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North Dumfries

The Township of North Dumfries is a rural township in Ontario, Canada, part of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. North Dumfries includes the communities of Ayr, Branchton, Clyde (formerly from Beverley Township, Wentworth County), Reidsville and Roseville.

The history of North Dumfries is closely tied to that of the old City of Galt, now part of the City of Cambridge but in the early 19th century was part of Gore District. Galt was founded on the east bank of the Grand River by Absalom Shade on behalf of William Dickson of Niagara. Dickson had bought 94,305 acres (381.64 km2) of land in 1816 for 24,000 pounds, and named it after his hometown of Dumfries in Scotland. In 1820, Dickson encouraged further settlement on his land by inviting other Scotsmen to buy land, resulting in a wave of immigration from 1825 until 1832 when every plot of land was filled.

The ethnic makeup of the township is 97.5% White, 1% Aboriginal and 1.5% visible minorities, of which the largest groups are Black (0.4%), South Asian and Latin American (0.3% each). Around 21.2% of the population is under the age of 14, while those over 65 number 10.3%.

The average age is 39.0.

There are 3050 private dwellings occupied by usual residents, out of a total of 3103 dwellings.