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We Treasure the Town of Newmarket and Understand Its Real Estate

This is a lovely location in Canada to invest in a home and start a family. This region exudes a friendly energy and the good vibes and prosperity are palpable.

We truly admire and love its hometown feel and sense of strong sense undying community. From its renowned art theatre to its multicultural festivals and outdoor spaces this region and its people hold are quite special to us. We're happy to help locals buy or sell their home with peak results.

Our Newmarket Realtors know the area extremely well and have the expertise and insights to save you thousands. As we mention on our home page, whether it's finding the a dream home within your budget or selling your house for maximum market value, we're is here to make sure you gain or save the as much money as possible on your sale or purchase.

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We also highly recommend that - if you are buying a home and need a mortgage - you work with one of the best Newmarket mortgage brokers at: How do I know this is trustworthy?

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Yes - we offer a free automated online home appraisal report - you can read more about it at how much is my house worth.


Newmarket is known as the “Heart of York Region”.

Indeed it is strategically situated right in the centre of York Region, bridging the gap between the predominantly urban municipalities to the south, and the largely rural municipalities to the north.

The York Region municipal offices are also based in Newmarket at 17250 Yonge Street.

This place history dates back to 1801, when a man by the name of Timothy Rogers led several Quaker families from Vermont and Pennsylvania to their new home in Canada. One of these settlers was Joseph Hill, who built a mill, and established a trading post on the Holland River. Hill is also credited with having built the first house, and the first store in Newmarket.

The name “Newmarket” originated from a popular farmers market that was held every Saturday.

This upstart “New Market” was said to rival the “Old Market”, which was the St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto.

The Holland River winds its way through Newmarket providing picturesque streetscapes and plenty of parkland. Fairy Lake just to the east of the downtown is a treasured Newmarket landmark.