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We Love The Community

This small town has a rich history that goes back to the 1830s. Now it's a close-knit community where kids and adults can feel welcome to.

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New Dundee

New Dundee is a small community of 1,119 people at the time of the 2016 Census, in the Township of Wilmot, Ontario, Canada, south-west of Kitchener.

This settlement not far from Berlin (Kitchener) on the Alder Creek, owes its existence to the Miller brothers, Frederick, William, John and David from Dundee Scotland probably in the 1830s.

They started businesses here while still living in Berlin. (

The exact dates are not known.) In 1904, Ezra H. Thamer opened New Dundee's first Bell Telephone exchange, the New Dundee Rural Telephone Company, and started a small home-based creamery.

By 1908, other investors joined the group, and the creamery became a larger operation, initially as the New Dundee Farmer’s Cooperative Creamery Company Ltd.; it was later renamed to the New Dundee Co-Operative Creamery Ltd.

The operation became the community's largest industry, processing 140 million pounds of milk in 1964, for example.

The business closed in 1998 and the factory was dismantled in 2005. New Dundee is situated along the Grand River watershed.

The local stream is called Alder Creek. Alder Creek flows into the Nith River a few kilometres downstream.

The original settlers built the town because of its creek.