Our Toronto Top Listings – 31st March 2018

Greater Toronto Area - Top Listings - 31st March 2018

A selection of the top townhouse, semi-detached and detached houses listed across the Greater Toronto Area (and surrounding areas) - updated for 31st March 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
2441 Bayview Ave, TorontoC40805542441 Bayview Ave, Toronto
120 Pinewood Tr, MississaugaW4081180120 Pinewood Tr, Mississauga
3 Plymbridge Rd, TorontoC40805253 Plymbridge Rd, Toronto
2070 Parker Dr, MississaugaW40790192070 Parker Dr, Mississauga
187 Dunvegan Rd, TorontoC4078320187 Dunvegan Rd, Toronto
5061 First Line, MiltonW40791995061 First Line, Milton
216 Dunview Ave, TorontoC4080096216 Dunview Ave, Toronto
4175 17th Sdrd, KingN40797214175 17th Sdrd, King
18 Viamede Cres, TorontoC407979418 Viamede Cres, Toronto
35 Stollery Pond Cres, MarkhamN407885135 Stollery Pond Cres, Markham
163 Empress Ave, TorontoC4081338163 Empress Ave, Toronto
1016 Mississauga Heights DrW40810331016 Mississauga Heights Dr
4195 15th Sdrd, KingN40806234195 15th Sdrd, King
1318 Duncan Rd, OakvilleW40812921318 Duncan Rd, Oakville
10 Tollerton Ave, TorontoC407847010 Tollerton Ave, Toronto
23 Napier St, VaughanN408055823 Napier St, Vaughan
40 Flatbush Ave, VaughanN406238240 Flatbush Ave, Vaughan
64 Spruce Ave, Richmond HillN408049964 Spruce Ave, Richmond Hill
22 Breen Cres, TorontoC407880522 Breen Cres, Toronto
3121 Theatre Rd HamiltonX40791303121 Theatre Rd Hamilton
16 Rosegarden Dr, BramptonW407888416 Rosegarden Dr, Brampton
Lot 7 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4078496Lot 7 Polaris Way, Mississauga
115 Selgrove Cres, OakvilleW4078749115 Selgrove Cres, Oakville
71 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC408106971 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
87 Northdale Rd, TorontoC408123387 Northdale Rd, Toronto
32 Daffodil Ave, MarkhamN408050532 Daffodil Ave, Markham
149 Admiral Rd, TorontoC4078626149 Admiral Rd, Toronto
35 Hemford Cres, TorontoC407839935 Hemford Cres, Toronto
44 Newton Dr, TorontoC407950544 Newton Dr, Toronto
2420 Bayview Ave, TorontoC40799152420 Bayview Ave, Toronto
51 Glenarden CresN408037651 Glenarden Cres
Lot 8 Limerick StN4080661Lot 8 Limerick St
9 Sanibel Cres, VaughanN40793009 Sanibel Cres, Vaughan
1482 Oakhill Dr, OakvilleW40809461482 Oakhill Dr, Oakville
20 Leacrest Rd, TorontoC407882520 Leacrest Rd, Toronto
Lot 10 Limerick StN4080610Lot 10 Limerick St
58 Ames Circ, TorontoC408131558 Ames Circ, Toronto
96 Alfred Ave, TorontoC407959596 Alfred Ave, Toronto
216 Lee Ave, TorontoE4080520216 Lee Ave, Toronto
59 Boyd Crt, MarkhamN408037259 Boyd Crt, Markham
Lot 9 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4078480Lot 9 Polaris Way, Mississauga
34 South Kingslea Dr, TorontoW407837234 South Kingslea Dr, Toronto
314 Horsham Ave, TorontoC4069005314 Horsham Ave, Toronto
94 Cameron Ave, TorontoC407940994 Cameron Ave, Toronto
139 Golden Tulip Cres, MarkhamN4080547139 Golden Tulip Cres, Markham
105 Bannatyne Dr, TorontoC4080153105 Bannatyne Dr, Toronto
176 Upper Canada Dr, TorontoC4081200176 Upper Canada Dr, Toronto
176 Upper Canada Dr, TorontoC4081258176 Upper Canada Dr, Toronto
176 Upper Canada Dr, TorontoC4081175176 Upper Canada Dr, Toronto
7 Woodland Hts, TorontoW40811417 Woodland Hts, Toronto
154 Douglas Ave, OakvilleW4081097154 Douglas Ave, Oakville
132 Smithwood Dr, TorontoW4078349132 Smithwood Dr, Toronto
1247 Vermillion CrtW40811851247 Vermillion Crt
22 Love Crt, Richmond HillN408129422 Love Crt, Richmond Hill
61 Ridge Point Cres, TorontoW408023961 Ridge Point Cres, Toronto
Lot 16 Limerick StN4080515Lot 16 Limerick St
8 Knollview Cres, TorontoC40807638 Knollview Cres, Toronto
2 Sangria Crt, VaughanN40789002 Sangria Crt, Vaughan
280 Davis Dr, UxbridgeN4079139280 Davis Dr, Uxbridge
18 Kentbridge Way, VaughanN407976618 Kentbridge Way, Vaughan
188 Spadina Rd, Richmond HillN4080103188 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill
61 Ridge Hill Dr, TorontoC408021561 Ridge Hill Dr, Toronto
100 Garden St, TorontoW4080167100 Garden St, Toronto
1391 Meadow Green CrtW40789751391 Meadow Green Crt
132 Arten Ave, Richmond HillN4078487132 Arten Ave, Richmond Hill
161 Newton Dr, TorontoC4079825161 Newton Dr, Toronto
9 Nottingham Dr, TorontoW40793809 Nottingham Dr, Toronto
