MLS Listings For 3rd April – Toronto, GTA and Surrounding Areas

Best MLS Listings From Toronto And The Surrounding Areas For 3rd April 2018

It's the start of the spring housing market and here are some of the best listings from Toronto, the GTA and all the surrounding areas - for 3rd April 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
1390 Captain Crt, MississaugaW40825151390 Captain Crt, Mississauga
18 North Dr, TorontoW408205418 North Dr, Toronto
51 Glenbourne Park Dr, MarkhamN408172551 Glenbourne Park Dr, Markham
4 Sorrel Crt, TorontoC40822124 Sorrel Crt, Toronto
16 Claridge Dr, Richmond HillN408236616 Claridge Dr, Richmond Hill
34 May Ave, Richmond HillN408182634 May Ave, Richmond Hill
421 Randall St, OakvilleW4081651421 Randall St, Oakville
29 Castle Frank Rd, TorontoC408335329 Castle Frank Rd, Toronto
124 Hillmount Ave, TorontoC4081582124 Hillmount Ave, Toronto
165 Farrell Rd, VaughanN4082616165 Farrell Rd, Vaughan
32 Winterport CrtN408343432 Winterport Crt
95 Dinnick Cres, TorontoC408281495 Dinnick Cres, Toronto
17 Boynton Circ, MarkhamN408338517 Boynton Circ, Markham
193 Riverside Dr, TorontoW4082769193 Riverside Dr, Toronto
318 Lady Valentina AveN4083272318 Lady Valentina Ave
1075 W Burnhamthorpe RdW40823341075 W Burnhamthorpe Rd
137 Regina Ave, TorontoC4081587137 Regina Ave, Toronto
5 W Jerseyville Rd, HamiltonX40531125 W Jerseyville Rd, Hamilton
6 Cartier Cres, Richmond HillN40822646 Cartier Cres, Richmond Hill
21 Golfdale Rd, TorontoC408280521 Golfdale Rd, Toronto
405 Richview Ave, TorontoC4082420405 Richview Ave, Toronto
127 Douglas Rd, Richmond HillN4082558127 Douglas Rd, Richmond Hill
12 Edgecombe Ave, TorontoC408225712 Edgecombe Ave, Toronto
2 Cynthia Cres, Richmond HillN40833002 Cynthia Cres, Richmond Hill
87 89 Rosemount Ave, TorontoW408319887 89 Rosemount Ave, Toronto
126 Princess Anne CresW4081967126 Princess Anne Cres
485 Morrison Rd, OakvilleW4082382485 Morrison Rd, Oakville
428 Sandmere Pl, OakvilleW4082059428 Sandmere Pl, Oakville
17 Lavender Valley Rd, KingN408238117 Lavender Valley Rd, King
139 Golden Tulip Cres, MarkhamN4082396139 Golden Tulip Cres, Markham
163 Spadina Rd, Richmond HillN4082749163 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill
2371 Devon Rd, OakvilleW40824142371 Devon Rd, Oakville
46 Argonne Cres, TorontoC408340646 Argonne Cres, Toronto
160 Pinehurst Dr, OakvilleW4012869160 Pinehurst Dr, Oakville
30 Sherwood Ave, TorontoC408309130 Sherwood Ave, Toronto
13 Spencer Ave, TorontoW408183713 Spencer Ave, Toronto
92 Hubner Ave, MarkhamN408208392 Hubner Ave, Markham
86 Birch Hill Lane, OakvilleW408247286 Birch Hill Lane, Oakville
23 Bice Crt, ClaringtonE408294023 Bice Crt, Clarington
29 Keatley Dr, VaughanN408337829 Keatley Dr, Vaughan
21 W Glenellen Dr, TorontoW407382921 W Glenellen Dr, Toronto
