Kyla CrescentN412171971 Kyla Crescent
83 Sun Valley DriveN412178583 Sun Valley Drive
86 Fieldside DriveE412134986 Fieldside Drive
23 Millgate CrescentC412123223 Millgate Crescent
79 Haddington AvenueC412164579 Haddington Avenue
125 Ulster DriveW4121903125 Ulster Drive
67 Bywood DriveW412168667 Bywood Drive
1 Proud CourtN41219001 Proud Court
152 Bonnie Glen Farm BoulevardW4121620152 Bonnie Glen Farm Boulevard
184 Martindale AvenueW4121865184 Martindale Avenue
377 Empress AvenueC4121739377 Empress Avenue
341 Blackburn BoulevardN4121470341 Blackburn Boulevard
2451 Willowburne DriveW41212142451 Willowburne Drive
18 Powburn PlaceW412137818 Powburn Place
168 Church StreetN4121886168 Church Street
Lot 14A Elderbridge RoadW4121752Lot 14A Elderbridge Road
634 Glengrove AvenueC4121728634 Glengrove Avenue
92 Street George StreetW412137792 Street George Street
13 Pellegrino RoadW412140713 Pellegrino Road
164 Streetave CrescentN4121258164 Streetave Crescent
186 N King RoadN4121541186 N King Road
192 N King RoadN4121545192 N King Road
42 Sawmill LaneN412124442 Sawmill Lane
17 Lindcrest ManrN412183317 Lindcrest Manr
16 John Rye TerraceN412146816 John Rye Terrace
10 Eastlea CrescentE412144510 Eastlea Crescent
478 S Wheat Boom DriveW4121566478 S Wheat Boom Drive
161 Newton DriveC4121781161 Newton Drive
89 Major StreetC412176889 Major Street
26 Rodeo CourtC412160926 Rodeo Court
86 Birch Hill LaneW412185286 Birch Hill Lane
88 Wolf Creek CrescentN412120788 Wolf Creek Crescent
14488 Kennedy RoadN412152914488 Kennedy Road
107 Garyscholl RoadN4121683107 Garyscholl Road
175 Oakhurst DriveN4121710175 Oakhurst Drive
405 Rushton RoadC4121701405 Rushton Road
472 Aspen Forest DriveW4121573472 Aspen Forest Drive
595 Conacher DriveC4121439595 Conacher Drive
11 Rolling Green CourtN412118211 Rolling Green Court
50 Grand Terraceunk AvenueN412127450 Grand Terraceunk Avenue
170 Langtry PlaceN4121265170 Langtry Place
54 Glendonwynne RoadW412191454 Glendonwynne Road
131 Florence StreetC4121901131 Florence Street
6 Nottingham DriveW41212016 Nottingham Drive
29 Castle Frank RoadC412176329 Castle Frank Road
18 Carter PlaceN412184518 Carter Place
72 Walnut Grove CrescentN412117672 Walnut Grove Crescent
51 Sprucewood DriveN412178851 Sprucewood Drive
103 Bedford Park AvenueC4121506103 Bedford Park Avenue
6 Glencove DriveN41218386 Glencove Drive
4 Queensborough CrescentW41216354 Queensborough Crescent
19 Highgate RoadW412125319 Highgate Road
33 First Nations TerraceN412123733 First Nations Terrace
1 Naylon StreetN41212421 Naylon Street
211 Harlandale AvenueC4121484211 Harlandale Avenue
24 Streetoneham RoadW412366624 Streetoneham Road
3381 Charmaine HeightsW41246893381 Charmaine Heights
3328 Sunlight StreetW41248903328 Sunlight Street
1 Cawker CourtE41236071 Cawker Court
79 Seventeenth StreetW412468579 Seventeenth Street
48 Nelkydd LaneN412486848 Nelkydd Lane
212 Chandos DriveX4124365212 Chandos Drive
36 Blackberry Valley CrescentW412430136 Blackberry Valley Crescent
1 Civet StreetW41237561 Civet Street
96 Capera DriveN412431096 Capera Drive
12 Sequin DriveN412455612 Sequin Drive
5884 Tayside CrescentW41243495884 Tayside Crescent
163 Sydney CircleN4124186163 Sydney Circle
25 Rufford DriveW412360225 Rufford Drive
6 Seafair CrescentW41238416 Seafair Crescent