24 Garden Park Ave, TorontoE400694224 Garden Park Ave, Toronto
174 Crestwood Rd, VaughanN4078667174 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan
217 Betty Ann Dr, TorontoC4079771217 Betty Ann Dr, Toronto
127 Kingswood Rd, TorontoE4080459127 Kingswood Rd, Toronto
2613 W Fifth Line, MississaugaW40791362613 W Fifth Line, Mississauga
5352 St Johns SdrdN40788985352 St Johns Sdrd
108 Hilton Ave, TorontoC4080612108 Hilton Ave, Toronto
231 Shaftsbury AveN4079710231 Shaftsbury Ave
806 Landresse Crt, NewmarketN4081318806 Landresse Crt, Newmarket
903 Canyon St, MississaugaW4081118903 Canyon St, Mississauga
16 Beamish Crt, BramptonW408057916 Beamish Crt, Brampton
525 Cornell Centre BlvdN4081224525 Cornell Centre Blvd
50 Fenwick Cres, MarkhamN407921250 Fenwick Cres, Markham
287 Old Orchard Grve, TorontoC4079329287 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto
2 Gallant Pl, VaughanN40785132 Gallant Pl, Vaughan
21 Sachet Dr, Richmond HillN407966421 Sachet Dr, Richmond Hill
1003 W Lakeshore Rd, OakvilleW40797381003 W Lakeshore Rd, Oakville
111 Templewood Cres, VaughanN4080536111 Templewood Cres, Vaughan
44 Philips Lake CrtN407855244 Philips Lake Crt
38 Bridgepointe Crct, AuroraN407919238 Bridgepointe Crct, Aurora
45 Strong Ave, VaughanN407824945 Strong Ave, Vaughan
19 Pagean Dr, Richmond HillN407969819 Pagean Dr, Richmond Hill
139 Wallenberg Dr, VaughanN4078457139 Wallenberg Dr, Vaughan
454 Valley Dr, OakvilleW4078460454 Valley Dr, Oakville
84 Normandale Rd, MarkhamN407861784 Normandale Rd, Markham
30 Laurier Ave, Richmond HillN407874130 Laurier Ave, Richmond Hill
91 Yorkleigh Ave, TorontoW408125691 Yorkleigh Ave, Toronto
126 Woodward Ave, MarkhamN4080893126 Woodward Ave, Markham
14 Parkheights Tr, KingN407871714 Parkheights Tr, King
79 Grandville Ave, TorontoW408025079 Grandville Ave, Toronto
3236 Topeka Dr, MississaugaW40813713236 Topeka Dr, Mississauga
24 Greenyards Dr, TorontoC407914124 Greenyards Dr, Toronto
619 Village Pkwy, MarkhamN4079275619 Village Pkwy, Markham
17 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN408089917 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
3005 Balmoral Ave, BurlingtonW40806983005 Balmoral Ave, Burlington
1638 Ruscombe ClseW40808471638 Ruscombe Clse
924 Meadow Wood RdW4080443924 Meadow Wood Rd
191 Burton Grve, KingN4078663191 Burton Grve, King
130 Aitken Circ, MarkhamN4079428130 Aitken Circ, Markham
48 Strauss Rd, VaughanN407911348 Strauss Rd, Vaughan
50 Rhapsody Cres, BramptonW407840650 Rhapsody Cres, Brampton
122 Flourish St, VaughanN4081172122 Flourish St, Vaughan
29 Wolf Cres, CaledonW407868529 Wolf Cres, Caledon
17 Ovida Ave, TorontoW407852017 Ovida Ave, Toronto
24 Almond Ave, MarkhamN407956624 Almond Ave, Markham
110 Warden Ave, TorontoE4080496110 Warden Ave, Toronto
731 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC4078738731 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
64 Cooks Bay Dr, GeorginaN407836064 Cooks Bay Dr, Georgina
90 Serano Cres, Richmond HillN407929890 Serano Cres, Richmond Hill
151 Kingslynn Dr, KingN4079335151 Kingslynn Dr, King
24 E Olympus Dr, Richmond HillN407954824 E Olympus Dr, Richmond Hill
9 Wolford Crt, GeorginaN40787479 Wolford Crt, Georgina
263 Highglen Ave, MarkhamN4079056263 Highglen Ave, Markham
110 Banbridge Cres, BramptonW4079591110 Banbridge Cres, Brampton
78 Foxwood Rd, VaughanN408128178 Foxwood Rd, Vaughan
31 Featherwood Dr, VaughanN407926731 Featherwood Dr, Vaughan
28 Allison Ann Way, VaughanN407941728 Allison Ann Way, Vaughan
70 Ascalon Dr, VaughanN407894970 Ascalon Dr, Vaughan
3550 Sanderling DrW40808253550 Sanderling Dr
6 Nottingham Dr, TorontoW40784916 Nottingham Dr, Toronto
12 Fenwood Hts, TorontoE407889412 Fenwood Hts, Toronto
31 Newton Dr, TorontoC408081331 Newton Dr, Toronto
75 Hackwood Cres, AuroraN407991375 Hackwood Cres, Aurora
3086 Streamwood PassageW40800873086 Streamwood Passage
418 Peter Rupert Ave, VaughanN4079057418 Peter Rupert Ave, Vaughan
3089 William Rose WayW40813863089 William Rose Way
4444 Idlewilde CresW40803574444 Idlewilde Cres
1702 Pengilley Pl, MississaugaW40793341702 Pengilley Pl, Mississauga
44 Charrington Cres, MarkhamN408122844 Charrington Cres, Markham
7 Snaresbrook Cres, BramptonW40785967 Snaresbrook Cres, Brampton
33 Terracotta CresN408053533 Terracotta Cres