2160 Shawanaga Tr, MississaugaW40820432160 Shawanaga Tr, Mississauga
10 Oriole Rd, TorontoC408337010 Oriole Rd, Toronto
186 Hunterwood Chse, VaughanN4083310186 Hunterwood Chse, Vaughan
30 John Button Blvd, MarkhamN408341830 John Button Blvd, Markham
46 Scarborough Heights BlvdE408227246 Scarborough Heights Blvd
5314 Forest Ridge DrW40830505314 Forest Ridge Dr
16025 Hurontario St, CaledonW408212816025 Hurontario St, Caledon
1434 Petrie Way, MississaugaW40832701434 Petrie Way, Mississauga
1640 Stonehaven DrW40831831640 Stonehaven Dr
2514 Sharon Cres, MississaugaW40826692514 Sharon Cres, Mississauga
49 Linacre Dr, Richmond HillN408326449 Linacre Dr, Richmond Hill
9 Wentworth Crt, MarkhamN40831919 Wentworth Crt, Markham
62 Fleming Cres, TorontoC408302662 Fleming Cres, Toronto
3086 Saddleworth CresW40817693086 Saddleworth Cres
28 Hillside Ave, VaughanN408191128 Hillside Ave, Vaughan
12 Rossini Dr, Richmond HillN408165012 Rossini Dr, Richmond Hill
5 Dietzman Crt, Richmond HillN40818755 Dietzman Crt, Richmond Hill
3125 Sunflower Dr, OakvilleW40816963125 Sunflower Dr, Oakville
783 Exceller Circ, NewmarketN4083351783 Exceller Circ, Newmarket
147 Sterling St, HamiltonX4081971147 Sterling St, Hamilton
3020 Balmoral Ave, BurlingtonW40820133020 Balmoral Ave, Burlington
33 Bayel Cres, Richmond HillN408150433 Bayel Cres, Richmond Hill
265 St Germain Ave, TorontoC4082593265 St Germain Ave, Toronto
71 Edgar Ave, Richmond HillN408292871 Edgar Ave, Richmond Hill
113 Burton Grve, KingN4046339113 Burton Grve, King
5 Remington Dr, Richmond HillN40820175 Remington Dr, Richmond Hill
556 Stillwater CresW4082494556 Stillwater Cres
34 Isabella St, CaledonW408312134 Isabella St, Caledon
38 Lynwood Cres, KingN408175738 Lynwood Cres, King
3183 William Rose WayW40815643183 William Rose Way
4981 Vivian RdN40822964981 Vivian Rd
532 Christie St, TorontoC4083203532 Christie St, Toronto
2 Brooksmill Lane, MarkhamN40818572 Brooksmill Lane, Markham
19 Mike Boshevski Crt, AuroraN408221919 Mike Boshevski Crt, Aurora
27 Rockcastle Dr, TorontoW408313127 Rockcastle Dr, Toronto
40 Pickett Cres, Richmond HillN408172840 Pickett Cres, Richmond Hill
29 Keily Cres, CaledonW408250829 Keily Cres, Caledon
2 Percy Wright RdN40825632 Percy Wright Rd
98 Grandview Ave, MarkhamN408213598 Grandview Ave, Markham
23 Daniel Bram Dr, VaughanN408312423 Daniel Bram Dr, Vaughan
83 Canyon Hill AveN408336183 Canyon Hill Ave
23 Connaught AveN408186023 Connaught Ave
236 Firglen Rdge, VaughanN4082738236 Firglen Rdge, Vaughan
458 Patricia Ave, TorontoC4083125458 Patricia Ave, Toronto
215 Warren Rd, KingN4081739215 Warren Rd, King
253 Maple Leaf Dr, TorontoW4083102253 Maple Leaf Dr, Toronto
Lot 91 Dairymaid Rd, BramptonW4081833Lot 91 Dairymaid Rd, Brampton
15 Carrville Woods CircN408342915 Carrville Woods Circ
80 Hamster Cres, AuroraN408222080 Hamster Cres, Aurora
