z. Daily MLS Listings – 28th March 2018

Listings From Around The Greater Toronto Area - March 28th 2018

Here are some of our favourite listings from in and around the Greater Toronto Area (homes above $750k) - listed in the past few days before March 28th 2018.
AddressMLS CodeLink
2151 Davebrook Rd, MississaugaW40754522151 Davebrook Rd, Mississauga
1 Plymouth Ave, TorontoC40768881 Plymouth Ave, Toronto
43 Stayner Ave, TorontoW407582643 Stayner Ave, Toronto
31 Saint Hubert Dr, BramptonW407643631 Saint Hubert Dr, Brampton
369 Scott Blvd, MiltonW4075834369 Scott Blvd, Milton
6 Pete St, ScugogE40767156 Pete St, Scugog
277 Raymerville Dr, MarkhamN4077383277 Raymerville Dr, Markham
77 Haviland Circ, BramptonW407582077 Haviland Circ, Brampton
29 Novan Cres, AuroraN407803329 Novan Cres, Aurora
210 Patricia Ave, TorontoC4075701210 Patricia Ave, Toronto
1187 Queens Ave, OakvilleW40755361187 Queens Ave, Oakville
137 Humber Cres, KingN4075977137 Humber Cres, King
86 Marsden Crt, NewmarketN407768286 Marsden Crt, Newmarket
17 Michener Cres, MarkhamN407740717 Michener Cres, Markham
58 Groomsport Cres, TorontoE407819558 Groomsport Cres, Toronto
71 Brinloor Blvd, TorontoE407792071 Brinloor Blvd, Toronto
5 Moreau Tr, TorontoE40767325 Moreau Tr, Toronto
9282 Chinguacousy Rd, BramptonW40778899282 Chinguacousy Rd, Brampton
24 Degas Dr, VaughanN407698724 Degas Dr, Vaughan
65 Peppertree LaneN407546965 Peppertree Lane
25 Arianna Cres, VaughanN407624525 Arianna Cres, Vaughan
40 Highgate Dr, MarkhamN407707240 Highgate Dr, Markham
42 Joymar Dr, MississaugaW407612342 Joymar Dr, Mississauga
1286 Myron Dr, MississaugaW40770571286 Myron Dr, Mississauga
2985 Dancer Crt, MississaugaW40765542985 Dancer Crt, Mississauga
6 Todd Rd, TorontoE40778146 Todd Rd, Toronto
365 Chouinard Way, AuroraN4077601365 Chouinard Way, Aurora
3496 Caplan Cres, BurlingtonW40755203496 Caplan Cres, Burlington
62 Lynd Ave, TorontoW407785262 Lynd Ave, Toronto
80 Yellow Avens Blvd, BramptonW407729980 Yellow Avens Blvd, Brampton
105 Vantage Loop AveN4077495105 Vantage Loop Ave
71 Don Head Village BlvdN407616371 Don Head Village Blvd
48 Moore Park Ave, TorontoC407703748 Moore Park Ave, Toronto
2750 Donald Cousens PkwyN40771602750 Donald Cousens Pkwy
5 Calamint Lane, Richmond HillN40780215 Calamint Lane, Richmond Hill
282A Aylesworth Ave, TorontoE4078070282A Aylesworth Ave, Toronto
452 Sherin Dr, OakvilleW4076005452 Sherin Dr, Oakville
50 Bucksaw Dr, VaughanN407631150 Bucksaw Dr, Vaughan
26 Academy Dr, BramptonW407662626 Academy Dr, Brampton
124 Black Maple Cres, VaughanN4075427124 Black Maple Cres, Vaughan
200 May St Guelph, EramosaX4075454200 May St Guelph, Eramosa
4 Mountland Rd, BramptonW40766704 Mountland Rd, Brampton
2401 Secreto Dr, OshawaE40753872401 Secreto Dr, Oshawa
6 Chestnut Gate, MarkhamN40765206 Chestnut Gate, Markham
135 Sonoma Blvd, VaughanN4077837135 Sonoma Blvd, Vaughan
26 Wallaby Way, BramptonW407687426 Wallaby Way, Brampton
93 Manor Hampton StN407704893 Manor Hampton St
168 Ingleton Blvd, TorontoE4077976168 Ingleton Blvd, Toronto
360 Aylesworth Ave, TorontoE4077046360 Aylesworth Ave, Toronto
752 Silcote Rd, MississaugaW4076004752 Silcote Rd, Mississauga
42 Griffiths Dr, AjaxE407790142 Griffiths Dr, Ajax
141 Birkdale Rd, TorontoE4075699141 Birkdale Rd, Toronto
426 Appledore CresW4077673426 Appledore Cres
749 Wettlaufer Terr, MiltonW4077714749 Wettlaufer Terr, Milton
1854 Coronation BlvdX40779561854 Coronation Blvd
21 Todd Rd, AjaxE407799121 Todd Rd, Ajax
34 Vale Cres, AjaxE407572134 Vale Cres, Ajax
24 Baylawn Circ, BramptonW407784624 Baylawn Circ, Brampton
52 Sweetviolet Cres, BramptonW407540552 Sweetviolet Cres, Brampton
19 Lampton Cres, MarkhamN407749719 Lampton Cres, Markham
35 Miracle Tr, BramptonW407656335 Miracle Tr, Brampton
192 Willow Lane, NewmarketN4077194192 Willow Lane, Newmarket
65 Wallace St, VaughanN407763165 Wallace St, Vaughan
900 College Manor DrN4078076900 College Manor Dr
26 Madison Heights BlvdN407684326 Madison Heights Blvd
216 Tierra Ave, VaughanN4077675216 Tierra Ave, Vaughan
2 Whitbread Cres, AjaxE40754102 Whitbread Cres, Ajax