33 Hamster Cres, AuroraN408056333 Hamster Cres, Aurora
32C Oxford St, TorontoC408134232C Oxford St, Toronto
11 Wolford Crt, GeorginaN407874211 Wolford Crt, Georgina
323 Sandhurst Dr, OakvilleW4078503323 Sandhurst Dr, Oakville
80 Bramalea Rd, BramptonW407954980 Bramalea Rd, Brampton
85 Bond Cres, Richmond HillN408142685 Bond Cres, Richmond Hill
723 St Clarens Ave, TorontoW4078293723 St Clarens Ave, Toronto
10 Brookshire Circ, MarkhamN407955910 Brookshire Circ, Markham
1067 Albertson CresW40794581067 Albertson Cres
390 Hartwell Way, AuroraN4078899390 Hartwell Way, Aurora
82 S Mcrae Beach Rd, GeorginaN408068382 S Mcrae Beach Rd, Georgina
14 Maple View LaneN408121514 Maple View Lane
66 Danby Ave, TorontoC407939466 Danby Ave, Toronto
10 Chayna Cres, VaughanN407995810 Chayna Cres, Vaughan
271 Airdrie Rd, TorontoC4078488271 Airdrie Rd, Toronto
32 Card Lumber Cres, VaughanN408100432 Card Lumber Cres, Vaughan
28 Morrison Cres, MarkhamN407919428 Morrison Cres, Markham
49 Painted Rock AveN408068549 Painted Rock Ave
277 Bennet Dr, KingN4080084277 Bennet Dr, King
78 Elm Grove AveN408148078 Elm Grove Ave
76 Woodville Dr, VaughanN407897976 Woodville Dr, Vaughan
234 Alison Cres, OakvilleW4080676234 Alison Cres, Oakville
123 Oberfrick Ave, VaughanN4078582123 Oberfrick Ave, Vaughan
235 Helen Ave, MarkhamN4079709235 Helen Ave, Markham
2 Bellefond St, VaughanN40805092 Bellefond St, Vaughan
142 High St, MississaugaW4079085142 High St, Mississauga
242 Hollingham Rd, MarkhamN4079290242 Hollingham Rd, Markham
98N Curzon St, TorontoE407926498N Curzon St, Toronto
232 La Rocca Ave, VaughanN4079124232 La Rocca Ave, Vaughan
18 Grafton Cres, BramptonW408000418 Grafton Cres, Brampton
11045 Sheppard Ave, TorontoE408000811045 Sheppard Ave, Toronto
21 Mclarty Gate, AuroraN408141421 Mclarty Gate, Aurora
2990 Kingsway Dr, OakvilleW40786642990 Kingsway Dr, Oakville
54 Linacre Dr, Richmond HillN407931754 Linacre Dr, Richmond Hill
69 Forty First St, TorontoW407978569 Forty First St, Toronto
1 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, BramptonW40809431 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, Brampton
36 Treeline Blvd, BramptonW408044836 Treeline Blvd, Brampton
3085 William Rose WayW40802453085 William Rose Way
93 Mccallum Dr, Richmond HillN408110793 Mccallum Dr, Richmond Hill
70 Devonsleigh BlvdN407989970 Devonsleigh Blvd
171 Grandview Ave, MarkhamN4080504171 Grandview Ave, Markham
3508 Regal Rd, BurlingtonW40813703508 Regal Rd, Burlington
160 Stave Cres, Richmond HillN4081393160 Stave Cres, Richmond Hill
82 Cedar Brae Blvd, TorontoE408089582 Cedar Brae Blvd, Toronto
2209 Blackbird Crt, OakvilleW40807132209 Blackbird Crt, Oakville
12623 Torbram Rd, CaledonW407954012623 Torbram Rd, Caledon
82 Golden Ave, MarkhamN407964082 Golden Ave, Markham
909 Aviation Rd, MississaugaW4078583909 Aviation Rd, Mississauga
12 Manila Ave, MarkhamN408092912 Manila Ave, Markham
39 Los Alamos DrN408069039 Los Alamos Dr
2174 Rebecca St, OakvilleW40811982174 Rebecca St, Oakville
78 Western Ave, KingN408031478 Western Ave, King
753 White Clover WayW4080481753 White Clover Way
365 Wisteria Way, OakvilleW4078793365 Wisteria Way, Oakville
179 Douglas Ave, OakvilleW4079459179 Douglas Ave, Oakville
659 Via Campanile, VaughanN4079725659 Via Campanile, Vaughan
184 Art West Ave, NewmarketN4078294184 Art West Ave, Newmarket
111 Henderson Ave, MarkhamN4078984111 Henderson Ave, Markham
47 Riverview Ave, VaughanN408065747 Riverview Ave, Vaughan
32 Agincourt Dr, TorontoE407948732 Agincourt Dr, Toronto
1050 Bob Scott Crt, NewmarketN40791191050 Bob Scott Crt, Newmarket
4 Timberlane Crt, ClaringtonE40798914 Timberlane Crt, Clarington
87 Twin Hills Cres, VaughanN408009287 Twin Hills Cres, Vaughan
44 Cozens Dr, Richmond HillN407836844 Cozens Dr, Richmond Hill
2 Riverstone Dr, BramptonW40801472 Riverstone Dr, Brampton
4569 Wainscot Dr, MississaugaW40797334569 Wainscot Dr, Mississauga
62 N Mill St, HamiltonX408106262 N Mill St, Hamilton
38 40 York Rd, TorontoW407916538 40 York Rd, Toronto
654 Coldstream Ave, TorontoC4078546654 Coldstream Ave, Toronto
41 Provost Tr, BramptonW408111441 Provost Tr, Brampton
41 Montana Cres, WhitbyE408082941 Montana Cres, Whitby
5 Greenan RdN40810195 Greenan Rd
42 Baymark Rd, MarkhamN407944642 Baymark Rd, Markham
497 St Johns Rd, TorontoW4079669497 St Johns Rd, Toronto
