Listings May 15 2018

The Best Listings As Of May 15 2018

Here are the absolutely best listings for around the GTA as of May 15 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
230 Davis DriveN4127162230 Davis Drive
38 Comay RoadW412710638 Comay Road
432 Brisdale DriveW4126679432 Brisdale Drive
4749 Simpson DriveW41276504749 Simpson Drive
104 Grand Terraceunk AvenueN4128424104 Grand Terraceunk Avenue
3331 Credit Heights DriveW41274363331 Credit Heights Drive
50 Angelgate RoadW412687550 Angelgate Road
42 Garden AvenueN412781142 Garden Avenue
11 Caverley DriveW412840911 Caverley Drive
264 Primrose LaneN4128186264 Primrose Lane
357 Thomas Phillips DriveN4126469357 Thomas Phillips Drive
49 Castlegrove BoulevardC412725749 Castlegrove Boulevard
348 Father Tobin RoadW4126580348 Father Tobin Road
8670 Ravenshoe RoadN41274168670 Ravenshoe Road
584 Forsyth Farm DriveN4126613584 Forsyth Farm Drive
1222 Lambeth RoadW41268781222 Lambeth Road
197 Aspenwood DriveN4126747197 Aspenwood Drive
34 Greyhound DriveC412734034 Greyhound Drive
28 Streetanwood CrescentE412800428 Streetanwood Crescent
5 Relton CircleW41269855 Relton Circle
452 Woodspring AvenueN4126505452 Woodspring Avenue
5 Hanover CourtE41277185 Hanover Court
59 Robert Berry CrescentN412709159 Robert Berry Crescent
473 Pinegrove RoadW4128398473 Pinegrove Road
11 Degraaf CrescentN412686311 Degraaf Crescent
3256 Coralbean PlaceW41271763256 Coralbean Place
1956 Donald Cousens ParkwayN41276141956 Donald Cousens Parkway
23 Citronella LaneW412646423 Citronella Lane
361 Queen Mary DriveW4126756361 Queen Mary Drive
43 Tamarac TerraceN412798843 Tamarac Terrace
334 Ritas AvenueN4127380334 Ritas Avenue
682 Townline RoadE4127253682 Townline Road
11 Webb AvenueW412748911 Webb Avenue
48 Thornway AvenueN412735348 Thornway Avenue
202 Cabernet RoadN4128446202 Cabernet Road
30 Manzanita CrescentW412672830 Manzanita Crescent
124 Terraceosa RoadN4126717124 Terraceosa Road
20 Evelyn Wiggins DriveW412715020 Evelyn Wiggins Drive
15 Kilkarrin RoadW412845715 Kilkarrin Road
61 Colonial CrescentN412759961 Colonial Crescent
99 Blaine CourtN412730199 Blaine Court
66 Canal StreetN412770966 Canal Street
192 Sugarhill DriveW4127741192 Sugarhill Drive
215 16th Avenue 2N4126891215 16th Avenue 2
4 Forsythe DriveN41272124 Forsythe Drive
280 Galbraith BoulevardW4127287280 Galbraith Boulevard
4578 Concession 4 RoadE41271344578 Concession 4 Road
1 N Brock DriveW41272621 N Brock Drive
1437 Woodstream AvenueE41273651437 Woodstream Avenue
24 Brookland AvenueN412753924 Brookland Avenue
802 Childs DriveW4128108802 Childs Drive
11 Harold StreetW412738811 Harold Street
21036 Dalton RoadN412840521036 Dalton Road
83 Oldfield CrescentN412688983 Oldfield Crescent
64 Collier CrescentN412645664 Collier Crescent
102 Melbourne Drive BradfordN4127704102 Melbourne Drive Bradford
7171 Coolihans SideroadW41266837171 Coolihans Sideroad
2960 Dancer CourtW41276252960 Dancer Court
686 Driveiftcurrent DriveW4128067686 Driveiftcurrent Drive
