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Oshawa is located along Lake Ontario's Shoreline. It is commonly perceived as the eastern anchor between the Golden Horseshoe and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Oshawa (2016 population 159,458; CMA 379,848)[5] is a city in Ontario, Canada, on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

It lies in Southern Ontario, approximately 60 kilometres east of Downtown Toronto.

It is commonly viewed as the eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area and of the Golden Horseshoe.

It is the largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham.

The name Oshawa originates from the Ojibwa term aaz haway, meaning "the crossing place" or just "(a)cross".

Historians believe that the area that would become Oshawa began as a transfer point for the fur trade. Beaver and other animals trapped for their pelts by local natives were traded with the Coureurs des bois (voyagers). Furs were loaded onto canoes by the Mississauga Indians at the Oshawa harbour and transported to the trading posts located to the west at the mouth of the Credit River. Around 1760, the French constructed a trading post near the harbour location; this was abandoned after a few years, but its ruins provided shelter for the first residents of what later became Oshawa.