162 E Crafter CrescentX4123695162 E Crafter Crescent
62 Cachet BoulevardE412351762 Cachet Boulevard
587 Pape AvenueE4124584587 Pape Avenue
8 Abercrombie CrescentW41241008 Abercrombie Crescent
3200 Eclipse AvenueW41238163200 Eclipse Avenue
53 Streetratton CrescentE412390353 Streetratton Crescent
4 Goldenwood CrescentN41241204 Goldenwood Crescent
13 Snapdragon DriveC412465113 Snapdragon Drive
5745 Volpe AvenueW41239975745 Volpe Avenue
23 Fontainbleau DriveC412442623 Fontainbleau Drive
87 Nettlecreek CrescentE412447187 Nettlecreek Crescent
493 Placeantation GateN4124122493 Placeantation Gate
438 London RoadN4124909438 London Road
639 Geneva Park DriveW4123527639 Geneva Park Drive
23 Lanewood DriveN412429023 Lanewood Drive
455 Terraceaviss DriveN4124836455 Terraceaviss Drive
1 Underwood DriveE41237781 Underwood Drive
124 Flagstone WayN4124154124 Flagstone Way
233 William Roe BoulevardN4124352233 William Roe Boulevard
431 Hewitt CircleN4124878431 Hewitt Circle
862 Francine CrescentW4124009862 Francine Crescent
100 Fandango DriveW4123614100 Fandango Drive
38 Pike LaneN412482738 Pike Lane
1 Arcadia RoadW41237501 Arcadia Road
5280 Roadside WayW41248955280 Roadside Way
21 Linden CrescentW412366121 Linden Crescent
19 Macgrotty CourtE412491419 Macgrotty Court
45 Newbury CrescentW412361345 Newbury Crescent
1 Bellcrest RoadW41248631 Bellcrest Road
65 Pringedale Gardens CircleE412419265 Pringedale Gardens Circle
3 Falconridge DriveX41244113 Falconridge Drive
6501 Tenth LineW41236796501 Tenth Line
46 Hiltz AvenueE412405346 Hiltz Avenue
149 Durant AvenueE4123782149 Durant Avenue
865 Flagship DriveW4123637865 Flagship Drive
3130 Orleans RoadW41237223130 Orleans Road
90 Greenbelt CrescentN412475890 Greenbelt Crescent
43 Camino DriveN412463443 Camino Drive
21 Leora CourtN412463021 Leora Court
11 Keiffer CourtE412443511 Keiffer Court
43 Camino DriveN412450543 Camino Drive
847 Glencairn AvenueW4123927847 Glencairn Avenue
164 Primeau DriveN4123735164 Primeau Drive
347 Mantle AvenueN4125016347 Mantle Avenue
27 Torah GateN412394227 Torah Gate
17 Sir Bodwin PlaceN412410217 Sir Bodwin Place
521 Amanda CrescentW4124281521 Amanda Crescent
120 Baldwin CourtW4123945120 Baldwin Court
172 Old Sheppard AvenueC4124937172 Old Sheppard Avenue
95 Seventeenth StreetW412472895 Seventeenth Street
24 Bridgeport DriveE412381024 Bridgeport Drive
171 Amber AvenueE4123823171 Amber Avenue
32 Burnt Elm DriveW412358232 Burnt Elm Drive
1364 Oxford AvenueW41244221364 Oxford Avenue
161 Fifth StreetW4123705161 Fifth Street
153 Mainprize CrescentN4124875153 Mainprize Crescent
20 Cayton Crescent BradfordN412501720 Cayton Crescent Bradford
128 Tierra AvenueN4124249128 Tierra Avenue
68 Decarie CircleW412415168 Decarie Circle
21 Berger AvenueN412397121 Berger Avenue
705 Cedar AvenueW4124266705 Cedar Avenue
16 Amboise CrescentW412372416 Amboise Crescent
5428 Robjen RoadW41245345428 Robjen Road
2031 Proverbs DriveW41240272031 Proverbs Drive
700 Marley CrescentW4124051700 Marley Crescent
430 Brimorton DriveE4125002430 Brimorton Drive
27 Dunsdale SquareE412350727 Dunsdale Square
76 Elder CrescentE412386676 Elder Crescent
38 Windmill BoulevardW412433438 Windmill Boulevard
21 Todd RoadE412392521 Todd Road
2728 Kingsberry CrescentW41243322728 Kingsberry Crescent