99 Blaine Crt, VaughanN407710099 Blaine Crt, Vaughan
31 Lamp Cres, VaughanN407568531 Lamp Cres, Vaughan
48 Maverick Cres, BramptonW407540448 Maverick Cres, Brampton
989 The Queensway, TorontoW4077984989 The Queensway, Toronto
1 Darby Crt, TorontoE40775711 Darby Crt, Toronto
4826 Rathkeale Rd, MississaugaW40757874826 Rathkeale Rd, Mississauga
40 Ellesmere St, Richmond HillN407620240 Ellesmere St, Richmond Hill
45 Seclusion Crt, WhitbyE407758445 Seclusion Crt, Whitby
50 Worsley Rd, HamiltonX407729250 Worsley Rd, Hamilton
3135 Orleans Rd, MississaugaW40771843135 Orleans Rd, Mississauga
35 Jarrow Cres, WhitbyE407715235 Jarrow Cres, Whitby
848 Castlemore Ave, MarkhamN4075746848 Castlemore Ave, Markham
38 Millicent St, TorontoC407807138 Millicent St, Toronto
68 Emmitt Rd, VaughanN407792968 Emmitt Rd, Vaughan
717 Macbeth Hts, MississaugaW4075461717 Macbeth Hts, Mississauga
50 Apple Blossom CresW407550650 Apple Blossom Cres
99 Attwood Dr, CambridgeX407757099 Attwood Dr, Cambridge
6 Rollins Pl, TorontoW40766056 Rollins Pl, Toronto
2 Milby Cres BradfordN40764082 Milby Cres Bradford
61 E Wellington St, AuroraN407614961 E Wellington St, Aurora
1 Atrium Lane, TorontoE40762151 Atrium Lane, Toronto
292 Stephenson Point RdE4075411292 Stephenson Point Rd
26 Chipwood Cres, TorontoC407636826 Chipwood Cres, Toronto
2286 Bostock Cres, MississaugaW40757242286 Bostock Cres, Mississauga
3309 Columbine CresW40773643309 Columbine Cres
73 Westminster Ave, TorontoW407719073 Westminster Ave, Toronto
67 Stillman Dr, BramptonW407557367 Stillman Dr, Brampton
9 Forest Path Crt, TorontoW40772359 Forest Path Crt, Toronto
14 Hyderabad Lane, MarkhamN407676814 Hyderabad Lane, Markham
6 Ruffle Lane, Richmond HillN40765076 Ruffle Lane, Richmond Hill
16 Bowes Garden Crt, TorontoE407701116 Bowes Garden Crt, Toronto
4267 Vivaldi Rd, BurlingtonW40767034267 Vivaldi Rd, Burlington
1279 Warwick Ave, OakvilleW40756241279 Warwick Ave, Oakville
68 White Beach Cres, VaughanN407574968 White Beach Cres, Vaughan
18 Ruffle Lane, Richmond HillN407752118 Ruffle Lane, Richmond Hill
145 Vantage Loop AveN4077546145 Vantage Loop Ave
5667 Spangler Dr, MississaugaW40762195667 Spangler Dr, Mississauga
5A Caldwell Cres, BramptonW40754155A Caldwell Cres, Brampton
21 1 Eagleview Hts, VaughanN407658821 1 Eagleview Hts, Vaughan
66 Ohara Pl, BramptonW407652666 Ohara Pl, Brampton
Blk 336 Carr Landing Dr 6W4077884Blk 336 Carr Landing Dr 6
56 Port Arthur CresN407614156 Port Arthur Cres
1980 Deanhome Rd, MississaugaW40759761980 Deanhome Rd, Mississauga
4364 10th Sdrd BradfordN40771654364 10th Sdrd Bradford
156 Hollyberry Tr, TorontoC4078122156 Hollyberry Tr, Toronto
163 Hawkview Blvd, VaughanN4075832163 Hawkview Blvd, Vaughan
122 Gillett Dr, AjaxE4078198122 Gillett Dr, Ajax
40 Stammers Dr, AjaxE407617240 Stammers Dr, Ajax
17 W Earlsbridge BlvdW407567917 W Earlsbridge Blvd
26 Parsonby Crt, BramptonW407626826 Parsonby Crt, Brampton
473 Tipperton Cres, OakvilleW4077516473 Tipperton Cres, Oakville
91 Rockland Cres, WhitbyE407779891 Rockland Cres, Whitby
36 Fiorentina Ave, VaughanN407650036 Fiorentina Ave, Vaughan
26 Yorkview Dr, TorontoW407584426 Yorkview Dr, Toronto
3 Major William Sharpe DrW40770793 Major William Sharpe Dr
490 Main St, KingN4076053490 Main St, King
39 Octillo Blvd, BramptonW407722039 Octillo Blvd, Brampton
39 Octillo Blvd, BramptonW407719739 Octillo Blvd, Brampton
11 Campwood Cres, BramptonW407653311 Campwood Cres, Brampton
7 N Norfolk St, HamiltonX40754757 N Norfolk St, Hamilton
1620 Parish Lane, OakvilleW40766861620 Parish Lane, Oakville
73 Ruffle Lane, Richmond HillN407727473 Ruffle Lane, Richmond Hill
62 Liberty Cres BradfordN407675162 Liberty Cres Bradford
226 Gibson Circ BradfordN4078032226 Gibson Circ Bradford
36 Festival CrtN407686736 Festival Crt
37 Gamson Cres, BramptonW407583037 Gamson Cres, Brampton
2184 N Trafalgar Rd 25W40768102184 N Trafalgar Rd 25
1 Poetry Dr, VaughanN40760621 Poetry Dr, Vaughan
11 Kanashiro St, BramptonW407699011 Kanashiro St, Brampton
115 Crown Victoria DrW4075950115 Crown Victoria Dr
37 Big Hill Cres, VaughanN407556437 Big Hill Cres, Vaughan
