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Real Estate is generally one of the largest financial transactions you will ever take part in. So having the wrong Realtor on your side can be very costly. You want to be 100% sure you are getting the best out there - someone who can sell your home for the best price or find you a new one that meets all of your needs (for the best price). And do it all within your schedule. However, finding the right Realtor is not always easy.But it doesn't have to be so difficult.

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As part of Royal LePage Signature Realty – one of the largest brokerages in the GTA – we have access to over 400+ Realtors, including the best out there. And with just 40 seconds of your time, you'll let us know what you're looking for through our online application –so that we can match you to a top Realtor.

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One of the many benefits of our free service is that we can search our database of hundreds of Royal LePage realtors in the blink of an eye – to find someone who meets your needs.

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All as part of Royal LePage Signature Realty - one of the largest real estate brokerages in the GTA. We are fully licensed and part of every major real estate network:

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Why Having A Good Realtor Is So Important...

You’ve probably read the horror stories or heard from friends and family about bad experiences. Too often, people rely on friends, family or neighbours for their Real Estate needs – instead of trying to find the best out there – and it turns out really bad. If you're not careful, you could end up stuck with a Realtor who either is not experienced enough to meet your needs, or simply isn't interested. This can potentially end up costing you thousands of dollars if they don't sell your home for the best price, or you can end up with a less than perfect home that wasn't what you were looking for at all.

Fortunately, we are able to not only match you up with some of the top Realtors in the GTA who have plenty of experience, but we can do so based on what you are looking for to further provide a more specialized service.

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Our service is entirely free. We have a continuously updated database of GTA Realtors with Royal LePage Signature Realty who are ready to serve you best.

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A Real Life $100,000 Home Selling Mistake....

Michael Sneddon

By Michael Sneddon - Creator Of This Service

When you are helping people sell their home, there is a lot involved. However, one of the most under-appreciated skills is ensuring that you know of what is going on in the nearby market, so that you don’t under-price the house. This is almost exactly what happened with a property we saw – and the Realtor almost cost their clients $100,000 on the sale of their home (instead he cost them close to $30,000).

In this case, we were working with the buyer. We had found a street in an area of West Toronto where townhouse prices had not yet ‘caught up’ with local prices. And the selling Realtor had not noticed this. When we saw the townhouse we recognised that it had been built by the same company that we knew had built others just round the corner. And those just round the corner were selling at over $100,000 more than this Realtor had listed this place at. When we spoke to the selling Realtor, it was clear they had not done their research and did not have enough knowledge of the local market to recognise this (not everyone knows who the developers of properties around them are!).

So, to ensure we got in before anyone else, we put in a ‘bully offer’ (which is when you make an offer before the offer day) for a good amount of money above what they had listed at. The Realtor liked our offer and advised his clients to take it. Unfortunately, another Realtor realised the selling Realtor’s mistake too and not only put in a competing offer (worse still, they told the selling Realtor about his mistake! I guess this Realtor had not taken his Negotiations101 class as he just completely gave away his strong negotiating position). So, we didn’t quite save our client $100,000 but after a short bidding war, our client got the property and a few months later, an identical townhouse on the same row sold for $30,000 more than our buyer paid. This selling Realtor only cost his client $30,000 but he very nearly cost them $100,000...

This is why I created GTA Real Estate Pros – using my contacts with Royal LePage Supreme Realty – one of the biggest Real Estate Brokerages in the GTA. Because finding a top Realtor in your area really can make you tens of thousands of dollars more on your home sale.

Try our 40 second "Find Me a Realtor" application - its, fast, painless, and will get you well on your way to selling your home for the best possible price.

The best part is: this service is absolutely free. We don’t charge you a penny for our service of finding you a great Realtor. Of course, you will have to negotiate the commission with them! Give it a shot and join people just like you who have chosen to get a Realtor service from the best - not just any old Realtor out there.

Yours Sincerely,

-Michael Sneddon

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