22 Halfmoon SquareE412363322 Halfmoon Square
51 Creekland AvenueN412379251 Creekland Avenue
13 Kruger RoadN412432313 Kruger Road
57 S Legend LaneW412451057 S Legend Lane
192 Willow LaneN4124126192 Willow Lane
905 Dice WayW4124711905 Dice Way
3091 Placeum Terraceee CrescentW41237433091 Placeum Terraceee Crescent
304 Brock AvenueC4124610304 Brock Avenue
2189 Leominster DriveW41241552189 Leominster Drive
61 Lorridge StreetN412423561 Lorridge Street
150 Wardlaw PlaceN4123875150 Wardlaw Place
253 Crafter CrescentX4124545253 Crafter Crescent
187 Greti DriveX4124405187 Greti Drive
28 N Cline AvenueX412450928 N Cline Avenue
5222 Cedarbrook CrescentW41237985222 Cedarbrook Crescent
1067 Beneford RoadE41248371067 Beneford Road
101 Fairhill AvenueW4124145101 Fairhill Avenue
16 Hopedale AvenueE412498716 Hopedale Avenue
95 Pentland CrescentN412429695 Pentland Crescent
154 Hopecrest RoadN4125004154 Hopecrest Road
4935 Southampton DriveW41250524935 Southampton Drive
28 Cartier CrescentE412451928 Cartier Crescent
29 N Fourth AvenueN412432129 N Fourth Avenue
25 Hanson RoadC412353225 Hanson Road
36 Shorten PlaceE412355236 Shorten Place
69 Lochleven DriveE412501469 Lochleven Drive
17 Bridgeport CrescentX412385817 Bridgeport Crescent
376 Robert Parkinson DriveW4123685376 Robert Parkinson Drive
3085 Isaac AvenueW41239643085 Isaac Avenue
219 W Weldrick RoadN4123835219 W Weldrick Road
48 Blackthorn DriveN412490448 Blackthorn Drive
28 Cape Dorset CrescentW412495528 Cape Dorset Crescent
24 Quattro AvenueN412390724 Quattro Avenue
126 Thistle Down BoulevardW4123680126 Thistle Down Boulevard
57 Danzig StreetE412473257 Danzig Street
18 Weldon Woods CourtN412391118 Weldon Woods Court
75 Carolina Rose CrescentN412461475 Carolina Rose Crescent
15 Hodgson Road BradfordN412500615 Hodgson Road Bradford
27 Kersey CrescentE412362127 Kersey Crescent
36 Larchmount AvenueE412482636 Larchmount Avenue
15 Rossander CourtE412400315 Rossander Court
155 Shropshire DriveE4124747155 Shropshire Drive
19 James Rowe DriveE412367219 James Rowe Drive
75 Medland AvenueE412442875 Medland Avenue
34 Darius Harns DriveE412367834 Darius Harns Drive
17 Chopin AvenueE412461917 Chopin Avenue
50 Charest PlaceE412363950 Charest Place
2049 Fiddlers WayW41249802049 Fiddlers Way
134 Weir CrescentE4124373134 Weir Crescent
126 Legnano CrescentN4123781126 Legnano Crescent
61 E Wellington StreetN412470161 E Wellington Street
53 Northbrook RoadE412503553 Northbrook Road
172 Dariole DriveN4124123172 Dariole Drive
7 Harcourt StreetN41249737 Harcourt Street
17 Helsby CrescentW412358917 Helsby Crescent
166 Cooke CrescentW4124659166 Cooke Crescent
42 Citadel DriveE412494842 Citadel Drive
17 Golden Spruce LaneN412447617 Golden Spruce Lane
401 The West Way 1W4124110401 The West Way 1
4068 Tea Garden CircleW41239024068 Tea Garden Circle
5 Denbury CourtE41236575 Denbury Court
89 Devins DriveN412460989 Devins Drive
8301 Kipling AvenueN41249018301 Kipling Avenue
122 Lockwood RoadW4124718122 Lockwood Road
16 Holmwood StreetN412411716 Holmwood Street
16 Avonmore TerraceN412454416 Avonmore Terrace
55 Sandy Haven DriveE412411555 Sandy Haven Drive
141 Centennial RoadE4123586141 Centennial Road
992 Pelham AvenueW4122546992 Pelham Avenue