38 East DriveW412719938 East Drive
24 Catherina StreetN412684124 Catherina Street
888 Fetchison DriveE4127045888 Fetchison Drive
8 N Mill River DriveN41282168 N Mill River Drive
192 Fowley DriveW4126775192 Fowley Drive
111 Rose Branch DriveN4126842111 Rose Branch Drive
88 Settlement Park AvenueN412652888 Settlement Park Avenue
20 Langevin CrescentE412657220 Langevin Crescent
2373 Falkland CrescentW41277162373 Falkland Crescent
2187 Sidney DriveW41283332187 Sidney Drive
10 Northern Dancer DriveE412645410 Northern Dancer Drive
11 Tigerlily PlaceW412825811 Tigerlily Place
38 Lewin CrescentE412727538 Lewin Crescent
24 Brough CourtE412793124 Brough Court
158 Jeffcoat DriveW4127286158 Jeffcoat Drive
72 Bernick CrescentN412657772 Bernick Crescent
34 Moorcrest DriveN412756534 Moorcrest Drive
84 Frederick Pearson StreetN412762984 Frederick Pearson Street
4 Miller DriveW41274694 Miller Drive
15 Hopecrest PlaceW412758215 Hopecrest Place
3 Driveooping Juniper RoadW41284423 Driveooping Juniper Road
36 Lonborough AvenueW412768336 Lonborough Avenue
102 Sellers AvenueW4127072102 Sellers Avenue
32 Winterberry DriveE412709532 Winterberry Drive
4053 Ellesmere RoadE41267904053 Ellesmere Road
54 Kanashiro StreetW412771754 Kanashiro Street
2006 Arborwood DriveE41276622006 Arborwood Drive
61 Larwood BoulevardE412832161 Larwood Boulevard
58 Attridge DriveN412685158 Attridge Drive
60 National Pine DriveN412793860 National Pine Drive
490 Kwapis BoulevardN4126744490 Kwapis Boulevard
8 Westleigh CrescentW41280798 Westleigh Crescent
2178 New StreetW41273592178 New Street
72 Neames CrescentW412824372 Neames Crescent
3205 Munson CrescentW41282283205 Munson Crescent
575 Deerhurst DriveW4126560575 Deerhurst Drive
77 Whitwell DriveW412773777 Whitwell Drive
1582 Lewes WayW41270811582 Lewes Way
2507 Winthrop CrescentW41283532507 Winthrop Crescent
2169 Concession Road 2 RoadN41276632169 Concession Road 2 Road
54 Harry Gay DriveE412764854 Harry Gay Drive
26 Evansville StreetE412840626 Evansville Street
71 Jellicoe CrescentW412820371 Jellicoe Crescent
26 S Kirk DriveW412842026 S Kirk Drive
47 Buick BoulevardW412810047 Buick Boulevard
5218 Palmetto PlaceW41265135218 Palmetto Place
15 Purvis CrescentE412679415 Purvis Crescent
21 Dinsdale DriveN412722821 Dinsdale Drive
53 Frey CrescentE412836753 Frey Crescent
38 Sleepy Hollow PlaceE412827038 Sleepy Hollow Place
2857 Westbury CourtW41283992857 Westbury Court
1226 Duignan CrescentW41268071226 Duignan Crescent
1534 Forestdale CourtW41276521534 Forestdale Court
24 Haviland CircleW412650624 Haviland Circle
243 Mcconvey DriveN4127927243 Mcconvey Drive
90 Andes CrescentN412757390 Andes Crescent
23 Canoe CrescentE412652723 Canoe Crescent
30 N Montavista StreetE412803330 N Montavista Street
22 Gilchrist CourtE412646822 Gilchrist Court
17 Skelton CrescentE412826417 Skelton Crescent
57 Cedar StreetN412817657 Cedar Street
803 Hilton BoulevardN4127393803 Hilton Boulevard
1314 Galesway BoulevardW41271381314 Galesway Boulevard
