Top Staging Tips – Outside Your Home

We previously discussed the importance of staging the inside of your home in our last article Top Staging Tips – Inside Your Home and covered our 3 top staging tips for inside your home. However, the outside of your home is just as important, regardless if you’re living in a condo, townhouse, semi-detached or detached home!

As we mentioned before (and will in future articles), staging is an absolute must when selling your home. Studies have shown that it can increase the price you get by as much as 6.3%, which is a considerable amount of money when talking about properties.

Many people are not familiar with house staging and have a certain aversion towards it, thinking it’s just a waste of precious time and money. However, staging is not like that at all. You don’t have to spend days, even hours, on staging the outside of your home and the money you invest is insignificant, compared to the return.

In fact, house staging is the most cost-efficient thing you can do when preparing your house for sale. A few simple tricks are enough to make the outside of your house ready to welcome potential buyers and wow them before they even set foot into the house.

To help you achieve that “wow” effect and increase the final price, today we will reveal our 3 top staging tips for outside your home. 

1. Go stand on the street to see what clients see when driving up to the house.

Going the extra mile to make your home look absolutely stunning on the outside pays off in the end. It’s what the buyers first see when they walk up to your home showing, so any negative impressions they get is just going to make them think that the house itself has not been well taken care of.  

If your:

  • Landscaping is not maintained or non-existent,
  • Paint is peeling off the walls
  • Exterior lights are not working

They can be seen as a warning sign to buyers.

If you haven’t taken care of the outside, what will they find hidden on the inside? Needless to say, this may result in buyers pulling away from a deal before even considering the purchase, or low-balling the offer.

The criticism of buyers comes right down to the doormat!

Buyers are very critical when looking for their new home so that funny doormat, that you thought was hilarious, could be just a bad first impression for your potential buyer.

Even if you have dedicated a lot of time and money to fix up the interior, it would all be wasted if the clients get a bad first impression as they drive up to the house, so make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to the exterior as well.

2. Next, step outside your front door and close the door, then look around for 5 minutes

Have you ever wondered what your buyers see when they stand in front of the entrance?

While the realtor fumbles for keys and tries to figure out how to open the door, the clients are standing behind and looking around, so it’s very important for you to see what they see.

What are they seeing?

Do you have any of the following when you do this?

  • Dead plants
  • Old Halloween decorations in the middle of January
  • Cobwebs

Sometimes, it’s the outside that matters more, so it’s definitely worth it to take some time to make it look as appealing for buyers, as the inside.

Take a look around and if you notice any flaws that catch your eye, take care of them one by one.

If you’re unsure where to begin though, a good starting point is;

  • Trimming any overgrown shrubs
  • Cutting the uneven grass
  • Clearing the pathway
  • Pulling up weeds
  • Cleaning the outside of your windows
  • Clearing off the deck
  • Clear access to the garage

It wouldn’t be pleasant for buyers if they had to walk through leaves, pebbles, or dirt just to get to the front door.

This means:

  • More work for them, if they buy the house
  • More money to spend
  • More time to spend

And that is surely something they will probably back away from.

Want to go a step further?

You can always upgrade your patio with;

  • Some new furniture or accessories
  • Place a few new flower pots
  • Give your walls a fresh coat of paint

Although seemingly minor, these small upgrades can make the outside look newer, more modern and most importantly, well kept by its current owners (you).

3. Don’t forget the backyard

It’s time to get the garden gloves and shovels out!

While the backyard might not be part of the potential buyers’ first impression experience, it’s still worth giving it the time and effort. Many buyers will be interested in seeing this part of the house. You can’t just leave it as it is unless it is in a spotless condition.

  • Pull those wild weeds that grew out of nowhere
  • Water the plants
  • Do some sweeping (if that’s applicable in your case)
  • Maybe even Purchase new furniture or accessories (plant pots, birdhouses, sunbed, etc.) or transfer the old ones from your patio

If you’re in the mood for some gardening:

  • Enrich your backyard with a few colorful flower pots
  • Make a stone pathway with old stones
  • Even build your own fireplace

The last two bits may sound expensive, but that’s if you hire a professional to do them for you, and there is no need to do that. Luckily, today there are countless DIY project videos you can search on the internet that will show you how you can make the ideal backyard paradise that will bring a few extra numbers on the final house price. So if you’re a DIY project fan, don’t be afraid to get creative in your garden!


The best tip we can give you when you’re taking care of the exterior is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Imagine looking at your property for the very first time.

  • What impressions are you getting?
  • Would YOU buy your house?
  • What would you like to see changed before you put an offer on your house?

When it comes to spending money to get your house ready to sell, don’t sweat too much about it. If you have a good Realtor by your side they will make sure all of this is looked after.

At GTA Real Estate Pros, we make sure that you get the right Realtor to make your life easier.

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