38 Goodman Cres, VaughanN408012738 Goodman Cres, Vaughan
7609 Concession 6 Rd, UxbridgeN40782627609 Concession 6 Rd, Uxbridge
750 Harry Douglas StN4079389750 Harry Douglas St
158 Acton Rd, UxbridgeN4080634158 Acton Rd, Uxbridge
93 Vantage Loop Dr, NewmarketN407869593 Vantage Loop Dr, Newmarket
78 Hollowgrove Blvd, BramptonW407949478 Hollowgrove Blvd, Brampton
19 Brightside AveN408090519 Brightside Ave
77 Silvervalley Dr, CaledonW407961977 Silvervalley Dr, Caledon
140 Bernard Ave, Richmond HillN4079112140 Bernard Ave, Richmond Hill
47 Castle Harbour LaneN407891947 Castle Harbour Lane
5171 Amana Pl, MississaugaW40804465171 Amana Pl, Mississauga
131 Beaconsfield Dr, VaughanN4080130131 Beaconsfield Dr, Vaughan
44 Lady Loretta Lane, VaughanN407951344 Lady Loretta Lane, Vaughan
1516 Venetia Dr, OakvilleW40809071516 Venetia Dr, Oakville
28 Cozens Dr, Richmond HillN408104728 Cozens Dr, Richmond Hill
66 Hackwood Cres, AuroraN408005066 Hackwood Cres, Aurora
6 Archibald Dr, KingN40811396 Archibald Dr, King
95 Beaconsfield Dr, VaughanN407955595 Beaconsfield Dr, Vaughan
19 Foshan Ave, MarkhamN407936919 Foshan Ave, Markham
1217 Jonathan Dr, OakvilleW40785371217 Jonathan Dr, Oakville
5500 Enfield Rd, ClaringtonE40803745500 Enfield Rd, Clarington
1 Arrowpoint Dr, BramptonW40810391 Arrowpoint Dr, Brampton
200 E Williamson Dr, AjaxE4079626200 E Williamson Dr, Ajax
48 Brock Ave, TorontoW408074848 Brock Ave, Toronto
161 Elbern Markell DrW4080297161 Elbern Markell Dr
12919 Concession 2 RdN407856512919 Concession 2 Rd
22 Garyscholl Rd, VaughanN408046722 Garyscholl Rd, Vaughan
45 Eldon Ave, TorontoE407928745 Eldon Ave, Toronto
287 Flanagan Crt, NewmarketN4079707287 Flanagan Crt, Newmarket
11 Mortimer Ave, TorontoE407972011 Mortimer Ave, Toronto
56 Hua Du Ave, MarkhamN407885456 Hua Du Ave, Markham
4307 Mia Crt, MississaugaW40798154307 Mia Crt, Mississauga
3138 Gladeside Ave, OakvilleW40792713138 Gladeside Ave, Oakville
31 Cranston Dr, CaledonW407875931 Cranston Dr, Caledon
208 Mohawk Rd, OakvilleW4080190208 Mohawk Rd, Oakville
1428 Trotwood Ave, MississaugaW40793261428 Trotwood Ave, Mississauga
1019 Ralston Cres, NewmarketN40807721019 Ralston Cres, Newmarket
65 Bristlewood Cres, VaughanN408013565 Bristlewood Cres, Vaughan
6 Alcester Crct, TorontoW40798906 Alcester Crct, Toronto
12 Elkhurst Rd, BramptonW408102612 Elkhurst Rd, Brampton
11 Eagle Peak DrN408092611 Eagle Peak Dr
16 Rexford Dr, MarkhamN407857216 Rexford Dr, Markham
164 Art West Ave, NewmarketN4079493164 Art West Ave, Newmarket
4 Maltby Crt, BramptonW40798094 Maltby Crt, Brampton
14488 Kennedy RdN408062514488 Kennedy Rd
32 Belwood Blvd, VaughanN408015432 Belwood Blvd, Vaughan
84 S Beaverton RdN407979884 S Beaverton Rd
4248 Vivian RdN40795834248 Vivian Rd
92 Jeanne Dr, VaughanN408097792 Jeanne Dr, Vaughan
121 Bernard Ave, Richmond HillN4079432121 Bernard Ave, Richmond Hill
32 Frank Endean RdN408004532 Frank Endean Rd
14 Hewlett Cres, MarkhamN408001214 Hewlett Cres, Markham
6 Jennifer Crt, WhitbyE40813476 Jennifer Crt, Whitby
1232 Falgarwood Dr, OakvilleW40792961232 Falgarwood Dr, Oakville
354 Gladstone Ave, TorontoC4079138354 Gladstone Ave, Toronto
2243 Medhat Dr, MississaugaW40795682243 Medhat Dr, Mississauga
26 Ledge Rock Dr, VaughanN407856126 Ledge Rock Dr, Vaughan
6 Wood Duck Crt, GuelphX40795756 Wood Duck Crt, Guelph
19 Lisa Cres, VaughanN408052419 Lisa Cres, Vaughan
4163 Colonial Dr, MississaugaW40806554163 Colonial Dr, Mississauga
7396 Black Walnut TrW40796637396 Black Walnut Tr
6 Tottenham Crt, MarkhamN40791596 Tottenham Crt, Markham
12 Hursting Ave, TorontoC407833212 Hursting Ave, Toronto
15 Werrydale Dr, ClaringtonE408081915 Werrydale Dr, Clarington
1605 Pebblestone RdE40786711605 Pebblestone Rd
16 Eastgrove SqN407860216 Eastgrove Sq
18538 Highway 48N408051918538 Highway 48
12 Peterlee Ave, TorontoW408126312 Peterlee Ave, Toronto
10 Nova Scotia Rd, BramptonW407868910 Nova Scotia Rd, Brampton
120 Spring Farm Rd, AuroraN4081190120 Spring Farm Rd, Aurora
7 Oakington Pl, MississaugaW40792997 Oakington Pl, Mississauga
40 Garrard Rd, WhitbyE408023340 Garrard Rd, Whitby
26 Kenora St, BramptonW407998726 Kenora St, Brampton
116 Ingram Rd, MarkhamN4078481116 Ingram Rd, Markham
29 Huntington Ave, TorontoE407968429 Huntington Ave, Toronto
