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Firstly, We'll Call You Soon - To Arrange An Appointment

We want you to be 100% confident that we are here to bring you a top Realtor - who will give you great service - and help you find an amazing home at a great price.

And by 'great service' we mean calling to set up an appointment at a time that is convenient and works best for you.

During this initial appointment, you'll get the time to discover if your Realtor is the right fit for you - without being pressured into signing or commiting to anything.

Here's what else you can expect:

You get your own personal, dedicated buying specialist real estate professional.

Free real estate advice, gifts and tips that nobody else has access to.

You get to work with a Realtor who has the buying expertise to help you find the home you'll love in an area you like

Get ready to work with a top buying professional!

Here's What Our Past Customers Say:

"Thanks for all your help. Our entire family is really excited to be getting the keys today. While we won't be moving in for a few weeks, we can't wait to turn the home into our own tiny paradise."

Patricia Murphy

5 / 5

"Needed to upgrade from my two-bedroom apartment for a bigger space; a house. Right from step one, when I applied online, they assigned me with the perfect Realtor. Got me a great offer on it and was helping me narrow down new joints out near a fantastic school district."

John Creighton

5 / 5

"I had only heard bad stories about Realtors and sadly, I needed to deal with one because I wanted my own place. The Realtor GTA set me up with was exceptional - knew exactly where I was coming from and, best of all, she knew just what I wanted. Now I have a great two bedroom home and a new friend."

Dustin Cochran

5 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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We do not charge you anything at all. If you are using one of our Realtors to sell your home, they may charge a commission for this. If you are using a Realtor to buy a home, the Realtor doesn't charge you a commission. However - regardless of whether you are buying our selling - our service of bringing you a top Real Estate Professional is completely free.

We have a great team with a great track record - so you can be sure you're getting top level service with a Realtor that is right for you!

We recommend checking out our blog - we have a new articles and tips and tricks all the time so you can learn more about one of the biggest financial decisions in your life.