96 Bentwood CrescentN412216596 Bentwood Crescent
255 Kenwood AvenueW4122351255 Kenwood Avenue
6359 Newtonville RoadE41223276359 Newtonville Road
5 Bellcrest RoadW41235035 Bellcrest Road
334 Raike DriveE4122683334 Raike Drive
455 Zuest CrescentW4122763455 Zuest Crescent
205 Fallingbrook StreetE4123472205 Fallingbrook Street
1 Minho BoulevardC41220441 Minho Boulevard
328 Rimilton AvenueW4122146328 Rimilton Avenue
153 Rushton RoadC4122291153 Rushton Road
239 James Ratcliff AvenueN4123191239 James Ratcliff Avenue
1297 Canterbury RoadW41221391297 Canterbury Road
1072 Shaw StreetW41226461072 Shaw Street
3 Heathbrook AvenueW41234423 Heathbrook Avenue
17 Lawren Harris CrescentW412218517 Lawren Harris Crescent
260 Tottenham RoadW4122132260 Tottenham Road
106 Acheson BoulevardE4123440106 Acheson Boulevard
68 David Dunlap CircleC411899368 David Dunlap Circle
231 Canada DriveN4123399231 Canada Drive
220 Dixon DriveW4122005220 Dixon Drive
65 Kenilworth CrescentE412223865 Kenilworth Crescent
1987 Arborwood DriveE41220171987 Arborwood Drive
1525 Greenvalley TerraceE41222601525 Greenvalley Terrace
2615 Misener CrescentW41234612615 Misener Crescent
8 Oxendon RoadW41230578 Oxendon Road
27 Westleigh CrescentW412303127 Westleigh Crescent
34 Manordale CrescentN412273734 Manordale Crescent
125 Algoma Street 1W4123121125 Algoma Street 1
11 Durhamview CrescentN412206711 Durhamview Crescent
45 Schaefer PlaceW412234745 Schaefer Place
6208 Prairie CircleW41226696208 Prairie Circle
332 Mantle AvenueN4123215332 Mantle Avenue
2556 Winthrop CrescentW41226932556 Winthrop Crescent
46 Guildcrest DriveE412204146 Guildcrest Drive
131 Tilman CircleN4122632131 Tilman Circle
1105 Chada AvenueW41234571105 Chada Avenue
1785 Kingston RoadE41219801785 Kingston Road
123 Armadale AvenueW4122758123 Armadale Avenue
2114 Islington AvenueW41219502114 Islington Avenue
142 Metcalfe Drive BradfordN4122230142 Metcalfe Drive Bradford
3145 Clayhill RoadW41219373145 Clayhill Road
347 Woodbine AvenueE4121977347 Woodbine Avenue
225 Morrison RoadX4123023225 Morrison Road
4250 Forest Fire LaneW41221184250 Forest Fire Lane
522 Fergo AvenueW4122325522 Fergo Avenue
54 Terraceothen CircleN412338954 Terraceothen Circle
25 Mannel CrescentW412306525 Mannel Crescent
232 Hollywood Hill CircleN4122572232 Hollywood Hill Circle
107 S Main StreetW4122158107 S Main Street
510 E Queen StreetC4123421510 E Queen Street
273 Clinton StreetC4122430273 Clinton Street
784 Caboto TerraceN4123483784 Caboto Terrace
27 Avonmore TerraceN412263427 Avonmore Terrace
60 Joseph StreetN412233560 Joseph Street
54 Waterbury CrescentE412193554 Waterbury Crescent
1660 Arborwood DriveE41225711660 Arborwood Drive
1039 Lemar RoadN41222961039 Lemar Road
108 Wishing Well DriveE4123443108 Wishing Well Drive
32 Sundew LaneN412345232 Sundew Lane
112 Puccini DriveN4123229112 Puccini Drive
99 Westhampton DriveW412349799 Westhampton Drive
42 Ashmount CrescentW412238842 Ashmount Crescent
12 Hibberts DriveE412244712 Hibberts Drive
114 Kingsview BoulevardW4123473114 Kingsview Boulevard
230 Wineva AvenueE4122979230 Wineva Avenue
15 N Golfwood HeightsW412308215 N Golfwood Heights
38 Manvers RoadE412294138 Manvers Road
110 Hamilton StreetE4122346110 Hamilton Street
547 Milverton BoulevardE4123237547 Milverton Boulevard