28 Edinborough Crt, TorontoW407577228 Edinborough Crt, Toronto
463 Terrace Way, OakvilleW4075562463 Terrace Way, Oakville
28 Mcclarnan Rd, AjaxE407590628 Mcclarnan Rd, Ajax
15 C Line Rd, OrangevilleW407751115 C Line Rd, Orangeville
15 Snowberry Ave, TorontoW407715315 Snowberry Ave, Toronto
1209 Sixth Line, OakvilleW40760611209 Sixth Line, Oakville
32 Joycelyn Cres, Halton HillsW407811132 Joycelyn Cres, Halton Hills
4 Alomar St, WhitbyE40771864 Alomar St, Whitby
1793 Quail Run Dr, OshawaE40763221793 Quail Run Dr, Oshawa
10 Bates Crt, BramptonW407714910 Bates Crt, Brampton
7 Ingleside Rd, BramptonW40771597 Ingleside Rd, Brampton
4976 Highway 7, VaughanN40774984976 Highway 7, Vaughan
2130 Redstone Cres, OakvilleW40770062130 Redstone Cres, Oakville
6 Hatt St, HamiltonX40760286 Hatt St, Hamilton
31 Dress Circle Cres, OshawaE407659431 Dress Circle Cres, Oshawa
178 Stonemanor Ave, WhitbyE4076022178 Stonemanor Ave, Whitby
14 Poetry Dr, VaughanN407606914 Poetry Dr, Vaughan
139 Surgeoner Cres, NewmarketN4077911139 Surgeoner Cres, Newmarket
2097 Glenfield Rd, OakvilleW40781862097 Glenfield Rd, Oakville
67 Boyces Creek Crt, CaledonW407779067 Boyces Creek Crt, Caledon
25 Lynnbrook Dr, TorontoE407548125 Lynnbrook Dr, Toronto
13 Percy Stover Dr, MarkhamN407730413 Percy Stover Dr, Markham
2947 Tradewind Dr, MississaugaW40765062947 Tradewind Dr, Mississauga
48 Stonebriar Dr, VaughanN407551948 Stonebriar Dr, Vaughan
1572 French Gdns, MiltonW40779061572 French Gdns, Milton
3045 Eva Dr, BurlingtonW40756953045 Eva Dr, Burlington
126 Valleywood Blvd, CaledonW4077594126 Valleywood Blvd, Caledon
35 Blue Oak Ave, BramptonW407583535 Blue Oak Ave, Brampton
6656 Ganymede Rd, MississaugaW40781046656 Ganymede Rd, Mississauga
19 Golding Ave, BramptonW407698319 Golding Ave, Brampton
170 Lauderdale Dr, VaughanN4077141170 Lauderdale Dr, Vaughan
6 Forthbridge Cres, TorontoW40775286 Forthbridge Cres, Toronto
412 Scott Blvd, MiltonW4076895412 Scott Blvd, Milton
192 Alderbrae Ave, TorontoW4075768192 Alderbrae Ave, Toronto
23 Hillpath Cres, BramptonW407585823 Hillpath Cres, Brampton
6950 14th Ave, MarkhamN40765606950 14th Ave, Markham
113 Kingsview Dr, CaledonW4076335113 Kingsview Dr, Caledon
1214 Biason Circ, MiltonW40777381214 Biason Circ, Milton
142 Barleyfield Rd, BramptonW4077793142 Barleyfield Rd, Brampton
6 Drew Brown Blvd, OrangevilleW40757066 Drew Brown Blvd, Orangeville
35 Roane Ave, Halton HillsW407558035 Roane Ave, Halton Hills
12 Mckinnon Ave, Halton HillsW407555312 Mckinnon Ave, Halton Hills
49 William Colston AveW407774249 William Colston Ave
12 Taurus Rd, BramptonW407684612 Taurus Rd, Brampton
123 Novella Rd, VaughanN4076740123 Novella Rd, Vaughan
47 Humberstone Cres, BramptonW407739647 Humberstone Cres, Brampton
384 Wood Duck Lane, NewmarketN4076417384 Wood Duck Lane, Newmarket
609 Young Ave, BurlingtonW4075776609 Young Ave, Burlington
40 Hinton Rd, TorontoW407747640 Hinton Rd, Toronto
3135 Folkway Dr, MississaugaW40766453135 Folkway Dr, Mississauga
291 Silver Crt, MiltonW4077579291 Silver Crt, Milton
11 Tatra Lane, MarkhamN407592111 Tatra Lane, Markham
15 Galloway Cres, UxbridgeN407753515 Galloway Cres, Uxbridge
795 Melton Dr, MississaugaW4076716795 Melton Dr, Mississauga
34 Bluewater Cres, BramptonW407688234 Bluewater Cres, Brampton
51 Barli Cres, VaughanN407539351 Barli Cres, Vaughan
14 Ron Attwell St, TorontoW407566914 Ron Attwell St, Toronto
16 Lanercost Way, BramptonW407545016 Lanercost Way, Brampton
40 Pebblestone Circ, BramptonW407695040 Pebblestone Circ, Brampton
128 Homestead Rd, TorontoE4075403128 Homestead Rd, Toronto
69 Wickens Cres, AjaxE407816469 Wickens Cres, Ajax
21 Ainsbury Ave, AjaxE407544221 Ainsbury Ave, Ajax
25 Millwright AveN407594425 Millwright Ave
115 Cree Ave, TorontoE4077173115 Cree Ave, Toronto
860 Black Cherry Dr, OshawaE4076745860 Black Cherry Dr, Oshawa
22 Homer Ave, TorontoW407718022 Homer Ave, Toronto
140 Gilbert Ave, TorontoW4077257140 Gilbert Ave, Toronto
42 Wilf Morden RdN407760442 Wilf Morden Rd
967 Leslie Valley DrN4075975967 Leslie Valley Dr
280 Weston Rd, TorontoW4078025280 Weston Rd, Toronto