4089 Perivale Rd, MississaugaW40800014089 Perivale Rd, Mississauga
1837 Truscott Dr, MississaugaW40793781837 Truscott Dr, Mississauga
26 Chestertown Sq, MarkhamN407833026 Chestertown Sq, Markham
1224 W Sandpiper St, OakvilleW40792391224 W Sandpiper St, Oakville
37 Beacon Point St, MarkhamN408057537 Beacon Point St, Markham
24 Bridlewood Blvd, TorontoE408147024 Bridlewood Blvd, Toronto
17 Frith Rd, TorontoW408065317 Frith Rd, Toronto
9 Norcap Ave, TorontoE40798939 Norcap Ave, Toronto
Lot4058 Portman St, CaledonW4080850Lot4058 Portman St, Caledon
32 Everett St, MarkhamN407886532 Everett St, Markham
3586 Joan Dr, MississaugaW40799703586 Joan Dr, Mississauga
761 West Park Ave BradfordN4079313761 West Park Ave Bradford
121 Wilfred Murison AveN4079732121 Wilfred Murison Ave
483 John Deisman Blvd, VaughanN4081195483 John Deisman Blvd, Vaughan
27 Grafton Ave, TorontoW407954327 Grafton Ave, Toronto
339 Bessborough Dr, MiltonW4080183339 Bessborough Dr, Milton
148 Yellowood Circ, VaughanN4080085148 Yellowood Circ, Vaughan
29 Pinecrest St, MarkhamN407946329 Pinecrest St, Markham
1671 William Lott Dr, OshawaE40804321671 William Lott Dr, Oshawa
78 Rogers Tr BradfordN407828378 Rogers Tr Bradford
135 Christian Ritter DrN4078911135 Christian Ritter Dr
27 Sharon Lee Dr, MarkhamN408118627 Sharon Lee Dr, Markham
26 Abbott Ave, AuroraN408084126 Abbott Ave, Aurora
158 Southvale Dr, VaughanN4079444158 Southvale Dr, Vaughan
227 Linsmore Crt, TorontoE4078580227 Linsmore Crt, Toronto
148 Scarboro Cres, TorontoE4079431148 Scarboro Cres, Toronto
2 Sequoia Rd, VaughanN40805832 Sequoia Rd, Vaughan
1 Prince William Dr, MarkhamN40785881 Prince William Dr, Markham
787 Biggar Hts, MiltonW4080082787 Biggar Hts, Milton
93 Baker StN408068693 Baker St
69 Pringle Ave, MarkhamN408038969 Pringle Ave, Markham
341 Alex Doner Dr, NewmarketN4080335341 Alex Doner Dr, Newmarket
76 Manor Hampton StN408118276 Manor Hampton St
54 Kempsford Cres, BramptonW407847454 Kempsford Cres, Brampton
2507 Nichols Dr, OakvilleW40804932507 Nichols Dr, Oakville
110 Goodsway Tr, BramptonW4081306110 Goodsway Tr, Brampton
603 Marc Santi Blvd, VaughanN4078510603 Marc Santi Blvd, Vaughan
492 E Fernforest Dr, BramptonW4080286492 E Fernforest Dr, Brampton
15 Beckstead St, MarkhamN408079015 Beckstead St, Markham
16 Lower Thames Dr, BramptonW407849316 Lower Thames Dr, Brampton
33 Scotchmere Cres, BramptonW408041533 Scotchmere Cres, Brampton
37 Allanhurst Dr, TorontoW407952137 Allanhurst Dr, Toronto
4229 Angeloni Dr, MississaugaW40783644229 Angeloni Dr, Mississauga
12 Elderidge Ave, TorontoW407851912 Elderidge Ave, Toronto
437 George Ryan Ave, OakvilleW4079086437 George Ryan Ave, Oakville
125 Apple Valley Way, BramptonW4080650125 Apple Valley Way, Brampton
170 Leyton Ave, TorontoE4078987170 Leyton Ave, Toronto
8 Northwest Crt, Halton HillsW40783398 Northwest Crt, Halton Hills
1464 Abbeywood Dr, OakvilleW40804841464 Abbeywood Dr, Oakville
61 Timberview Dr, VaughanN407951761 Timberview Dr, Vaughan
8 John Beck Cres, BramptonW40807948 John Beck Cres, Brampton
64 Carmel Cres, BramptonW407882164 Carmel Cres, Brampton
50 Howard Blvd, HamiltonX408095850 Howard Blvd, Hamilton
1250 Giffard St, WhitbyE40794291250 Giffard St, Whitby
436 Queens Dr, TorontoW4078336436 Queens Dr, Toronto
57 Dunblane Ave, VaughanN408119257 Dunblane Ave, Vaughan
4 Mossgrove St, MarkhamN40799104 Mossgrove St, Markham
2499 Paula Crt, MississaugaW40788962499 Paula Crt, Mississauga
5845 Evenstarr CrtW40811585845 Evenstarr Crt
12420 Dublin LineW408124712420 Dublin Line
1740 Queen St, CaledonW40782521740 Queen St, Caledon
60 Mount Mckinley LaneW408120860 Mount Mckinley Lane
66 Steel Dr, AuroraN408132866 Steel Dr, Aurora
144 Flagstone Way, NewmarketN4081030144 Flagstone Way, Newmarket
20 Hutchcroft Ave, TorontoE407400620 Hutchcroft Ave, Toronto
27 Josaly Dr, TorontoE408135927 Josaly Dr, Toronto
47 Morse St, TorontoE407972947 Morse St, Toronto
62 Dicarlo Dr, VaughanN408147862 Dicarlo Dr, Vaughan
29 Jonathan Gate, VaughanN408122329 Jonathan Gate, Vaughan
246 W Langstaff RdN4079320246 W Langstaff Rd
96 Ferris Rd, TorontoE407963196 Ferris Rd, Toronto
18 Aylin Cres, VaughanN408027018 Aylin Cres, Vaughan
95 Inverness Way BradfordN408149295 Inverness Way Bradford
6333 Lisgar Dr, MississaugaW40794626333 Lisgar Dr, Mississauga
15 Greystone Crt, TorontoW407986415 Greystone Crt, Toronto