20 Hamster Cres, AuroraN408222120 Hamster Cres, Aurora
8 Valley Ridge AveN40817418 Valley Ridge Ave
25 Colonnade Rd, TorontoC408253825 Colonnade Rd, Toronto
5103 Oakridge Tr, OshawaE40815625103 Oakridge Tr, Oshawa
22 Fergus Ave, Richmond HillN408162322 Fergus Ave, Richmond Hill
2119 Dunedin Rd, OakvilleW40823302119 Dunedin Rd, Oakville
264 Turning Leaf Rd, OakvilleW4081814264 Turning Leaf Rd, Oakville
70 Cedar Springs DrN408179270 Cedar Springs Dr
506 Anthony Dr, OakvilleW4082628506 Anthony Dr, Oakville
5 Pulpwood Cres, Richmond HillN40816185 Pulpwood Cres, Richmond Hill
920 Ernest Cousins CircN4082049920 Ernest Cousins Circ
12 Love Crt, BramptonW408180312 Love Crt, Brampton
15 Mersey St, VaughanN408165515 Mersey St, Vaughan
525 Delaware Ave, TorontoC4082235525 Delaware Ave, Toronto
1450 Samuelson CircW40829411450 Samuelson Circ
7225 Dime Cres, MississaugaW40825177225 Dime Cres, Mississauga
1230 Hwy 7A Rd, ScugogE40827401230 Hwy 7A Rd, Scugog
30 Goldberry Sq, TorontoE408233730 Goldberry Sq, Toronto
35 Bradford Crt, WhitbyE408276335 Bradford Crt, Whitby
416 N Fairview Dr, WhitbyE4082299416 N Fairview Dr, Whitby
9 Tiffany Gate, Richmond HillN40831099 Tiffany Gate, Richmond Hill
272 Haymer Dr, VaughanN4082667272 Haymer Dr, Vaughan
12 Terme Ave, VaughanN408296812 Terme Ave, Vaughan
1276 Greenoaks Dr, MississaugaW40832001276 Greenoaks Dr, Mississauga
246 Edenbridge Dr, TorontoW4083404246 Edenbridge Dr, Toronto
5920 Hemingway Rd, MississaugaW40823435920 Hemingway Rd, Mississauga
65 William Bartlett DrN408277665 William Bartlett Dr
Lot 39 Foxtail CrtW4082398Lot 39 Foxtail Crt
Lot 18 Foxtail CrtW4082375Lot 18 Foxtail Crt
8 Possession Cres, BramptonW40823908 Possession Cres, Brampton
32 W Manor Rd, TorontoC408227832 W Manor Rd, Toronto
91 Morland Cres, AuroraN408253391 Morland Cres, Aurora
9 Middleton Crt, MarkhamN40822309 Middleton Crt, Markham
927 Memorial Circ, NewmarketN4083431927 Memorial Circ, Newmarket
518 Main St, TorontoE4082847518 Main St, Toronto
27 Crestview Rd, KingN408318427 Crestview Rd, King
374 Atlas Ave, TorontoC4083256374 Atlas Ave, Toronto
Lot 1 Ravine Crt, VaughanN4082904Lot 1 Ravine Crt, Vaughan
2399 Rosemary Dr, MississaugaW39824592399 Rosemary Dr, Mississauga
207 Burndale Ave, TorontoC4083437207 Burndale Ave, Toronto
107 Cupola Cres, VaughanN4081850107 Cupola Cres, Vaughan
3 Coakwell Dr, MarkhamN40822313 Coakwell Dr, Markham
7098 Concession 6 Rd, UxbridgeN40823457098 Concession 6 Rd, Uxbridge
4110 Credit Pointe DrW40821694110 Credit Pointe Dr
14746 S Caledon King Town LineW408224814746 S Caledon King Town Line
14 Braith CresN408257914 Braith Cres
10 Wagon Works St, MarkhamN408198310 Wagon Works St, Markham
100 Robert Berry Cres, KingN4082374100 Robert Berry Cres, King
199 Thomas Phillips Dr, AuroraN4083122199 Thomas Phillips Dr, Aurora
186 Divadale Dr, TorontoC4082880186 Divadale Dr, Toronto
