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As Close To A Free Online Home Appraisal As Possible

Are you considering putting your home up for sale or simply wanting to know what's my home worth?

Look no further than our free 30 second home value report - the closest thing to a free online home appraisal out there - and it's quick, easy and free.

This is not an 'official appraisal' - there are no appraisers involved. Simply fill out our 30 second application - you can choose to get your valuation done in-person or it be automated.

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Not A Full Home Appraisal - But Close

Some companies may try to give you a sales pitch or spend hundreds of dollars on a home appraisal in order to get a simple home valuation report for your home.

Not us.

Our unique service takes the pressure off you. With our automated form, you will receive the answer to the question how much is my house worth for the cost of only 30 seconds of your time.

Choose automated or in-person - both are quick, easy and free.

Almost (But Not Quite) A Free Home Appraisal...

No, this is not the same as a house appraisal and should not be considered as such.

However, if you're considering your housing situation due to job changes, welcoming new family, or just thinking about selling - having a good home valuation - without spending hundreds of dollars on an appraisal can prove to be very useful.

Having a value will allow you to weigh your options and set realistic expectations for any changes you consider.

It's not an appraisal but it is enough to give you good guidance as to your home value.

Don't Waste Any More Time
- Find Out Your Home Value Right Now

If don't need an official appraisal and just want guidance as to the value of your home - either our automated or in-person free report is the right fit for you.

Simply fill out our form in as little as 30 seconds and save all that research time.

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"Great service - after hours of looking I was glad I was finally able to find a real home valuation that wasn't just a Realtor trying to sell me their services."

Peter A.

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For Home-Owners Only
- No Risk, No Obligation

Home Valuation Report

If you are a buyer looking for a home valuation report on a potential property this is not for you. Instead, you should check out our buying specialist Realtor service that we offer.

Otherwise, if you are a home-owner looking for how much your home is worth then our solution is perfect for you.

All our automatically generated valuation reports are entirely free of charge and free of risk. The only cost is 30 seconds of your time!

"Is this another one of those services where there is no report and you are just going to put me on a call with a Realtor?"


There is zero obligation with our reports - you don't even have to speak with us, unless you want to.

And you don't need to pay like you would with a home appraisal - all our reports are free - with the choice of having it done in-person or automatically delivered to you within an hour. Give it a try today!

Get Your Free Home Value Report

"It was a pleasure to deal with you - thanks for this service."

Paige M.

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Fully Licensed And Regulated

We are part of Royal LePage Signature Realty - one of the largest real estate brokerages in the GTA. We are fully licensed and part of every major real estate network:

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We're based in Toronto, but we serve all across the GTA and it's surrounding areas and work directly with the best local experts.
Check out the areas we serve for more information.

Getting expert local help is how you'll get an edge on the crazy Toronto real estate market.

In fact, we have now helped over 1,779 buyers and seller across the GTA find their perfect Realtor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on the question to reveal the answer.

We do not charge you anything at all. This home value calculator is completely free. You can choose to use one of our Realtors if you like, but there is no obligation. You can also choose to get a more detailed and free in-person valuation - again, there is no cost for this.

No, this free valuation report is intended for home-owners only. If you would like for us to fetch you some home valuation reports as a buyer please visit this page to see how you can work with one of our buying specialist Realtors -

Yes! After filling out our application form - to give us the information we need - we run your home through an automated valuation service.

This automated report bases your valuation on recent sales in your area.

It takes on average about an hour for us to do this. We then email you your report - completely free, no obligations at all.

No, a home appraisal is where a licensed appraiser visits your home and assesses the value. This is simply an automated report to give you an idea of your property value.

It uses recent sales in your area - the same way a home appraisal would - but it doesn't go to the same depth (eg. a home appraisal would make adjustments for differences in the properties).

So while you might consider it to be a free home appraisal, it is closer to a free automated home value report.

We serve the entire GTA and all the surrounding areas - from Brantford in the west, through to Cobourg in the east. Unlike other services out there, we only work in the GTA and surrounding areas - we are also based there ourselves. However, please note that the more rural the property, the less likely this automated valuation will work as there may not be enough recent comparable sales.

Yes, we are fully licensed and regulated ourselves. It is illegal for us to use or share your information for any other purposes.

This is an automated valuation, so is never going to be 100% accurate. It also should not replace a full valuation prepared by a licensed Realtor who knows your area well. We would be happy to put you in touch with a top local real estate agent - but only if you want.

Having said that, you will get the comparable sales used to produce the valuation in the report and can decide for yourself if the amount is appropriate based on these.

As long as your property is located in an urban area, this will work. If your property is custom built and not located in a urban, populated area, with recent sales then this will not work. Recent nearby sales are crucial for this to work.

Nothing To Lose. 100% Free. No Obligations.

Get your free home valuation report today - as close to a free online appraisal as you can find!

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