4 Limerick Ave, TorontoW40790264 Limerick Ave, Toronto
439 Golden Oak Dr, OakvilleW4080150439 Golden Oak Dr, Oakville
7777 Churchville Rd, BramptonW40798277777 Churchville Rd, Brampton
13 Theodore Dr, MississaugaW408031313 Theodore Dr, Mississauga
3512 Wagondust Rd, MississaugaW40809523512 Wagondust Rd, Mississauga
5 Fortune Cres, Richmond HillN40784085 Fortune Cres, Richmond Hill
42 Clockwork Lane, TorontoW408012042 Clockwork Lane, Toronto
4124 Lindenlea Dr, MississaugaW40808824124 Lindenlea Dr, Mississauga
117 E Carnwith Dr, WhitbyE4079711117 E Carnwith Dr, Whitby
26 Twenty Fifth St, TorontoW407899726 Twenty Fifth St, Toronto
2676 Thorn Lodge DrW40788832676 Thorn Lodge Dr
34 Sugardale StN405178634 Sugardale St
95 Curran Rd, HamiltonX408075795 Curran Rd, Hamilton
88 Holcolm Rd, TorontoC407903488 Holcolm Rd, Toronto
26 Wakefield Cres, TorontoE407959026 Wakefield Cres, Toronto
38 Collingsbrook Blvd, TorontoE407955138 Collingsbrook Blvd, Toronto
4510 Mayflower Dr, MississaugaW40804834510 Mayflower Dr, Mississauga
614 Driftcurrent DrW4080238614 Driftcurrent Dr
100 Newcastle St, TorontoW4080141100 Newcastle St, Toronto
460 Louis Dr, MississaugaW4078713460 Louis Dr, Mississauga
1218 Bowell Cres, MiltonW40797521218 Bowell Cres, Milton
20 Halldorson Tr, BramptonW407934320 Halldorson Tr, Brampton
51 Colville Ave, ClaringtonE408115051 Colville Ave, Clarington
23 Navaho Dr, TorontoC408034823 Navaho Dr, Toronto
4 Fryent St, BramptonW40790094 Fryent St, Brampton
30 Oakridge Crt, BramptonW407886030 Oakridge Crt, Brampton
421 Hinton Terr, MiltonW4080438421 Hinton Terr, Milton
24 Haverstock Cres, BramptonW408146524 Haverstock Cres, Brampton
11 Amberglen CrtN407941411 Amberglen Crt
20 Oak Lea Circ, MarkhamN408031620 Oak Lea Circ, Markham
4186 Prudham Ave, BurlingtonW40801164186 Prudham Ave, Burlington
3 Tanjoe Cres, TorontoC40784263 Tanjoe Cres, Toronto
14 Esker Dr, BramptonW407963814 Esker Dr, Brampton
6219 Mc Cracken DrW40808046219 Mc Cracken Dr
14 Cottinghill Way, AuroraN407915614 Cottinghill Way, Aurora
151 Tillie Sq, MarkhamN4081117151 Tillie Sq, Markham
576 Winterton Way, MississaugaW4080867576 Winterton Way, Mississauga
29 Valleycreek Dr, BramptonW407977229 Valleycreek Dr, Brampton
56 Deep Dene Dr, TorontoE408049256 Deep Dene Dr, Toronto
3186 Fieldgate Dr, MississaugaW40806753186 Fieldgate Dr, Mississauga
135 Orleans Dr, TorontoE4080086135 Orleans Dr, Toronto
86 Monkton Circ, BramptonW408090386 Monkton Circ, Brampton
341 Vienna St, HamiltonX4080689341 Vienna St, Hamilton
2239 Pindar Cres, OshawaE40786092239 Pindar Cres, Oshawa
26 Park Common Blvd, MarkhamN407992626 Park Common Blvd, Markham
22 Bent Tree Crt, BramptonW407844022 Bent Tree Crt, Brampton
5227 Sundial Crt, MississaugaW40798365227 Sundial Crt, Mississauga
C191 Truro Circ, BramptonW4081279C191 Truro Circ, Brampton
2129 Argon Crt, BurlingtonW40789432129 Argon Crt, Burlington
15 N Tilbury Gate, MarkhamN408091915 N Tilbury Gate, Markham
35 Eastlea Cres, TorontoE407963935 Eastlea Cres, Toronto
3 Heathbrook Ave, BramptonW40783733 Heathbrook Ave, Brampton
6470 Lisgar Dr, MississaugaW40783806470 Lisgar Dr, Mississauga
45 El Camino Way, BramptonW407892845 El Camino Way, Brampton
3192 13th Line BradfordN40808173192 13th Line Bradford
1480 Netherly Crt, MississaugaW40783971480 Netherly Crt, Mississauga
7 Hoover Park DrN40794717 Hoover Park Dr
1072 Mount Albert RdN40805461072 Mount Albert Rd
3192 Oakview Rd, MississaugaW40806213192 Oakview Rd, Mississauga
386 Delaney Dr, AjaxE4081234386 Delaney Dr, Ajax
20 Emmeline Cres, TorontoE407933720 Emmeline Cres, Toronto
11 English Garden Way, TorontoC407862911 English Garden Way, Toronto
39 Lucien St, MarkhamN408052839 Lucien St, Markham
18 Homeview Rd, BramptonW408056718 Homeview Rd, Brampton
3095 Tours Rd, MississaugaW40803863095 Tours Rd, Mississauga
130 Keffer Circ, NewmarketN4079089130 Keffer Circ, Newmarket
113 Fairlane Cres, VaughanN4079453113 Fairlane Cres, Vaughan
38 Falling Leaf Dr, CaledonW407984338 Falling Leaf Dr, Caledon
3199 Oakview Rd, MississaugaW40804063199 Oakview Rd, Mississauga
15 Omega St, MarkhamN408024315 Omega St, Markham
67 Booker Dr, AjaxE407865567 Booker Dr, Ajax
107 Big Hill Cres, VaughanN4081301107 Big Hill Cres, Vaughan
56 Pelee Ave, VaughanN407861456 Pelee Ave, Vaughan
