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"I had only heard bad stories about Realtors and sadly, I needed to deal with one because I wanted my own place. The Realtor GTA set me up with was exceptional - knew exactly where I was coming from and, best of all, she knew just what I wanted. Now I have a great two bedroom home and a new friend."

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Chinatown is an energetic spot that hosts a myriad of Chinese, vietnamese, japanese, as well as Thai based restaurants. Become part of this town buy investing there.

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We also highly recommend that - if you are buying a home and need a mortgage - you work with one of the best Chinatown mortgage brokers at: How do I know this is trustworthy?

We charge our Realtors a small fee - but they only pay it if there is a closed deal. So, if we send you a terrible Realtor who is useless and can't buy or sell a property for you, we don't make any money. This is why we only work with the best Realtors out there - otherwise we would not make any money ourselves. It is a win for us, a win for them and a win for you.

Yes - we offer a free automated online home appraisal report - you can read more about it at how much is my house worth.


Visiting Toronto’s Chinatown can be an exciting experience for anyone.

There are a number of shops, restaurants, activities, historic monuments, and even spas to check out when you visit Chinatown. You will be able to kick back, relax, and spend the whole weekend at Chinatown without having to worry.

This is because the atmosphere is very laid back, and relaxed. Taste some of the Chinese culture when you visit one of the finest restaurants that Chinatown has to offer.

They offer only the freshest ingredients, and ensure that you leave their restaurant feeling happy and full.

This is essential when finding a great place to eat after a long day of walking through Chinatown’s streets.

They cater large parties, so if you're with your family, or walking with a tour group, you can ensure that everyone will be fed. Choose your favorite Chinatown restaurant, and visit again for more wonderful food.

There is something for everyone in Chinatown. You can bring the whole family; Chinatown is open to all guests of all ages. If you would rather not leave for the day, then stay at one of the best hotels in Chinatown.

They are clean, affordable, and you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands. Check out Toronto’s Chinatown today, you will leave feeling refreshed, knowledgeable, well fed, and most of all with goodies to bring home for everyone.