26 Blue Silo Way, BramptonW408185226 Blue Silo Way, Brampton
25 Monument Tr, BramptonW408338025 Monument Tr, Brampton
8 Prue Crt, BramptonW40822818 Prue Crt, Brampton
169 Glenkindie Ave, VaughanN4082888169 Glenkindie Ave, Vaughan
83 Major Buttons Dr, MarkhamN408318683 Major Buttons Dr, Markham
11 Cobham Cres, TorontoC408153711 Cobham Cres, Toronto
119 Elderslie Cres, VaughanN4081556119 Elderslie Cres, Vaughan
2419 Willowburne DrW40834012419 Willowburne Dr
347 Gilpin Dr, NewmarketN4081592347 Gilpin Dr, Newmarket
3493 Queensville SdrdN40826793493 Queensville Sdrd
7 Braydon Blvd, BramptonW40821607 Braydon Blvd, Brampton
3244 Sharp Rd, BurlingtonW40830343244 Sharp Rd, Burlington
33 Andes Rd, TorontoE408191433 Andes Rd, Toronto
1565 W Eglinton AveW40819691565 W Eglinton Ave
567 Delaware Ave, TorontoC4081751567 Delaware Ave, Toronto
48 Laurel Ave, TorontoE408277048 Laurel Ave, Toronto
10 Aylesbury Dr, BramptonW408299710 Aylesbury Dr, Brampton
35 Topbank Dr, TorontoW408214735 Topbank Dr, Toronto
161 Larratt LaneN4082451161 Larratt Lane
58 Bansbury Circ, BramptonW408304258 Bansbury Circ, Brampton
3728 Forest Bluff CresW40817273728 Forest Bluff Cres
Tba Professor Day Dr BradfordN4082486Tba Professor Day Dr Bradford
53 Fouracre Way, AuroraN408225453 Fouracre Way, Aurora
341 Chouinard Way, AuroraN4081515341 Chouinard Way, Aurora
635 King Rd, BurlingtonW4082483635 King Rd, Burlington
505 Queen Mary Dr, BramptonW4083285505 Queen Mary Dr, Brampton
12 Omalley Cres, WhitbyE408245012 Omalley Cres, Whitby
53 Maisonneuve Blvd, BramptonW408152853 Maisonneuve Blvd, Brampton
161 Paradelle DrN4081576161 Paradelle Dr
14 Harold Lawrie Lane, MarkhamN408150514 Harold Lawrie Lane, Markham
81 Romano Cres, VaughanN408208681 Romano Cres, Vaughan
4 Luba Ave, Richmond HillN40815134 Luba Ave, Richmond Hill
84 Via Romano Way, BramptonW408172084 Via Romano Way, Brampton
54 Liskeard Circ, VaughanN408226754 Liskeard Circ, Vaughan
2077 Cliff Rd, MississaugaW40829192077 Cliff Rd, Mississauga
18 Linden Lea St, MarkhamN408337218 Linden Lea St, Markham
93 W Weldrick RdN408307693 W Weldrick Rd
3002 Silverthorn Dr, OakvilleW40824673002 Silverthorn Dr, Oakville
6 Kavanaugh Crt, AjaxE40821926 Kavanaugh Crt, Ajax
416 Summerlyn Tr BradfordN4083223416 Summerlyn Tr Bradford
5 Northey Dr, TorontoC40833215 Northey Dr, Toronto
3 Fairway Dr, TorontoE40488283 Fairway Dr, Toronto
16 Dilworth Cres, TorontoE408307516 Dilworth Cres, Toronto
8 Nova Scotia Rd, BramptonW40826878 Nova Scotia Rd, Brampton
3 Chardonnay St, HamiltonX40829423 Chardonnay St, Hamilton
1511 Astrella CresW40831591511 Astrella Cres
Lot 22 Military Cres, BramptonW4081522Lot 22 Military Cres, Brampton
20 Hutchcroft Ave, TorontoE408207820 Hutchcroft Ave, Toronto
129 Sky Harbour Dr, BramptonW4083414129 Sky Harbour Dr, Brampton
32 Forsyth Cres, BramptonW408260032 Forsyth Cres, Brampton
