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Did You Know That Using A Mortgage Broker
Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars On Your Mortgage?

Using a mortgage broker is completely free and they could find you a better mortgage deal - that could literally save you thousands of dollars on your home mortgage - for any existing or future properties.

So we teamed up with Dominion Lending Centres - the #1 mortgage company in Canada - to create a sister site that makes getting a top mortgage broker easy too - with the easiest mortgage application you've ever seen - no more boring forms!

All it takes is 90 (more) seconds...

Get Free Professional Mortgage Help In 90 Seconds

Here Are Just Some Of The 39 Lenders They Work With:

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Dominion Lending Centres
Is Canada's #1 Mortgage Company

That's right - they originate more mortgages than any of the big banks. Why? Because they bring you great service, 24/7 (not Mon-Fri 9-5) and make getting a top mortgage easy.

You signed up to work with one of the top Realtors in the GTA, to save you thousands on your home purchase - now why not work with the #1 mortgage company in Canada to save you thousands on your mortgage too?

Let A Professional Do All The Hard Work For You
- For Free

Everyone knows that mortgages are incredibly confusing, complicated and take up so much time to research and solve.

So let a professional do all the hard work for you.

And best of all - as long as you don't have terrible credit (eg. a banktruptcy) - using a mortgage professional is completely free

Get Free Professional Mortgage Help In 90 Seconds
Emily G Headshot

Emily G.

Toronto, ON

"They've been extremely helpful for someone like me who is completely new to the process, and are always willing to answer any and all of my questions. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to get a mortgage and feeling unsure where to start - these guys will be able to help you out for sure."

Other Reasons To Use A Mortgage Professional

Mortgages could take up a lot of your time - time to understand the finances, time to research the products and lenders, and time to negotiate with the lenders once you have decided on the right product for you.

Fortunately, Dominion Lending Centres make all of this easy - and save you a ton of time!

When you have a top mortgage agent on your team, we take care of everything for you. You get the full support of a professional who can walk you through your mortgage and answer any questions you have at any step of the way.

Did We Mention That All Of This Is Free?

Using a mortgage broker to handle your mortgage for you is completely free - unless you have credit issues (eg. bankruptcy)

So sit back, relax and let a mortgage professional do the mortgage hard work for you!

And that's just one of the advantages of a top mortgage agent. With a Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial backed Mortgage Agent on your side, you will also get:

An expert financial team to take your budget and match it with the right mortgage.

Professional advice so you can rest easy knowing you are making the right financial choices.

Award winning service from a Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial backed professional.

No surprises buried in your mortgage - we explain all the features in your mortgage quotes.

Access to over 30 lenders - we do all the work so you don't have to.

The question is: why wouldn't you want a Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial Mortgage Agent working for you?

Emily G Headshot

Derek S.

Milton, ON

"They answered all of my questions and are clearly knowledgeable about the world of mortgages and lending. I would highly recommend you speak with GTA Mortgage Professionals before making any decisions about your next mortgage."
Get Free Help With Your Mortgage In Just 90 Seconds

Dominion Lending Centres is an award-winning brokerage that is dedicated to getting you a great mortgage

Buy Your New, Dream Home With Confidence

We launched our sister site - - a site for Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial - to do one thing: make sure that people could get the best mortgage service they deserve.

The idea was that by merging the 2 sites together, we could save you even more money.

Together we want to make sure you get a great home at an amazing price with the lowest possible mortgage rate.

You've just signed up to get a top GTA Realtor. Now you can get more free help with your mortgage from Canada's #1 mortgage company.

And all it takes is just 90 (more) seconds of your time!

Get Free Professional Help With Your Mortgage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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We do not charge you anything at all except in extreme credit cases (for example, if you have previously been bankrupt). Otherwise, sit back, relax and let a professional handle your mortgage for you, absolutely free.

You should hear back within an hour or so - we usually respond very quickly. We want to make sure our service is fast and responsive - whether weekends, holidays, and so on. Yes, we might be a bit slower on the weekends and very late at night (we are human and have families!) but you will almost always hear back within 24 hours. If you are not available or made a mistake on the form with your phone number, please use our unique Schedule A Call tool that lets you schedule a call in just a few clicks - it's at

Dominion Lending Centres is the #1 mortgage brokerage in Canada, and Dominion Lending Centres - Edge Financial is one of the top mortgage brokerages in the GTA. We have a great team with a great track record - so you can be sure you're getting top level service and mortgage that is right for you!

We will send you free tips and tricks but you can also read our free articles at In addition to this - as noted above - our team is available 24/7 to answer any mortgage questions you might have.

This site is not intended to solicit anyone already under an existing buying or listing agreement.

* This is based on our own calculations using various external sources. We cannot guarantee that this is the case, as no official statistics exist as to the 'top 10%' of Agents in Canada. For full details and a full disclosure please read our disclaimer at:

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