27 Henry Welsh DriveC412706727 Henry Welsh Drive
5 Fraser AvenueW41283325 Fraser Avenue
83 Boon AvenueW412659683 Boon Avenue
10420 Heritage RoadW412819610420 Heritage Road
111 Sibbald CrescentN4128276111 Sibbald Crescent
2302 Dufferin StreetW41268002302 Dufferin Street
35 York StreetW412842735 York Street
5 Andrews AvenueC41271755 Andrews Avenue
1469 Dunedin CrescentE41283351469 Dunedin Crescent
378 Red Osier RoadX4126829378 Red Osier Road
75 James Scott RoadN412844075 James Scott Road
137 Pineway BoulevardC4126866137 Pineway Boulevard
156 Lamoreaux DriveE4127452156 Lamoreaux Drive
621 Armstrong BoulevardW4126588621 Armstrong Boulevard
283 Mcbride CrescentN4127384283 Mcbride Crescent
82 Lynvalley CrescentE412678382 Lynvalley Crescent
182 Blackwell CrescentE4126836182 Blackwell Crescent
1356 Church StreetE41272231356 Church Street
1425 W Placeains RoadW41277461425 W Placeains Road
1602 Chilliwack StreetE41267761602 Chilliwack Street
252 Scott RoadW4128304252 Scott Road
4765 W Highway 7N41269374765 W Highway 7
69 Citadel DriveE412686169 Citadel Drive
28 Rosebough StreetX412766628 Rosebough Street
17 Notman WayW412691817 Notman Way
27 Willow Terraceail RoadN412680827 Willow Terraceail Road
4171 Edgerton RoadE41278414171 Edgerton Road
62 Queen Mary DriveW412838262 Queen Mary Drive
7523 Middlebrook StreetW41271237523 Middlebrook Street
30 Mahaffy PlaceE412737830 Mahaffy Place
1249 Pharmacy AvenueE41265731249 Pharmacy Avenue
43 La Roche AvenueW412674243 La Roche Avenue
126 Fletcher AvenueE4126920126 Fletcher Avenue
223 Dairy DriveE4127415223 Dairy Drive
42 Hillsburgh DriveW412728442 Hillsburgh Drive
43 School StreetN412696943 School Street
308 Vesta DriveC4128062308 Vesta Drive
1 May StreetC41278251 May Street
50 Denham DriveN412716750 Denham Drive
172 Roxborough DriveC4127350172 Roxborough Drive
1775 Blythe RoadW41276261775 Blythe Road
109 Pine Valley CrescentN4127822109 Pine Valley Crescent
53 Sandringham DriveC412817053 Sandringham Drive
1173 Mississauga RoadW41273761173 Mississauga Road
98 Olive AvenueC412664298 Olive Avenue
103 Alexandra BoulevardC4128166103 Alexandra Boulevard
6 Berkindale DriveC41268596 Berkindale Drive
35 Streetollery Pond CrescentN412751435 Streetollery Pond Crescent
26 Mcroberts PlaceN412791626 Mcroberts Place
33 Webster AvenueC412749633 Webster Avenue
24 Roe AvenueC412673624 Roe Avenue
168 Alfred AvenueC4126839168 Alfred Avenue
537 Broadview AvenueE4126576537 Broadview Avenue
55 Glenarden CrescentN412651655 Glenarden Crescent
12 Broadleaf RoadC412715712 Broadleaf Road
55 Leacroft CrescentC412764155 Leacroft Crescent
180 Glenview DriveW4128217180 Glenview Drive
142 Old Surrey LaneN4127519142 Old Surrey Lane
64 Roberta DriveC412729464 Roberta Drive
232 Maxwell StreetC4127893232 Maxwell Street
107 Grandview AvenueN4127032107 Grandview Avenue
401 Kingsdale AvenueC4127307401 Kingsdale Avenue
1139 Carla CourtW41272481139 Carla Court
107 Rockport CrescentN4128431107 Rockport Crescent