2652 Victoria Park AveC40828642652 Victoria Park Ave
276 Oberfrick Ave, VaughanN4081573276 Oberfrick Ave, Vaughan
106 Leadership Dr, BramptonW4081979106 Leadership Dr, Brampton
13 Seton Park Rd, TorontoC408337613 Seton Park Rd, Toronto
43 Bridlepath StN408338343 Bridlepath St
333 Cleveland St, TorontoC4083373333 Cleveland St, Toronto
9 Campwood Cres, BramptonW40817939 Campwood Cres, Brampton
41 Chalkfarm Cres, BramptonW408193941 Chalkfarm Cres, Brampton
19 Albani St, TorontoW408309919 Albani St, Toronto
47 Bignell Cres, AjaxE408326847 Bignell Cres, Ajax
7 Carmichael Crt, CaledonW40815687 Carmichael Crt, Caledon
14 Camston Rd, BramptonW408209214 Camston Rd, Brampton
224 Williamson Rd, MarkhamN4082659224 Williamson Rd, Markham
55 Andrew Green CresN408254955 Andrew Green Cres
122 Westhampton Dr, VaughanN4082857122 Westhampton Dr, Vaughan
28 Oswald Rd, BramptonW408171328 Oswald Rd, Brampton
2537 Waterford St, OakvilleW40832312537 Waterford St, Oakville
17 Ashbury Ave, TorontoC408255117 Ashbury Ave, Toronto
90 Upper Rouge Tr, TorontoE408286190 Upper Rouge Tr, Toronto
163 Sunforest Dr, BramptonW4082768163 Sunforest Dr, Brampton
35 E Chadwick Dr, AjaxE408154735 E Chadwick Dr, Ajax
43 Natalie Pl, TorontoE408247743 Natalie Pl, Toronto
138 Colonel Danforth TrE4082380138 Colonel Danforth Tr
96 Greenbelt CresN408153696 Greenbelt Cres
21 Coral Cres, Richmond HillN408330821 Coral Cres, Richmond Hill
1001 Sherman Brock CircN40829761001 Sherman Brock Circ
67 Santa Barbara Rd, TorontoC408328967 Santa Barbara Rd, Toronto
4650 Highway 7 Ave 55, VaughanN40833374650 Highway 7 Ave 55, Vaughan
118 White Spruce Cres, VaughanN4082370118 White Spruce Cres, Vaughan
145 Dollery Crt, TorontoC4082663145 Dollery Crt, Toronto
1 Atkins Ave, TorontoC40826711 Atkins Ave, Toronto
11 Signet Way, VaughanN408216811 Signet Way, Vaughan
198 Logan Ave, TorontoE4083016198 Logan Ave, Toronto
96 Amsterdam Ave, TorontoE408219796 Amsterdam Ave, Toronto
37 Kavanagh AveN408275937 Kavanagh Ave
20 Abercrombie Cres, BramptonW408324320 Abercrombie Cres, Brampton
12 Pauline Ave, WhitbyE408342112 Pauline Ave, Whitby
11 Bramblebrook Ave, TorontoE408235511 Bramblebrook Ave, Toronto
141 Vantage Loop, NewmarketN4081705141 Vantage Loop, Newmarket
66 Pilkington Cres, VaughanN408247966 Pilkington Cres, Vaughan
344 Mccaffrey Rd, NewmarketN4082015344 Mccaffrey Rd, Newmarket
107 The Meadows Ave, MarkhamN4082925107 The Meadows Ave, Markham
480 Springbrook Ave, HamiltonX4082856480 Springbrook Ave, Hamilton
21 James Ratcliff AveN408211121 James Ratcliff Ave
1544 Alexandra BlvdW40823691544 Alexandra Blvd
25 Kayak Cres, TorontoE408175325 Kayak Cres, Toronto
3 Valhalla Blvd, TorontoE40833403 Valhalla Blvd, Toronto
5 Antoine St, BramptonW40816525 Antoine St, Brampton
228 Shuter St, TorontoC4082926228 Shuter St, Toronto