2373 Hixon StreetW41228052373 Hixon Street
79 E Sherwood RoadE412202779 E Sherwood Road
9 Kanashiro StreetW41232869 Kanashiro Street
76 Oneida BoulevardX412234276 Oneida Boulevard
68 Kencliff CrescentE412229368 Kencliff Crescent
2914 Picton PlaceW41234102914 Picton Place
190 Chessington AvenueN4122006190 Chessington Avenue
31 Panorama CrescentW412230131 Panorama Crescent
7078 Driveumcashel CourtW41223227078 Driveumcashel Court
437 Lesage CrescentW4122199437 Lesage Crescent
2485 Streetrathmore CrescentW41234042485 Streetrathmore Crescent
31 E Carmody LaneN412232331 E Carmody Lane
6 Catherwood LaneE41224076 Catherwood Lane
58 Mckinnon AvenueW412220258 Mckinnon Avenue
87 Thistle Down BoulevardW412256187 Thistle Down Boulevard
2172 Terraceafalgar Road 22W41221812172 Terraceafalgar Road 22
30 Chiltern PlaceE412230930 Chiltern Place
42 Eddington PlaceN412194442 Eddington Place
9 Hibiscus CourtW41231059 Hibiscus Court
217 The Meadows AvenueN4123245217 The Meadows Avenue
34 Charterhouse DriveE412271134 Charterhouse Drive
100 Hoile DriveE4123480100 Hoile Drive
16 Carnoustie CrescentN412314216 Carnoustie Crescent
Blk1 The Westway WayW4123368Blk1 The Westway Way
3242 Sovereign RoadW41219673242 Sovereign Road
96 Gates AvenueE412251396 Gates Avenue
112 Queen Mary AvenueW4122700112 Queen Mary Avenue
657 Driveiftcurrent DriveW4123232657 Driveiftcurrent Drive
1058 Franklin CourtW41231871058 Franklin Court
88 Beachville CircleW412334988 Beachville Circle
7 Cork DriveE41222627 Cork Drive
4 Bitola DriveN41233104 Bitola Drive
4148 Wheelwright CrescentW41220984148 Wheelwright Crescent
127 Algoma DriveN4122205127 Algoma Drive
418 Jones AvenueE4122302418 Jones Avenue
372 Chouinard WayN4122503372 Chouinard Way
52 Terraceothen CircleN412243452 Terraceothen Circle
10945 Victoria Square Avenue TbaN412235610945 Victoria Square Avenue Tba
6 Kalmar Avenue 3E41231706 Kalmar Avenue 3
913 N Lake DriveN4122557913 N Lake Drive
6096 Main StreetN41232056096 Main Street
327 N Main StreetN4122167327 N Main Street
185 Sunset RoadgeN4122316185 Sunset Roadge
2029 Courtland CrescentW41233312029 Courtland Crescent
6 Kalmar Avenue 2E41231236 Kalmar Avenue 2
2145 Munden RoadW41223072145 Munden Road
3127 Neyagawa BoulevardW41232033127 Neyagawa Boulevard
117 Clovelly AvenueC4122748117 Clovelly Avenue
172 Southvale DriveN4122452172 Southvale Drive
2366 East Gate CrescentW41228672366 East Gate Crescent
70 Fullerton CrescentN412346870 Fullerton Crescent
144 Maclennan Street GuelphX4123234144 Maclennan Street Guelph
212 Ascot PlaceW4123400212 Ascot Place
210 Whites Hill AvenueN4123033210 Whites Hill Avenue
72 E Bellroyal CrescentX412286172 E Bellroyal Crescent
9 Canerouth DriveW41226199 Canerouth Drive
68 Cameo DriveN412221068 Cameo Drive
72 Grant Blight CrescentN412309072 Grant Blight Crescent
77 Whites Hill AvenueN412193177 Whites Hill Avenue
420 Hincks DriveW4122659420 Hincks Drive
24 Elise TerraceC412233724 Elise Terrace
5524 E Romanwood CrescentW41223745524 E Romanwood Crescent
5740 Raftsman Cove CircleW41233635740 Raftsman Cove Circle
70 Pringdale Gardens CircleE412200370 Pringdale Gardens Circle
29 Great Placeains StreetW412337629 Great Placeains Street
5532 Bourget DriveW41234445532 Bourget Drive
68 Manning CrescentN412324368 Manning Crescent