16 Vomano StreetN412700416 Vomano Street
330 Douglas AvenueC4126578330 Douglas Avenue
801 Meadow Wood RoadW4126721801 Meadow Wood Road
60 Southvale DriveC412750460 Southvale Drive
190 Berry RoadW4126535190 Berry Road
158 Streetrathearn AvenueN4128429158 Streetrathearn Avenue
1794 E Lake Shore BoulevardE41284281794 E Lake Shore Boulevard
16 Ashwood CrescentW412733316 Ashwood Crescent
352B W Lawrence AvenueC4127338352B W Lawrence Avenue
6 Chiltern HillN41277196 Chiltern Hill
51 Glacier CourtN412791251 Glacier Court
3377 Indian Terraceail RoadX41265013377 Indian Terraceail Road
314 Horsham AvenueC4128308314 Horsham Avenue
105 King Summit RoadN4126502105 King Summit Road
Lot 57 Nave StreetN4128267Lot 57 Nave Street
54 Lee AvenueN412812354 Lee Avenue
345 Dalewood DriveW4126804345 Dalewood Drive
179 Markham StreetC4127190179 Markham Street
48 Riverdale AvenueE412718848 Riverdale Avenue
11 Wiarton CourtN412684911 Wiarton Court
5 Glenayr RoadN41282805 Glenayr Road
1455 The Links DriveW41264871455 The Links Drive
609 Coldstream AvenueC4127560609 Coldstream Avenue
11 Whitman StreetC412828211 Whitman Street
451 North Lake RoadN4126495451 North Lake Road
187 Canyon Hill AvenueN4126877187 Canyon Hill Avenue
26 Damian DriveN412832426 Damian Drive
100 Willis DriveN4127311100 Willis Drive
127 Douglas RoadN4127722127 Douglas Road
40 Birch AvenueN412750340 Birch Avenue
22451 Simcoe StreetE412771222451 Simcoe Street
44 Market StreetW412663144 Market Street
24 Amaranth CourtN412711724 Amaranth Court
51 Williams CourtN412717451 Williams Court
16 Horse Rake RoadN412712616 Horse Rake Road
46 Argonne CrescentC412843346 Argonne Crescent
89 W Hillsdale AvenueC412741989 W Hillsdale Avenue
15 Artisan PlaceC412671315 Artisan Place
50 Thursfield CrescentC412738350 Thursfield Crescent
890 Wildrush PlaceN4127017890 Wildrush Place
6 Orchard StreetN41271606 Orchard Street
3377 Cider Mill PlaceW41282563377 Cider Mill Place
10 King View CrescentN412707410 King View Crescent
41 Paradise Valley TerraceN412715341 Paradise Valley Terrace
192 Hounslow AvenueC4127635192 Hounslow Avenue
2 Boddy CourtN41274202 Boddy Court
24 Cherna AvenueN412661024 Cherna Avenue
7 Geranium CourtN41281817 Geranium Court
133 Castle CrescentW4128095133 Castle Crescent
548 Cochise CrescentW4128426548 Cochise Crescent
63 Kippendavie AvenueE412736163 Kippendavie Avenue
142 Tiago AvenueE4127282142 Tiago Avenue
11 Burkston PlaceW412729611 Burkston Place
28 Bembridge DriveN412842528 Bembridge Drive
509 W Adelaide StreetC4127956509 W Adelaide Street
9 Foxfire ChseN41269519 Foxfire Chse
541 Merton StreetC4127754541 Merton Street
48 Heddington AvenueC412758648 Heddington Avenue
496 Hounslow AvenueC4128097496 Hounslow Avenue
18 Loyal Blue CrescentN412835818 Loyal Blue Crescent
37 Queen Magdalene PlaceC412644237 Queen Magdalene Place
2 Allegranza AvenueN41277362 Allegranza Avenue
64 Gorman AvenueN412843464 Gorman Avenue
53A Bond CrescentN412839353A Bond Crescent
12 Brocton AvenueN412694412 Brocton Avenue