6796 Dillingwood DrW40801456796 Dillingwood Dr
49 Walter Sangster RdN407891349 Walter Sangster Rd
3225 Osbourne Rd, MississaugaW40796373225 Osbourne Rd, Mississauga
11 Applebaum Terr, TorontoW407970511 Applebaum Terr, Toronto
210 Old Yonge St, AuroraN4080081210 Old Yonge St, Aurora
76 Clanton Park Rd, TorontoC407901276 Clanton Park Rd, Toronto
47 Wyndham St, TorontoC407936647 Wyndham St, Toronto
70 Sylvestre Sq, TorontoE408031870 Sylvestre Sq, Toronto
23 Torrance Woods, BramptonW407884223 Torrance Woods, Brampton
3 Debosky Crt, WhitbyE40793823 Debosky Crt, Whitby
84 Farewell St, OshawaE408034684 Farewell St, Oshawa
24 Plover Pl, BramptonW407990624 Plover Pl, Brampton
4 Mccartney St, HamiltonX40805064 Mccartney St, Hamilton
54 N Main St, MiltonW407899954 N Main St, Milton
86 Farewell St, OshawaE408036086 Farewell St, Oshawa
24 Sir Kay Dr, MarkhamN408060124 Sir Kay Dr, Markham
178 Mcknight Ave, HamiltonX4078858178 Mcknight Ave, Hamilton
19 Bimini Cres, TorontoW407876319 Bimini Cres, Toronto
90 Glenngarry Cres, VaughanN408096190 Glenngarry Cres, Vaughan
113 Lloyd Sanderson DrW4078748113 Lloyd Sanderson Dr
9 W Dykie Crt BradfordN40805299 W Dykie Crt Bradford
369 Silver Maple Rd Th5W4079943369 Silver Maple Rd Th5
111 Hogarth Ave, TorontoE4080694111 Hogarth Ave, Toronto
108 Balfour Ave, TorontoE4080307108 Balfour Ave, Toronto
710 St Clarens Ave, TorontoW4078367710 St Clarens Ave, Toronto
285 Milverton Blvd, TorontoE4080482285 Milverton Blvd, Toronto
9 Aquilina Crt, AjaxE40783299 Aquilina Crt, Ajax
42 Lark St, TorontoE407839642 Lark St, Toronto
16161 Centreville Creek RdW394704816161 Centreville Creek Rd
5 Avalon Blvd, TorontoE40793225 Avalon Blvd, Toronto
47 Deep Dene Dr, TorontoE408018147 Deep Dene Dr, Toronto
37 Earl Rd, TorontoE407822837 Earl Rd, Toronto
28 Howland Rd, TorontoE407895028 Howland Rd, Toronto
263 Riverlands Ave, MarkhamN4080158263 Riverlands Ave, Markham
2549 Craftsman Dr, OshawaE40797582549 Craftsman Dr, Oshawa
33 Fancamp Dr, VaughanN408111633 Fancamp Dr, Vaughan
12 Blue Grouse Rd, VaughanN407996512 Blue Grouse Rd, Vaughan
42 Quaker Village Dr, UxbridgeN407907442 Quaker Village Dr, Uxbridge
143 Walton Dr, AuroraN4081379143 Walton Dr, Aurora
20 Dunraven Dr, TorontoW408057420 Dunraven Dr, Toronto
881 Pape Ave, TorontoE4080733881 Pape Ave, Toronto
85 Monarch Park Ave, TorontoE408020185 Monarch Park Ave, Toronto
34 Snapdragon Dr, TorontoC407933034 Snapdragon Dr, Toronto
1243 Pallatine Dr, OakvilleW40783511243 Pallatine Dr, Oakville
40 Fanshore Dr, VaughanN408112240 Fanshore Dr, Vaughan
26 William Luck AveN407926026 William Luck Ave
84 Sealstone Terr, TorontoE408143784 Sealstone Terr, Toronto
61 Carnival Crt, TorontoC408022461 Carnival Crt, Toronto
96 Benson Ave, Richmond HillN408042896 Benson Ave, Richmond Hill
75 Hidden Tr, TorontoC407943575 Hidden Tr, Toronto
8 Castle Green Cres, TorontoW40796918 Castle Green Cres, Toronto
6321 Culmore Cres, MississaugaW40788096321 Culmore Cres, Mississauga
2213 Emily Circ, OakvilleW40790462213 Emily Circ, Oakville
1099 Hedge Dr, MississaugaW40786611099 Hedge Dr, Mississauga
1438 Jefferson Cres, OakvilleW40785941438 Jefferson Cres, Oakville
11 Bouvier Gate, BramptonW407960511 Bouvier Gate, Brampton
86 Education Rd, BramptonW408076586 Education Rd, Brampton
61 Baker Hill BlvdN407938461 Baker Hill Blvd
139 Shady Pine Circ, BramptonW4078914139 Shady Pine Circ, Brampton
4329 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, KingN40797004329 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, King
323 Chretien St Th 1, MiltonW4080464323 Chretien St Th 1, Milton
78 Kanashiro St, BramptonW407937278 Kanashiro St, Brampton
8361 10 Side Rd, Halton HillsW40794668361 10 Side Rd, Halton Hills
1331 Major Mackenzie Dr 33N40800631331 Major Mackenzie Dr 33
93 W Kortright Rd, GuelphX408124193 W Kortright Rd, Guelph
45 Harley Ave, Halton HillsW408042745 Harley Ave, Halton Hills
326 N Main St, MarkhamN4079609326 N Main St, Markham
146 Colleen Cres, HamiltonX4080701146 Colleen Cres, Hamilton
4069 Molly Ave, MississaugaW40785984069 Molly Ave, Mississauga
45 Willcocks Cres, AjaxE407969245 Willcocks Cres, Ajax
438 Rimilton Ave, TorontoW4080937438 Rimilton Ave, Toronto
3153 Coldstream RdW40804133153 Coldstream Rd
165 Hopkins Cres BradfordN4080080165 Hopkins Cres Bradford
162 Inverness Way BradfordN4079048162 Inverness Way Bradford