18 Portsmouth Rd, VaughanN407748518 Portsmouth Rd, Vaughan
18 Restever Gate, TorontoW407644118 Restever Gate, Toronto
4 Biggs Dr, AjaxE40770194 Biggs Dr, Ajax
78 Hollis Ave, TorontoE407775778 Hollis Ave, Toronto
22 Pairash Ave, Richmond HillN407591122 Pairash Ave, Richmond Hill
1382 Day Terr, MiltonW40771421382 Day Terr, Milton
2512 Cobbinshaw CircW40759872512 Cobbinshaw Circ
7 Darius Harns Dr, WhitbyE40764867 Darius Harns Dr, Whitby
9 Fairmeadow Pl, WhitbyE40756339 Fairmeadow Pl, Whitby
103 S Toronto St, UxbridgeN4078166103 S Toronto St, Uxbridge
6907 Buttle Station PlW40764516907 Buttle Station Pl
2362 Cobbinshaw CircW40775862362 Cobbinshaw Circ
167 Rustic Rd, TorontoW4075998167 Rustic Rd, Toronto
26 Alberta Dr, VaughanN407638326 Alberta Dr, Vaughan
2364 Equestrian Cres, OshawaE40763482364 Equestrian Cres, Oshawa
3050 Eberly Woods Dr, OakvilleW40760293050 Eberly Woods Dr, Oakville
89 Macdonald Ave, TorontoW407587289 Macdonald Ave, Toronto
399 W The Westway Dr, TorontoW4076336399 W The Westway Dr, Toronto
163 Elmbank Tr, KitchenerX4076414163 Elmbank Tr, Kitchener
2156 Kedron St, OshawaE40771072156 Kedron St, Oshawa
135 Cordgrass Cres, BramptonW4076595135 Cordgrass Cres, Brampton
220 Island Crt, OrangevilleW4077087220 Island Crt, Orangeville
1304 Clarriage Crt, MiltonW40759191304 Clarriage Crt, Milton
3 Lion Pride Lane, BramptonW40764023 Lion Pride Lane, Brampton
43 Trethewey Dr, TorontoW407800743 Trethewey Dr, Toronto
5 Oldhill St, Richmond HillN40777875 Oldhill St, Richmond Hill
181 Firgrove Cres, TorontoW4076722181 Firgrove Cres, Toronto
20 Whites Hill Ave, MarkhamN407733120 Whites Hill Ave, Markham
1027 E Ellesmere Rd, TorontoE40757631027 E Ellesmere Rd, Toronto
4139 E Dursley CresW40754874139 E Dursley Cres
3 Shady Hollow Dr, TorontoE40765993 Shady Hollow Dr, Toronto
427 Grey Landing, MiltonW4076770427 Grey Landing, Milton
3 Duggan Ave, WhitbyE40754243 Duggan Ave, Whitby
182 Coronation Dr, TorontoE4076439182 Coronation Dr, Toronto
124 Echovalley Dr, HamiltonX4078085124 Echovalley Dr, Hamilton
30 Twistleton St, CaledonW407796130 Twistleton St, Caledon
80 Hullmar Dr, TorontoW407816580 Hullmar Dr, Toronto
39 Oates Dr, TorontoE407646039 Oates Dr, Toronto
126 Rochester Ave, TorontoC4076313126 Rochester Ave, Toronto
2338 Prince John BlvdW40777282338 Prince John Blvd
10 Boustead Ave, TorontoW407783110 Boustead Ave, Toronto
2060 Dickson Rd, MississaugaW40772442060 Dickson Rd, Mississauga
16 Eversley Hall, KingN407766016 Eversley Hall, King
96 Arjay Cres, TorontoC407821196 Arjay Cres, Toronto
70 Charles St, VaughanN407726570 Charles St, Vaughan
38 Glenrose Ave, TorontoC407723038 Glenrose Ave, Toronto
440 Glengrove Ave, TorontoC4077830440 Glengrove Ave, Toronto
277 Dalewood Dr, OakvilleW4078125277 Dalewood Dr, Oakville
1413 Glenburnie RdW40760951413 Glenburnie Rd
2550 Concession 6 Rd, UxbridgeN40771462550 Concession 6 Rd, Uxbridge
45 White Pine TrN407809545 White Pine Tr
323 Melrose Ave, TorontoC4077263323 Melrose Ave, Toronto
2 Annie LaneN40770132 Annie Lane
44 Southwell Dr, TorontoC407724644 Southwell Dr, Toronto
4954 Boston Mills Rd, CaledonW40772834954 Boston Mills Rd, Caledon
215 Lord Seaton Rd, TorontoC4077327215 Lord Seaton Rd, Toronto
95 Birch Ave, Richmond HillN407614595 Birch Ave, Richmond Hill
1390 Willowdown Rd, OakvilleW40758511390 Willowdown Rd, Oakville
29 Finchley Rd, TorontoW407726229 Finchley Rd, Toronto
57 Austin Rumble Crt, KingN407777357 Austin Rumble Crt, King
158 Hollywood Ave, TorontoC4077820158 Hollywood Ave, Toronto
2471 Jarvis St, MississaugaW40773572471 Jarvis St, Mississauga
164 Alfred Ave, TorontoC4077256164 Alfred Ave, Toronto
48 Nipigon Ave, TorontoC407817148 Nipigon Ave, Toronto
393 Elm Rd, TorontoC4077699393 Elm Rd, Toronto
229 Riverside Dr, TorontoW4075462229 Riverside Dr, Toronto
66 Wingate Cres, Richmond HillN407568866 Wingate Cres, Richmond Hill
1 Lake Shore Dr, TorontoW40759791 Lake Shore Dr, Toronto
23 Michigan Dr, TorontoC407561223 Michigan Dr, Toronto
9 Yongeview Ave, Richmond HillN40768199 Yongeview Ave, Richmond Hill
38 Winlock Park, TorontoC407768438 Winlock Park, Toronto