681 Manning AvenueC4127764681 Manning Avenue
71 Brooklawn AvenueE412801971 Brooklawn Avenue
40 Rancliffe RoadW412767040 Rancliffe Road
215 Warren RoadN4126455215 Warren Road
4 Edgecombe CourtN41269114 Edgecombe Court
906 Shadeland AvenueW4126738906 Shadeland Avenue
15 Dolan LaneN412653015 Dolan Lane
9 Porcelain TerraceE41281259 Porcelain Terrace
213 Willow AvenueE4127409213 Willow Avenue
16 Sixpenny CourtN412784616 Sixpenny Court
17 Calvin AvenueC412689317 Calvin Avenue
551 Balliol StreetC4128018551 Balliol Street
19 Talgarth RoadW412745319 Talgarth Road
37 Hallam StreetW412756137 Hallam Street
3185 Tacc DriveW41266393185 Tacc Drive
42 Lionel Byam DriveE412811842 Lionel Byam Drive
17 Gregory Scott DriveN412754617 Gregory Scott Drive
1125 Kent AvenueW41265681125 Kent Avenue
559 Alfred Hughes AvenueW4127529559 Alfred Hughes Avenue
74 Golden TerraceN412770574 Golden Terrace
315 Manhattan DriveN4127394315 Manhattan Drive
408 Hoover Park DriveN4126648408 Hoover Park Drive
32C Oxford StreetC412654632C Oxford Street
4297 Terraceailmaster DriveW41265414297 Terraceailmaster Drive
173 Mill Pond CourtN4127986173 Mill Pond Court
161 Huron StreetC4125170161 Huron Street
56 Millicent StreetW412749456 Millicent Street
28 Placeeasant AvenueC412708328 Placeeasant Avenue
128 Aikenhead AvenueN4126524128 Aikenhead Avenue
3 Gladiolus StreetW41270503 Gladiolus Street
120 Clansman BoulevardC4127457120 Clansman Boulevard
1738 Kildare CourtW41269141738 Kildare Court
14687 Creditview RoadW412714814687 Creditview Road
6 Moraine Ridge DriveN41272456 Moraine Ridge Drive
378 Bartlett AvenueW4128122378 Bartlett Avenue
25 Goldlist DriveN412826625 Goldlist Drive
436 Terraceaviss DriveN4128195436 Terraceaviss Drive
47 Kindy StreetN412718747 Kindy Street
35 Camlaren CrescentN412773535 Camlaren Crescent
14 Houston CrescentC412819814 Houston Crescent
232 La Rocca AvenueN4127543232 La Rocca Avenue
165 Gauguin AvenueN4127441165 Gauguin Avenue
137 Blake AvenueC4128306137 Blake Avenue
1443 Saginaw CrescentW41264441443 Saginaw Crescent
2828 Danforth AvenueE41275782828 Danforth Avenue
1653 Wembury RoadW41279611653 Wembury Road
6 Windham TerraceN41277876 Windham Terrace
3423 Mulcaster RoadW41280123423 Mulcaster Road
3 Perth StreetW41266323 Perth Street
161A Locksley AvenueW4126768161A Locksley Avenue
209 Homewood AvenueC4126586209 Homewood Avenue
23 Streeteppingstone TerraceE412646623 Streeteppingstone Terrace
14 Amos CourtN412709214 Amos Court
16878 Humber Streetation RoadW412662116878 Humber Streetation Road
124 Homewood AvenueC4128061124 Homewood Avenue
1764 Saltdene TerraceW41276121764 Saltdene Terrace
62 Albright CrescentN412726962 Albright Crescent
20 Gracefield CourtN412776320 Gracefield Court
601 Ceremonial DriveW4128365601 Ceremonial Drive
139 Beaver Bend CrescentW4127585139 Beaver Bend Crescent
77 Worthington AvenueN412703177 Worthington Avenue
376 Sandford RoadN4126831376 Sandford Road
46 Timber Valley AvenueN412763746 Timber Valley Avenue