24 London Pride DriveN412337124 London Pride Drive
34 Sir Constantine DriveN412261734 Sir Constantine Drive
26 Equator CrescentN412225126 Equator Crescent
8 Northview AvenueE41223908 Northview Avenue
337 Scarborough RoadE4123341337 Scarborough Road
10 S Rotherglen RoadE412210910 S Rotherglen Road
80 Gentile CircleN412213480 Gentile Circle
558 Kingsfield Loop AvenueE4122257558 Kingsfield Loop Avenue
444 S Church StreetN4123075444 S Church Street
81 Claver AvenueW412252281 Claver Avenue
2729 Kennedy RoadE41230692729 Kennedy Road
75 Westminster AvenueW412232175 Westminster Avenue
17 Hacienda CourtW412209417 Hacienda Court
5 Davis StreetX41221555 Davis Street
450 Chester AvenueN4122410450 Chester Avenue
866 Knotty Pine GroveW4122843866 Knotty Pine Grove
35 Viscount WayN412212135 Viscount Way
3 Weedon CourtN41212993 Weedon Court
1238 Mccron CrescentN41216141238 Mccron Crescent
12 Mcmillan AvenueE412188412 Mcmillan Avenue
38 Montcalm AvenueW412129838 Montcalm Avenue
116 Collie CrescentN4121899116 Collie Crescent
481 Main StreetE4121218481 Main Street
295 1 2 Victoria Park AvenueE4121189295 1 2 Victoria Park Avenue
16 William Bartlett DriveN412170416 William Bartlett Drive
259 Harold AvenueN4121758259 Harold Avenue
590 Runnymede RoadW4121889590 Runnymede Road
230 Falstaff AvenueW4121778230 Falstaff Avenue
398 Clearmeadow BoulevardN4121734398 Clearmeadow Boulevard
552 Woodland AvenueW4121674552 Woodland Avenue
2730 Quill CrescentW41211692730 Quill Crescent
934 Whewell TerraceW4121578934 Whewell Terrace
50 Buckle CrescentN412180950 Buckle Crescent
47 Ruby Lang LaneW412187947 Ruby Lang Lane
62 Grovewood DriveW412140562 Grovewood Drive
10 Elderberry CourtX412136810 Elderberry Court
707 S Brock StreetE4121591707 S Brock Street
3192 13th Line BradfordN41212033192 13th Line Bradford
1166 Islington AvenueW41214801166 Islington Avenue
11 Eltesoro StreetW412143011 Eltesoro Street
5493 W Tenth LineW41212945493 W Tenth Line
921 Woodbine AvenueE4121917921 Woodbine Avenue
2549 Palisander AvenueW41212432549 Palisander Avenue
47 Ball CrescentE412138147 Ball Crescent
74 Spring Forest SquareE412182074 Spring Forest Square
10 Watkins Glen CrescentN412187810 Watkins Glen Crescent
424 Barber DriveW4121194424 Barber Drive
32 Winklers LaneN412115032 Winklers Lane
53 Lynvalley CrescentE412132253 Lynvalley Crescent
157 America AvenueN4121875157 America Avenue
51 Foxberry RoadN412141951 Foxberry Road
70 Samandria AvenueE412120570 Samandria Avenue
1040 Woodbine AvenueE41216481040 Woodbine Avenue
125 Amberjack BoulevardE4121661125 Amberjack Boulevard
30 Mapleshade DriveW412191830 Mapleshade Drive
34 Adenmore RoadE412189734 Adenmore Road
64 Canlish RoadE412190764 Canlish Road
29 Callowhill DriveW412124729 Callowhill Drive
14 Corbett CrctN412164214 Corbett Crct
58 Streetoneylake AvenueW412189158 Streetoneylake Avenue
126 Edgecroft RoadW4121919126 Edgecroft Road
2085 Rudell RoadE41131792085 Rudell Road
24 Sussexvale DriveW412115424 Sussexvale Drive
1303 Ruddy CrescentW41215531303 Ruddy Crescent
14 Rockvale AvenueC412181714 Rockvale Avenue
6 Chestnut GateN41211636 Chestnut Gate
9174 Bathurst StreetN41214779174 Bathurst Street
251 Ontario StreetC4121624251 Ontario Street

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