8 Heintzman Cres, VaughanN40759028 Heintzman Cres, Vaughan
1735 Fifeshire CrtW40770501735 Fifeshire Crt
23 Beauvista Crt, VaughanN407584123 Beauvista Crt, Vaughan
1582 Stavebank Rd, MississaugaW40767171582 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga
298 Horsham Ave, TorontoC4075729298 Horsham Ave, Toronto
6 Dunlace Dr, TorontoC40766546 Dunlace Dr, Toronto
17 Pinnacle Rd, TorontoC407578117 Pinnacle Rd, Toronto
497 Bohemia Cres, OakvilleW4075800497 Bohemia Cres, Oakville
15 Orchid Crt, TorontoC407716415 Orchid Crt, Toronto
31 Holita Rd, TorontoC407623331 Holita Rd, Toronto
177 Hunterwood Chse, VaughanN4075623177 Hunterwood Chse, Vaughan
22 Ainley Tr, Halton HillsW407599322 Ainley Tr, Halton Hills
31 Glenarden CresN407786731 Glenarden Cres
3 Crowling Crt, Richmond HillN40764633 Crowling Crt, Richmond Hill
116 Chaplin Cres, TorontoC4077349116 Chaplin Cres, Toronto
57 Cairns Gate, KingN407814857 Cairns Gate, King
26 Edgehill Rd, TorontoW407713226 Edgehill Rd, Toronto
229 Empress Ave, TorontoC4077394229 Empress Ave, Toronto
5 Rock Elm Crt, VaughanN40776475 Rock Elm Crt, Vaughan
35 Davies Cres, TorontoE407601235 Davies Cres, Toronto
78 Sofia Olivia Cres, VaughanN407649678 Sofia Olivia Cres, Vaughan
496 E Wilson St, HamiltonX4078156496 E Wilson St, Hamilton
26 Trio Ave, TorontoW407692926 Trio Ave, Toronto
30 W Walder Ave, TorontoC407548530 W Walder Ave, Toronto
23 Hunters Glen Rd, AuroraN407596723 Hunters Glen Rd, Aurora
9 William Bowes Blvd, VaughanN40772339 William Bowes Blvd, Vaughan
128 Park Cres, Richmond HillN4078119128 Park Cres, Richmond Hill
426 Trafalgar Rd, OakvilleW4076763426 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville
2379 Camilla Rd, MississaugaW40769962379 Camilla Rd, Mississauga
8 Mcmahon Crt, Richmond HillN40769688 Mcmahon Crt, Richmond Hill
49 Findlay Blvd, TorontoC407712449 Findlay Blvd, Toronto
24 Lowesmoor Ave, TorontoC407809124 Lowesmoor Ave, Toronto
Lot 7 Worthington AveN4076727Lot 7 Worthington Ave
88 Maplewood Ave, TorontoC407608688 Maplewood Ave, Toronto
1261 Haig Blvd, MississaugaW40769791261 Haig Blvd, Mississauga
90 Pitfield Rd, TorontoE407618490 Pitfield Rd, Toronto
21 Wales Ave, MarkhamN407805321 Wales Ave, Markham
79 Chaiwood Crt, VaughanN407762079 Chaiwood Crt, Vaughan
19 Kensington Ave, TorontoC407813119 Kensington Ave, Toronto
3 George Henry Blvd, TorontoC40779873 George Henry Blvd, Toronto
1600 Holburne Rd, MississaugaW40760091600 Holburne Rd, Mississauga
15 Larkin Ave, KingN407586915 Larkin Ave, King
1069 North Service RdX39105621069 North Service Rd
87 Boulton Dr, TorontoC407755387 Boulton Dr, Toronto
106 Viewmount Ave, TorontoC4077276106 Viewmount Ave, Toronto
2300 Cheverie St, OakvilleW40761812300 Cheverie St, Oakville
69 Glenvale Blvd, TorontoC407699569 Glenvale Blvd, Toronto
45 Kennedy Park Rd, TorontoW407631445 Kennedy Park Rd, Toronto
313 Via Romano Blvd, VaughanN4076587313 Via Romano Blvd, Vaughan
38 Kensington Ave, TorontoC407677338 Kensington Ave, Toronto
60 Shadow Falls DrN407589460 Shadow Falls Dr
63 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC407556063 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
56 Miriam Cres, Richmond HillN407566856 Miriam Cres, Richmond Hill
54 Forest Grove Crt, AuroraN407817754 Forest Grove Crt, Aurora
485 Spruce Needle CrtW4077264485 Spruce Needle Crt
29 Harewood Ave, TorontoE407593429 Harewood Ave, Toronto
19 Springwood Cres, MarkhamN407598419 Springwood Cres, Markham
15 Munsie Dr, KingN379967215 Munsie Dr, King
10 Newcastle CresN407780010 Newcastle Cres
366 East Ave, TorontoE4076429366 East Ave, Toronto
415 Macdonald St, CaledonW4077464415 Macdonald St, Caledon
48 Aileen Rd, MarkhamN407740048 Aileen Rd, Markham
26 Ria Crt, KingN407641226 Ria Crt, King
235 Harold AveN4077811235 Harold Ave
16 Mcadam Ave Th 1, TorontoW407707716 Mcadam Ave Th 1, Toronto
3129 Tacc Dr, MississaugaW40757033129 Tacc Dr, Mississauga
59 St Hubert Ave, TorontoE407664159 St Hubert Ave, Toronto
35 Southlawn Dr, VaughanN407574235 Southlawn Dr, Vaughan
252 Silver Birch Ave, TorontoE4075555252 Silver Birch Ave, Toronto
82 Lena Dr, Richmond HillN407693382 Lena Dr, Richmond Hill