12 Pettet DriveE412660712 Pettet Drive
274 Queensdale AvenueE4127297274 Queensdale Avenue
321 Horsham AvenueC4127798321 Horsham Avenue
3074 Ingleton LaneW41271283074 Ingleton Lane
34 Sweet Water CrescentN412767834 Sweet Water Crescent
27 Valley TerraceN412840427 Valley Terrace
27 Maisonneuve BoulevardW412711527 Maisonneuve Boulevard
4 Holmbush CrescentE41274614 Holmbush Crescent
11 Moir AvenueC412845111 Moir Avenue
488 Wheat Boom DriveW4127030488 Wheat Boom Drive
30 Oak Lea CircleN412801530 Oak Lea Circle
141 Devins DriveN4128046141 Devins Drive
43 Bickerton CrescentC412769543 Bickerton Crescent
137 Brookview Drive BradfordN4128423137 Brookview Drive Bradford
226 Shaughnessy BoulevardC4127093226 Shaughnessy Boulevard
125 Joseph Hartman CrescentN4128272125 Joseph Hartman Crescent
32 Rembrandt CrescentW412662532 Rembrandt Crescent
174 Romac CourtN4127490174 Romac Court
343 Binns AvenueN4126855343 Binns Avenue
162 Rivers Edge PlaceE4127714162 Rivers Edge Place
56 Anewen DriveC412836656 Anewen Drive
55 Royal York RoadW412838855 Royal York Road
275 Baker Hill BoulevardN4127610275 Baker Hill Boulevard
704 Santa Maria BoulevardW4127693704 Santa Maria Boulevard
1495 Chiddingstone CircleW41273631495 Chiddingstone Circle
370 Robert Parkinson DriveW4127593370 Robert Parkinson Drive
34 Perdita RoadW412651534 Perdita Road
21 Banks DriveW412775021 Banks Drive
313 Gells RoadN4128035313 Gells Road
161 Paradelle DriveN4126972161 Paradelle Drive
5 Kenninghall BoulevardW41267115 Kenninghall Boulevard
76 W Lawrence AvenueC412702676 W Lawrence Avenue
54 Lehman CrescentN412760254 Lehman Crescent
12 Yarn RoadW412839112 Yarn Road
71 Marlow AvenueE412743571 Marlow Avenue
782 Miltonbrook CrescentW4128447782 Miltonbrook Crescent
42 Gradwell DriveE412729942 Gradwell Drive
2223 Fassel AvenueW41265752223 Fassel Avenue
514 Streetafford DriveW4127936514 Streetafford Drive
4746 Antelope CrescentW41278554746 Antelope Crescent
197 District AvenueN4127060197 District Avenue
18 Christman CourtN412645118 Christman Court
32 East Corners BoulevardN412663432 East Corners Boulevard
206 Ray Snow BoulevardN4127584206 Ray Snow Boulevard
5 Crendon DriveW41280925 Crendon Drive
254 Alex Doner DriveN4127591254 Alex Doner Drive
49 Regina AvenueC412707049 Regina Avenue
2081 Frontier DriveW41270362081 Frontier Drive
276 Iredale RoadN4126737276 Iredale Road
278 W Charlton AvenueX4126678278 W Charlton Avenue
1 Beresford CrescentW41268541 Beresford Crescent
2373 Woking CrescentW41272092373 Woking Crescent
220 Langford Boulevard BradfordN4127579220 Langford Boulevard Bradford
614 Society CrescentN4127077614 Society Crescent
38 Ambler LaneN412823638 Ambler Lane
1796 Terraceuscott DriveW41271141796 Terraceuscott Drive
99 Winston Castle DriveN412693999 Winston Castle Drive
81 Robert Green CrescentN412743081 Robert Green Crescent
75 Ina LaneN412813575 Ina Lane
23 Noor Ud Din CourtN412656223 Noor Ud Din Court
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