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Steeles, a suburban Toronto neighborhood, is a geographically localized community and a former Scarborough municipality.

Amalgamated into Toronto city in 1998, Steeles has continued to show great real estate signs; thanks to its numerous social amenities.

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Steeles is a suburban neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This geographically localized community is in the former municipality of Scarborough which was amalgamated into the City of Toronto in 1998. Steeles is located at the northern edge of Toronto (the very north-western corner of Scarborough) and is bordered by Steeles Avenue East to the north, Kennedy Road to the east, a hydro-electric transmission line to the south (just south of McNicoll Avenue) and Victoria Park Avenue to the west.Before the neighbourhood was developed, much of the land was covered by deciduous forest.

The L'Amoreaux woodlot is the only area that retains a significant amount of original vegetation. Steeles is part of the Chinatown of Scarborough-Agincourt; one of three Chinatowns in Toronto. Before the homes on Shepton Way were developed in 2001, archaeological excavations led by Dr. Ron Williamson discovered the remains of a pre-modern aboriginal settlement next to the pond in L'Amoreaux Park that is the source of West Highland Creek.

The excavation area, known as the Alexandra site, yielded some 20,000 archaeological artifacts from a Huron-Wendat village of approximately 1,000 inhabitants that thrived circa 1400 CE.