1261 Old Bridle Path, OakvilleW40768621261 Old Bridle Path, Oakville
15 Galloway Dr, VaughanN407585715 Galloway Dr, Vaughan
3022 Line 9 BradfordN40776383022 Line 9 Bradford
586 Amherst Crt, MississaugaW4076193586 Amherst Crt, Mississauga
687 Hiawatha Blvd, HamiltonX4028752687 Hiawatha Blvd, Hamilton
7 Heritage Estates Rd, VaughanN40774917 Heritage Estates Rd, Vaughan
933120 Airport Rd, CaledonW4076252933120 Airport Rd, Caledon
241 Westlake Ave, TorontoE4075954241 Westlake Ave, Toronto
646 Grand Trunk Ave, VaughanN4076432646 Grand Trunk Ave, Vaughan
497 Soudan Ave, TorontoC4077545497 Soudan Ave, Toronto
1500 Stationmaster LaneW40758771500 Stationmaster Lane
80 W Chiswell Cres, TorontoC407538480 W Chiswell Cres, Toronto
8 Canelli Heights Crt, VaughanN40764988 Canelli Heights Crt, Vaughan
60 Chant Cres, MarkhamN407668460 Chant Cres, Markham
4244 Doane RdN40772004244 Doane Rd
269 Summeridge Dr, VaughanN4076471269 Summeridge Dr, Vaughan
61 Wardlaw Pl, VaughanN407642861 Wardlaw Pl, Vaughan
559 Alfred Hughes AveW4077280559 Alfred Hughes Ave
362 Huntsmill Blvd, TorontoE4076289362 Huntsmill Blvd, Toronto
393 Harbord St, TorontoC4076541393 Harbord St, Toronto
312 Glebemount Ave, TorontoE4076470312 Glebemount Ave, Toronto
4253 Vivian RdN40770974253 Vivian Rd
1169 Haig Blvd, MississaugaW40762571169 Haig Blvd, Mississauga
7 W Wellspring AveN40765487 W Wellspring Ave
1029 Ivsbridge Blvd, NewmarketN40772191029 Ivsbridge Blvd, Newmarket
4309 Couples Cres, BurlingtonW40770014309 Couples Cres, Burlington
3095 Streamwood PassageW40770733095 Streamwood Passage
122 Canyon Hill AveN4075530122 Canyon Hill Ave
70 Neighbourly LaneN407559270 Neighbourly Lane
50 Glen Long Ave, TorontoW407634750 Glen Long Ave, Toronto
267 Helen Ave, MarkhamN4078115267 Helen Ave, Markham
18 Red Deer Ave, TorontoE407810718 Red Deer Ave, Toronto
17 Glenn Arthur Dr, TorontoW407555917 Glenn Arthur Dr, Toronto
23 Westridge Rd, TorontoW407735823 Westridge Rd, Toronto
2232 Wuthering Heights WayW40757182232 Wuthering Heights Way
548 Fralicks Beach Rd, ScugogE4078172548 Fralicks Beach Rd, Scugog
208 Churchill Ave, TorontoC4075822208 Churchill Ave, Toronto
53 Overbrook Pl, TorontoC407592753 Overbrook Pl, Toronto
21 Minister Rd, BramptonW407811621 Minister Rd, Brampton
313 Ceremonial Dr, MississaugaW4076138313 Ceremonial Dr, Mississauga
537 Gardenbrook Ave, OakvilleW4076728537 Gardenbrook Ave, Oakville
55 James Joyce Dr, MarkhamN407591055 James Joyce Dr, Markham
10 Portree Cres, MarkhamN407737110 Portree Cres, Markham
69 Nicklaus Dr, AuroraN407821269 Nicklaus Dr, Aurora
83 Cranbrooke Ave, TorontoC407610783 Cranbrooke Ave, Toronto
53 Adaskin Ave, VaughanN407649053 Adaskin Ave, Vaughan
428 Mcgibbon Dr, MiltonW4077614428 Mcgibbon Dr, Milton
906 Ernest Cousins CircN4078118906 Ernest Cousins Circ
34 Thorny Brae Dr, MarkhamN407714834 Thorny Brae Dr, Markham
1096 Harden Tr, NewmarketN40775131096 Harden Tr, Newmarket
3 Impulse Circ, BramptonW40779943 Impulse Circ, Brampton
98B Galbraith Ave, TorontoE407591898B Galbraith Ave, Toronto
1595 Onondaga Pl, MississaugaW40771611595 Onondaga Pl, Mississauga
54 Knightshade Dr, VaughanN407748754 Knightshade Dr, Vaughan
333 Peregrine Way, MiltonW4076834333 Peregrine Way, Milton
47 Robins Nest Dr, VaughanN407654347 Robins Nest Dr, Vaughan
42 Bowman St, Halton HillsW407676742 Bowman St, Halton Hills
640B Durie St, TorontoW4076330640B Durie St, Toronto
3 Perth St, BramptonW40773673 Perth St, Brampton
5457 Meadowcrest AveW40767085457 Meadowcrest Ave
36 Lake Prom, TorontoW407672036 Lake Prom, Toronto
28 Crockart Lane, AuroraN407703328 Crockart Lane, Aurora
91 Valleycreek Dr, BramptonW407682991 Valleycreek Dr, Brampton
27 Scarlett Tr, VaughanN407642727 Scarlett Tr, Vaughan
17 Buckhorn Ave, Richmond HillN407737517 Buckhorn Ave, Richmond Hill
75 Moreau Tr, TorontoE407680775 Moreau Tr, Toronto
62 Albright CresN407721062 Albright Cres
8 Collingham Pl, MarkhamN40773338 Collingham Pl, Markham
4101 Farnsworth CresW40754834101 Farnsworth Cres
21 Westway Cres, VaughanN407806021 Westway Cres, Vaughan
123 Bevdale Rd, TorontoC4077621123 Bevdale Rd, Toronto
