Top 6 Modern Home Advertising Techniques

Modern Home Selling Techniques

The Top 6 Modern Marketing Methods For Selling Your Home

In the past, properly advertising and marketing your home was a lot easier than it is today. 

Newspaper ads or magazine listings were the best method of reaching people.  Word-of-mouth was your best friend too.

Sometimes even just sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign on your lawn would work well – as people would drive around looking for these.

Nowadays, especially with the growth of the internet on mobile phones, there are more modern home sale advertising techniques that work much better – when used correctly.  

However, they are not quite as easy as the methods of old.

This is why using people familiar with modern home sale advertising techniques to sell your home is crucial in getting the best possible price in today’s day and age.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t really know how to take advantage of modern home sale advertising techniques. ​

To help you along the way, here are the 6 top modern marketing techniques that you should be using – if you want to get the best possible price for your home.

All good Real Estate Agents use these – or have their own teams of people trained on using these to the maximum advantage.

1. A Mobile Responsive Website

For those of you not familiar with the concept of ‘mobile responsive’, it means that the website is easily read on a mobile phone. 

To do this, the site will probably have to look very different to the main desktop version.

This is one of the most important modern advertising technique to sell your home

Google recently announced that now over half of internet searches are performed on a phone. 

People now run their entire lives on their phones and when they see a home for sale, this is most likely the first place they will turn too.

So, if your home is not properly advertised on a site that works well and displays correctly on mobile, you’ll be putting off all these buyers.

The website, which is where the vast majority of people find MLS listings, now has a mobile app that is more widely used than the site itself.

The whole world has gone mobile.

2. ‘Email Capture’ Pages

Email is still one of the most popular and widely used forms of communication nowadays.

When selling your home, you should think about ways in which you can capture buyer emails, then email them information about your home. 

This is what an ‘email capture’ page is on a site – it’s a place where you ‘capture’ potential buyers’ emails in exchange for information about the home for sale.

Examples include asking for it on your home’s website or even at an open house.

Getting that email address unlocks an easy and cheap method to send people information about your home. 

And since more buyers lead to a higher selling price for your home, everything in your marketing activities should be focussed upon getting more buyers.

3. An Existing Email Database

Similar to the second point, if you can obtain an existing email database of hot buyers this will be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. 

This is where using a Real Estate Agent familiar with these modern advertising techniques will be worth it’s weight in gold.

Most good Agents have large email databases or can build them very quickly using online advertising and marketing methods.

In the same way people ‘buy’ lists of target customers to email or call (this is why you get those annoying phone calls that always seem to interrupt your dinner), when you hire a Real Estate Agent you are also ‘hiring’ their existing database of buyer leads.

4. Getting On Google

Most people who are unfamiliar with websites think that creating a site is the hard part.   It is not. 

Getting people to that site is the most important aspect.

Websites don’t work like field of dreams: if you build it, it doesn’t mean that they will come!

If you don’t set the site up correctly so that it can be found properly in Google for the right search phrases, you will just have wasted your time building it. 

To rank on the first page of Google requires specialist knowledge.  This also ties in to point number one – if  you don’t have a mobile friendly site, you almost certainly can’t get on Google for anything as Google now ‘punishes’ these sites in it’s search results.

5. Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are amazing platforms to reach thousands of potential buyers.

If you’re not using them to market and promote your home, you are missing out and potentially leaving money on the table.

You need to regularly engaging content about your home to these platforms – or hire an Agent who knows where they’re doing here – to get the most out of them.

This includes photographs (professionally taken, of course) and other well written engaging posts – such as open house competitions and offers – to promote your home and bring in more buyers.

6. Online Paid Advertising

In addition to getting on Google organically (for free), posting engaging content on social media (for free), you can also take out paid advertising to promote your home in all these places.

Paid advertising is an amazing way to get your home in front of thousands of buyers at a relatively low cost.

Unlike organic (free) marketing, you can ramp this up much more quickly and an entire multi trillion dollar industry exists because of this ridiculous reach.

However, I would issue a warning to anyone thinking of doing this: this can be very expensive when you don’t know what you’re doing.  

There is a learning curve in online paid advertising that takes quite a while.  Our advice would be to definitely seek professional help.

Thousands of courses, books, blogs and agencies exist to train people in how to use paid ads online – it is not something you can pick up overnight.

So, make sure and ask your Agent on their plans to use social media to boost your property.

In Summary – Modern Marketing Methods For Selling A Home

Getting your home in front of thousands of potential buyers has never been easier – with the current methods available.

However, the methods themselves are very difficult to master and are not easy to setup.

We hope this guide clarified a few of the available options and we strongly recommend you use an Agent who has experience in some – if not all – of these.

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