1263 Mcphedran Pt, MiltonW40824261263 Mcphedran Pt, Milton
508 Edenbrook Hill DrW4081579508 Edenbrook Hill Dr
22 Madison Heights BlvdN408228922 Madison Heights Blvd
134 Inverness Way BradfordN4082849134 Inverness Way Bradford
280 Galbraith Blvd, MiltonW4082263280 Galbraith Blvd, Milton
11 Elmbrook Cres, TorontoW408327511 Elmbrook Cres, Toronto
45 Sorbonne Dr, BramptonW408152145 Sorbonne Dr, Brampton
943 Birchwood Dr, NewmarketN4081647943 Birchwood Dr, Newmarket
281 North St, ScugogE4082784281 North St, Scugog
7267 Zinnia Pl, MississaugaW40825027267 Zinnia Pl, Mississauga
6 Cudham Dr, TorontoE40826686 Cudham Dr, Toronto
41 Goswell St, BramptonW408268541 Goswell St, Brampton
226 Surgeoner Cres, NewmarketN4083393226 Surgeoner Cres, Newmarket
291 Montgomery Ave, WhitbyE4082954291 Montgomery Ave, Whitby
83 Templehill Rd, BramptonW408196683 Templehill Rd, Brampton
90 S Main St, BramptonW408227390 S Main St, Brampton
38 The Queensway NorthN408264838 The Queensway North
27 Stoddart Crt BradfordN408271327 Stoddart Crt Bradford
128 Homestead Rd, TorontoE4082651128 Homestead Rd, Toronto
1796 Badgley Dr, OshawaE40820101796 Badgley Dr, Oshawa
4 North Woodrow Blvd, TorontoE40831364 North Woodrow Blvd, Toronto
321 Mccaffrey Rd, NewmarketN4082896321 Mccaffrey Rd, Newmarket
28 Arjay Tr, BramptonW408179628 Arjay Tr, Brampton
78 Chamberlain Ave, TorontoW408335578 Chamberlain Ave, Toronto
84 Edenbrook Hill Dr, BramptonW408309484 Edenbrook Hill Dr, Brampton
5528 Oscar Peterson BlvdW40809785528 Oscar Peterson Blvd
320 Trudeau Dr, MiltonW4083326320 Trudeau Dr, Milton
192 Trailhead Ave, NewmarketN4083402192 Trailhead Ave, Newmarket
34 Blue Anchor Tr, TorontoE408332934 Blue Anchor Tr, Toronto
603 Huntingwood Dr, TorontoE4082342603 Huntingwood Dr, Toronto
35 Cooper Creek Crt, VaughanN408282035 Cooper Creek Crt, Vaughan
188 Coker Cres Guelph, EramosaX4083073188 Coker Cres Guelph, Eramosa
15 Lloyd Manor Rd, TorontoW408324615 Lloyd Manor Rd, Toronto
657 Sentinel Rd, TorontoW4082188657 Sentinel Rd, Toronto
538 Londry Crt, NewmarketN4083409538 Londry Crt, Newmarket
72 N Holsted Rd, WhitbyE408154572 N Holsted Rd, Whitby
17 Emmott Ave, TorontoE408189117 Emmott Ave, Toronto
98 Four Oaks Gate, TorontoE408246598 Four Oaks Gate, Toronto
8039 Kipling Ave, VaughanN40821988039 Kipling Ave, Vaughan
134 Alex Campbell Cres, KingN4083072134 Alex Campbell Cres, King
25 Datchet Rd, TorontoW408331125 Datchet Rd, Toronto
62 Catalpa Cres, VaughanN408240662 Catalpa Cres, Vaughan
46 Bridlewood Blvd, WhitbyE408187846 Bridlewood Blvd, Whitby
107 Stillwater Cres, TorontoC4082617107 Stillwater Cres, Toronto
70 Galbraith Ave, TorontoE408203370 Galbraith Ave, Toronto
72 Sled Dog Rd, BramptonW408179572 Sled Dog Rd, Brampton
2412 Proudfoot Tr, OakvilleW40817092412 Proudfoot Tr, Oakville
46 Bretton Crt, TorontoE408333946 Bretton Crt, Toronto