640 Ceremonial Dr, MississaugaW4075940640 Ceremonial Dr, Mississauga
17 Beaconsfield Dr, VaughanN407635217 Beaconsfield Dr, Vaughan
3500 Rebecca St, OakvilleW40757853500 Rebecca St, Oakville
2194 Yorkshire CresW40761362194 Yorkshire Cres
N A Beckett AveN4076860N A Beckett Ave
51 Tormore Dr, Richmond HillN407798951 Tormore Dr, Richmond Hill
362 Small Cres, OakvilleW4076712362 Small Cres, Oakville
67 Woodward Ave, MarkhamN407770167 Woodward Ave, Markham
491 Lyman Blvd, NewmarketN4078173491 Lyman Blvd, Newmarket
14610 Woodbine AveN407814314610 Woodbine Ave
80 Alexander Blvd, GeorginaN407731480 Alexander Blvd, Georgina
16 Atlas Peak Dr, MarkhamN407694716 Atlas Peak Dr, Markham
71 Forbes Cres, MarkhamN407569271 Forbes Cres, Markham
3 St Crispins Dr, TorontoE40755463 St Crispins Dr, Toronto
3173 Goretti Pl, MississaugaW40761443173 Goretti Pl, Mississauga
80 Invermay Ave, TorontoC407746580 Invermay Ave, Toronto
30 Dewlane Dr, TorontoC407718930 Dewlane Dr, Toronto
35 Bentoak Cres, VaughanN407581635 Bentoak Cres, Vaughan
65 Aikenhead AveN402560965 Aikenhead Ave
222 Richmond St, Richmond HillN4077360222 Richmond St, Richmond Hill
360 John St 17, MarkhamN4075986360 John St 17, Markham
4880 Solina Rd, ClaringtonE40772494880 Solina Rd, Clarington
72 Commando Crt, HamiltonX407817072 Commando Crt, Hamilton
87 E Lake Dr, GeorginaN407628087 E Lake Dr, Georgina
49 Wallace St, VaughanN407755749 Wallace St, Vaughan
1105 Saginaw Cres, MississaugaW40770601105 Saginaw Cres, Mississauga
48 Pellegrino Rd, BramptonW407697248 Pellegrino Rd, Brampton
2350 Hancock Rd, ClaringtonE40770662350 Hancock Rd, Clarington
228 Learmont Ave, CaledonW4075383228 Learmont Ave, Caledon
83 Mitchell Ave, TorontoC407552583 Mitchell Ave, Toronto
4 Maltby Crt, BramptonW40777114 Maltby Crt, Brampton
324 E King St, HamiltonX4076400324 E King St, Hamilton
5929 Long Valley RdW40781685929 Long Valley Rd
31 Weslock Cres, AuroraN407705631 Weslock Cres, Aurora
894 Hampton Cres, MississaugaW4076096894 Hampton Cres, Mississauga
329 Dahlia Tr, OakvilleW4076482329 Dahlia Tr, Oakville
583 Maystone CrtN4077687583 Maystone Crt
38 Worthington AveN407777438 Worthington Ave
109 Nimbus Pl, VaughanN4076065109 Nimbus Pl, Vaughan
7468 Baker School RdE40776087468 Baker School Rd
64 Playfair Terr, MiltonW407741664 Playfair Terr, Milton
35 Rebecca St, OakvilleW407641135 Rebecca St, Oakville
Lot53 Tango Cres, NewmarketN4076736Lot53 Tango Cres, Newmarket
70 Dunrobin Cres, VaughanN407591470 Dunrobin Cres, Vaughan
3 Muzzo Crt, VaughanN40776103 Muzzo Crt, Vaughan
1432 Goldmar Dr, MississaugaW40770761432 Goldmar Dr, Mississauga
2 Riverstone Dr, BramptonW40766772 Riverstone Dr, Brampton
55 Helston Cres, WhitbyE407539755 Helston Cres, Whitby
308 Gardenview Dr, BurlingtonW4077999308 Gardenview Dr, Burlington
2294 Mowat Ave, OakvilleW40780632294 Mowat Ave, Oakville
1272 Christie Circ, MiltonW40772311272 Christie Circ, Milton
18 Colonel Bertram RdW407542818 Colonel Bertram Rd
92 Oak Park Ave, TorontoE407221492 Oak Park Ave, Toronto
392 Borland Crt, NewmarketN4075675392 Borland Crt, Newmarket
52 Donisi Ave, VaughanN400298452 Donisi Ave, Vaughan
43 Winnett Ave, TorontoC407748443 Winnett Ave, Toronto
26 Laconda St, MarkhamN407797926 Laconda St, Markham
23 Beechbrooke Way, AuroraN407569023 Beechbrooke Way, Aurora
122 Airdrie Dr, VaughanN4075865122 Airdrie Dr, Vaughan
942 Coleman Crt, BurlingtonW4077237942 Coleman Crt, Burlington
3 Copperstone CresN40768113 Copperstone Cres
81 Canongate Tr, TorontoE407741081 Canongate Tr, Toronto
102 Lexfield Ave, TorontoW4077168102 Lexfield Ave, Toronto
103 Beaveridge Ave, OakvilleW4076227103 Beaveridge Ave, Oakville
52 Venetian Cres, VaughanN407645552 Venetian Cres, Vaughan
14 Lombardy Cres, BramptonW407785314 Lombardy Cres, Brampton
79 Whitburn St, WhitbyE407596979 Whitburn St, Whitby
2270 W Lake Shore BlvdW40769342270 W Lake Shore Blvd
6 Gainsford Rd, BramptonW40775236 Gainsford Rd, Brampton
57 Scarbell Dr, TorontoE407639057 Scarbell Dr, Toronto
746 Clifford Perry PlN4078191746 Clifford Perry Pl
8 Foxwood Grve, TorontoE40765918 Foxwood Grve, Toronto
