Before You Apply, Please Read The Following...

As licensed Realtors, we have a regulatory responsibility to the other Realtors we work with - this limits the kind of clients we can help with rental/leasing properties.

Therefore, because of these legal requirements, we can only work with you if you meet the following criteria:

You have a good credit score (no banktruptcy or credit issues).

You have not been evicted from a property previously.

You are employed full-time (sorry, no students).

If you do not meet the above criteria, then the only way we will be able to work with you is if you can get a co-signer who meets the above criteria.

In addition to this, Realtors only list premium rental properties - so you should look to have the following budget:

Realtor for rentals

If not, we suggest you try Craiglist or Kijiji to find a rental/leasing option directly, as we will - unfortunately - be unable to help you.

Premium rentals in the GTA are currently in high demand - so, unfortunately, almost no landlords are accepting students - so, for just now we are unable to offer this service to students - please do not apply if you are a student.

Otherwise, if you have read the above and meet the criteria, please press the button below to continue.

I Confirm I Have Read And Meet The Above Criteria