145 Bothwell Cres, NewmarketN4082903145 Bothwell Cres, Newmarket
2 Isaac Devins Ave, VaughanN40833322 Isaac Devins Ave, Vaughan
493 Turnbridge Rd, MississaugaW4083210493 Turnbridge Rd, Mississauga
7206 Spyglass CresW40819027206 Spyglass Cres
200 Gledhill Ave, TorontoE4082761200 Gledhill Ave, Toronto
11 Barrow Ave BradfordN408278211 Barrow Ave Bradford
12 Tuscana Blvd, VaughanN408268212 Tuscana Blvd, Vaughan
191 Dean Burton LaneN4082110191 Dean Burton Lane
106 Regent St, TorontoW4082423106 Regent St, Toronto
36 Merry Brook Tr, BramptonW408217336 Merry Brook Tr, Brampton
93 Kortright Rd, GuelphX408308693 Kortright Rd, Guelph
19 Macgrotty Crt, WhitbyE408181219 Macgrotty Crt, Whitby
122 Barrow Ave BradfordN4081527122 Barrow Ave Bradford
2876 Gulfstream WayW40829272876 Gulfstream Way
36 Ladner Dr, TorontoC408302936 Ladner Dr, Toronto
63 Seward Cres, AjaxE408163163 Seward Cres, Ajax
11 Kanashiro St, BramptonW408293611 Kanashiro St, Brampton
46 Atchison Dr, CaledonW408305946 Atchison Dr, Caledon
109 Clovelly Ave, TorontoC4082353109 Clovelly Ave, Toronto
28 Homeview Ave, TorontoW408259728 Homeview Ave, Toronto
19 Taurus CresN408325319 Taurus Cres
3959 Deepwood Hts, MississaugaW40831413959 Deepwood Hts, Mississauga
2603 Bromsgrove RdW40824042603 Bromsgrove Rd
6 Bobcat St, BramptonW40822416 Bobcat St, Brampton
36 Inglenook Crt, WhitbyE408154136 Inglenook Crt, Whitby
2437 Dress Circle Cres, OshawaE40832172437 Dress Circle Cres, Oshawa
40 Annabelle Dr, TorontoW408153540 Annabelle Dr, Toronto
27 Crowsnest Cres, BramptonW408160827 Crowsnest Cres, Brampton
382 Mortimer Ave, TorontoE4083232382 Mortimer Ave, Toronto
30 Bugelli Dr, WhitbyE408343530 Bugelli Dr, Whitby
27 Gamble Dr, AjaxE408189227 Gamble Dr, Ajax
16 Vision Way, BramptonW408289816 Vision Way, Brampton
6884 Shade House CrtW40823656884 Shade House Crt
12 Manzanita Cres, BramptonW408209112 Manzanita Cres, Brampton
37 Early St, Halton HillsW408267537 Early St, Halton Hills
89 Big Hill Cres, VaughanN408174789 Big Hill Cres, Vaughan
6 Snapdragon Dr, TorontoC40823246 Snapdragon Dr, Toronto
258 Hollyberry Tr, TorontoC4082613258 Hollyberry Tr, Toronto
6 Peppermint Clse, BramptonW40819586 Peppermint Clse, Brampton
1470 Cordick St, OshawaE40822911470 Cordick St, Oshawa
146 Havelock Dr, BramptonW4083218146 Havelock Dr, Brampton
2425 Baronwood Dr, OakvilleW40833142425 Baronwood Dr, Oakville
23 Knowles Cres, AuroraN408231823 Knowles Cres, Aurora
22 Birch Lake Crt, BramptonW408212622 Birch Lake Crt, Brampton
70 S Main St, UxbridgeN408268170 S Main St, Uxbridge
31 Highland Terr BradfordN408322531 Highland Terr Bradford
554 Grand Ridge Dr, CambridgeX4037963554 Grand Ridge Dr, Cambridge
22 Sydney Circ, VaughanN408223222 Sydney Circ, Vaughan
54 S Main St, UxbridgeN408328654 S Main St, Uxbridge
1340 Delco Crt, MississaugaW40820201340 Delco Crt, Mississauga