196 Ramona Blvd, MarkhamN4077282196 Ramona Blvd, Markham
2 Fieldstone Lane Ave, CaledonW40779832 Fieldstone Lane Ave, Caledon
170 Petticoat Rd, VaughanN4076642170 Petticoat Rd, Vaughan
954 Harvey Pl, BurlingtonW4078018954 Harvey Pl, Burlington
15 Bishops Gate, MarkhamN407705515 Bishops Gate, Markham
17 Cossar Dr, AuroraN407556317 Cossar Dr, Aurora
202 Fennamore Terr, MiltonW4076046202 Fennamore Terr, Milton
57 Wallace St, VaughanN407760957 Wallace St, Vaughan
64 Jaffray Rd, MarkhamN407791364 Jaffray Rd, Markham
723 Firth Crt, NewmarketN4075874723 Firth Crt, Newmarket
6182 W Tenth Line, MississaugaW40773236182 W Tenth Line, Mississauga
57 Kylemore Way, MarkhamN407644957 Kylemore Way, Markham
92 Catalpa Cres, VaughanN407721592 Catalpa Cres, Vaughan
23 Finnegan Pl, WhitbyE407547423 Finnegan Pl, Whitby
111 Silver Maple RdN4075620111 Silver Maple Rd
392 Mcgibbon Dr, MiltonW4076870392 Mcgibbon Dr, Milton
702 Auger Terr, MiltonW4076592702 Auger Terr, Milton
51 Cambridge Ave, TorontoE407582951 Cambridge Ave, Toronto
Lot 35 Prunella CresN4076480Lot 35 Prunella Cres
6274 Mccovey Dr, MississaugaW40754266274 Mccovey Dr, Mississauga
130 Belvia Dr, VaughanN4077424130 Belvia Dr, Vaughan
204 Cathcart Cres, MiltonW4076661204 Cathcart Cres, Milton
1507 Golden Meadow TrW40755231507 Golden Meadow Tr
446 South Service RdW4077379446 South Service Rd
479 Guildwood Pkwy, TorontoE4075589479 Guildwood Pkwy, Toronto
17 Clifford Fairbarn DrN407821017 Clifford Fairbarn Dr
3 Bowsprit Ave, TorontoW40766893 Bowsprit Ave, Toronto
22 Causland LaneN407731922 Causland Lane
512 Sherin Dr, OakvilleW4077605512 Sherin Dr, Oakville
45 John Carroll Dr, BramptonW407603545 John Carroll Dr, Brampton
2380 Foxhole Circ, OakvilleW40776182380 Foxhole Circ, Oakville
40 Borland Cres, CaledonW407598240 Borland Cres, Caledon
28 Jessie Dr, TorontoC407769528 Jessie Dr, Toronto
254 Rushton Rd, TorontoC4078012254 Rushton Rd, Toronto
9 Wellstar Pl, BramptonW40762879 Wellstar Pl, Brampton
172 Southvale Dr, VaughanN4076848172 Southvale Dr, Vaughan
55 Vivian Creek RdN407740155 Vivian Creek Rd
5099 Bayfield Cres, BurlingtonW40780375099 Bayfield Cres, Burlington
8 Sir Brandiles Pl, MarkhamN40754848 Sir Brandiles Pl, Markham
60 Militia Tr, MarkhamN407674960 Militia Tr, Markham
27 Western Ave, KingN407615527 Western Ave, King
194 Gardiner Dr BradfordN4075456194 Gardiner Dr Bradford
98 Remington Dr, Richmond HillN407625398 Remington Dr, Richmond Hill
3630 9th Line BradfordN40756473630 9th Line Bradford
9 Busch Ave, MarkhamN40765409 Busch Ave, Markham
22 Sugarforest Dr, VaughanN407778822 Sugarforest Dr, Vaughan
14649 Woodbine AveN407672614649 Woodbine Ave
58 Bernbridge Rd, MarkhamN407731658 Bernbridge Rd, Markham
521 Henry St, WhitbyE4076857521 Henry St, Whitby
806 Firth Crt, NewmarketN4076372806 Firth Crt, Newmarket
1241 Ellenton Cres, MiltonW40768731241 Ellenton Cres, Milton
530 Pineland Ave, OakvilleW4077051530 Pineland Ave, Oakville
103 Arianna Cres, VaughanN4075486103 Arianna Cres, Vaughan
3 London Plane Dr, MarkhamN40765533 London Plane Dr, Markham
26 Upminster Cres, TorontoW407791026 Upminster Cres, Toronto
95 Falstaff Ave, TorontoW407710595 Falstaff Ave, Toronto
105 Beckett AveN4076729105 Beckett Ave
18 Temple AveN407743918 Temple Ave
36 Long Branch Tr, BramptonW407803036 Long Branch Tr, Brampton
2373 Hixon St, OakvilleW40756592373 Hixon St, Oakville
951 Srigley St, NewmarketN4075681951 Srigley St, Newmarket
8900 Bathurst St 46, VaughanN40780728900 Bathurst St 46, Vaughan
118 Hammerstone Cres, VaughanN4076041118 Hammerstone Cres, Vaughan
22 King High Ave, TorontoC407660222 King High Ave, Toronto
2412 Orchard Rd, BurlingtonW40760492412 Orchard Rd, Burlington
25 Heslop Crt, Halton HillsW407720125 Heslop Crt, Halton Hills
60 Bainhart Cres, TorontoE407709960 Bainhart Cres, Toronto
56 Mulholland Ave, TorontoW407708256 Mulholland Ave, Toronto
117 Rizal Ave, MarkhamN4078090117 Rizal Ave, Markham
26 Mill River Dr, VaughanN407725226 Mill River Dr, Vaughan
5465 Churchill Meadows BlvdW40762675465 Churchill Meadows Blvd
40 Grendon Cres, BramptonW407658640 Grendon Cres, Brampton