125 Algoma St, TorontoW4082022125 Algoma St, Toronto
42 Baffin Crt, Richmond HillN408242542 Baffin Crt, Richmond Hill
215 Barber Dr, Halton HillsW4082962215 Barber Dr, Halton Hills
9 Burcombe Crossing, GuelphX40828239 Burcombe Crossing, Guelph
2949 Weston Rd, TorontoW40815802949 Weston Rd, Toronto
11 Citadel Cres, BramptonW408153911 Citadel Cres, Brampton
940 946 Beach Blvd, HamiltonX4083224940 946 Beach Blvd, Hamilton
104 Aileen Ave, TorontoW4081830104 Aileen Ave, Toronto
99 Jackman Cres, VaughanN408241799 Jackman Cres, Vaughan
2921 Bellwood Dr, ClaringtonE40834162921 Bellwood Dr, Clarington
43 Camino Dr, VaughanN408154943 Camino Dr, Vaughan
89 Haskell Ave, AjaxE408222689 Haskell Ave, Ajax
962 Hedge Dr, MississaugaW4082358962 Hedge Dr, Mississauga
23 Turning Leaf Dr, VaughanN408171823 Turning Leaf Dr, Vaughan
46 Barrymore Rd, TorontoE408167146 Barrymore Rd, Toronto
11 Ambercroft St, MarkhamN408341211 Ambercroft St, Markham
395 Kwapis Blvd, NewmarketN4081925395 Kwapis Blvd, Newmarket
27 Knowles Cres, AuroraN408267227 Knowles Cres, Aurora
2947 Tradewind Dr, MississaugaW40825702947 Tradewind Dr, Mississauga
2 Bulbourne Rd, TorontoW40831922 Bulbourne Rd, Toronto
1 Langford Blvd BradfordN40822981 Langford Blvd Bradford
2814 Denison St, MarkhamN40817792814 Denison St, Markham
3240 Angel Pass DrW40816173240 Angel Pass Dr
248 N Sharon Creek DrN4083188248 N Sharon Creek Dr
5 Miracle Tr, BramptonW40832595 Miracle Tr, Brampton
20 Aldgate Ave, HamiltonX408218120 Aldgate Ave, Hamilton
861 Sparrow Rd, NewmarketN4082090861 Sparrow Rd, Newmarket
7 Graylee Ave, TorontoE40822697 Graylee Ave, Toronto
232 Beechy Dr, Richmond HillN4082050232 Beechy Dr, Richmond Hill
23 Vidal Rd, BramptonW408231723 Vidal Rd, Brampton
2407 Sixth Line, OakvilleW40824312407 Sixth Line, Oakville
26 Chao Cres, Richmond HillN408189426 Chao Cres, Richmond Hill
10 Nuttall St, BramptonW408228810 Nuttall St, Brampton
8337 Guelph Line, MiltonW40820488337 Guelph Line, Milton
21 Chalkfarm Cres, BramptonW408299021 Chalkfarm Cres, Brampton
253 South Ocean Dr, OshawaE4083280253 South Ocean Dr, Oshawa
9 Fairmeadow Pl, WhitbyE40831289 Fairmeadow Pl, Whitby
134 Donald Stewart CresN4082429134 Donald Stewart Cres
6150 Windfleet CresW40817776150 Windfleet Cres
93 Roywood Dr, TorontoC408339993 Roywood Dr, Toronto
19 Wyman Cres BradfordN408209619 Wyman Cres Bradford
8 Algonquin Cres, AuroraN40819448 Algonquin Cres, Aurora
138 Wharnsby Dr, TorontoE4081917138 Wharnsby Dr, Toronto
C190R Truro Circ, BramptonW4082959C190R Truro Circ, Brampton
1 Willowlea Dr, TorontoE40829871 Willowlea Dr, Toronto
643 Hepburn Rd, MiltonW4083294643 Hepburn Rd, Milton
53 Youngestar Tr, BramptonW408333853 Youngestar Tr, Brampton
2295 Rochester Circ 30W40817702295 Rochester Circ 30
41 Thyra Ave, TorontoE408335941 Thyra Ave, Toronto
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