2392 New Providence St, OshawaE40804872392 New Providence St, Oshawa
128 Homestead Rd, TorontoE4079544128 Homestead Rd, Toronto
55 Mull Cres, ClaringtonE408084655 Mull Cres, Clarington
13 Manzanita Cres, BramptonW407949513 Manzanita Cres, Brampton
5 Balliol Ave, Richmond HillN40802885 Balliol Ave, Richmond Hill
8569 Martin Grove Rd, VaughanN40794508569 Martin Grove Rd, Vaughan
2A Fort Rouille St, TorontoW40804852A Fort Rouille St, Toronto
19 Maddybeth Cres, BramptonW407913219 Maddybeth Cres, Brampton
384 Kwapis Blvd, NewmarketN4079449384 Kwapis Blvd, Newmarket
67 Clementine Sq, TorontoE408120267 Clementine Sq, Toronto
407 Princess Anne CrtW4080378407 Princess Anne Crt
444 S Church St, Richmond HillN4080061444 S Church St, Richmond Hill
3694 Indigo Cres, MississaugaW40804303694 Indigo Cres, Mississauga
135 Glenway Circ, NewmarketN4078973135 Glenway Circ, Newmarket
5050 Main St, ClaringtonE40809665050 Main St, Clarington
65 Manitoba StN407930365 Manitoba St
20 Schomberg Rd, Richmond HillN408059820 Schomberg Rd, Richmond Hill
5218 Palmetto Pl, MississaugaW40811285218 Palmetto Pl, Mississauga
16 E John St, WaterlooX408102416 E John St, Waterloo
4637 Cornerstone DrW40810984637 Cornerstone Dr
24 Somerville Rd, Halton HillsW407949024 Somerville Rd, Halton Hills
128 Bonham Blvd, MississaugaW4079869128 Bonham Blvd, Mississauga
228 Thornway Ave, VaughanN4080530228 Thornway Ave, Vaughan
57 Pegasus Tr, TorontoE407848957 Pegasus Tr, Toronto
2357 Secreto Dr, OshawaE40798462357 Secreto Dr, Oshawa
1911 4th Concession RdX40795601911 4th Concession Rd
12 Harold Lawrie Lane, MarkhamN408011312 Harold Lawrie Lane, Markham
64 Milligan St BradfordN408019364 Milligan St Bradford
4171 Edgerton Rd, ScugogE40800794171 Edgerton Rd, Scugog
4 Deverell Cres, TorontoW40794814 Deverell Cres, Toronto
259 Sharon Creek DrN4080395259 Sharon Creek Dr
111 Northvale Rd, MarkhamN4078416111 Northvale Rd, Markham
20 Salmon Way, Halton HillsW408070420 Salmon Way, Halton Hills
40 Lofthouse Sq, TorontoE408055040 Lofthouse Sq, Toronto
14 Fairside Dr BradfordN407826614 Fairside Dr Bradford
2420 Equestrian Cres, OshawaE40791772420 Equestrian Cres, Oshawa
927 Barbados St, OshawaE4080359927 Barbados St, Oshawa
49 Aviemore Dr, TorontoW407877449 Aviemore Dr, Toronto
77 Gimblett St, ClaringtonE407884577 Gimblett St, Clarington
366 Travail Ave, OshawaE4078757366 Travail Ave, Oshawa
12 Oxtail Lane, BramptonW408061712 Oxtail Lane, Brampton
7 Colorado Pl, BramptonW40782477 Colorado Pl, Brampton
39 Teignmouth Ave, TorontoW407975339 Teignmouth Ave, Toronto
3 Strathroy Cres, HamiltonX40810833 Strathroy Cres, Hamilton
13 Jemima Rd, BramptonW408004313 Jemima Rd, Brampton
75 Westcroft Dr, TorontoE408000675 Westcroft Dr, Toronto
71 Redwater Dr, TorontoW407957871 Redwater Dr, Toronto
60 Emmett Ave, TorontoW407907760 Emmett Ave, Toronto
35 Viscount WayN408033035 Viscount Way
5905 Sidmouth St, MississaugaW40798635905 Sidmouth St, Mississauga
585 Pelletier Crt, NewmarketN4078682585 Pelletier Crt, Newmarket
28 Skranda Hill, BramptonW407840428 Skranda Hill, Brampton
1030 Easterbrook Cres, MiltonW40811151030 Easterbrook Cres, Milton
1080 Buck Dr, MiltonW40814881080 Buck Dr, Milton
5 Marchbank Crt, TorontoW40801785 Marchbank Crt, Toronto
145 Coker Cres Guelph, EramosaX4079644145 Coker Cres Guelph, Eramosa
45 Orville Hand Crt BradfordN407878245 Orville Hand Crt Bradford
31 Adam Sellers St, MarkhamN408024831 Adam Sellers St, Markham
80 Botavia Downs Dr, BramptonW408020780 Botavia Downs Dr, Brampton
1 Summit Dr, HamiltonX40791511 Summit Dr, Hamilton
972 Clark Blvd, MiltonW4080743972 Clark Blvd, Milton
101 Coady Ave, TorontoE4081157101 Coady Ave, Toronto
105 Elgin Dr, BramptonW4080974105 Elgin Dr, Brampton
61 Seaton Dr, AuroraN407885561 Seaton Dr, Aurora
15 La Neve Ave, VaughanN407827015 La Neve Ave, Vaughan
126 Braebrook Dr, WhitbyE4080472126 Braebrook Dr, Whitby
15 Shelbourne Dr, VaughanN407953115 Shelbourne Dr, Vaughan
98 Mitchell Ave, TorontoC407978498 Mitchell Ave, Toronto
38 Greyhound Dr, TorontoC408106138 Greyhound Dr, Toronto
45 Seventeenth St, TorontoW408092045 Seventeenth St, Toronto
107 Phyllis Ave, TorontoE4078731107 Phyllis Ave, Toronto
1385 E Leger Way, MiltonW40782561385 E Leger Way, Milton
454 Pozbou Cres, MiltonW4081390454 Pozbou Cres, Milton
114 Roosevelt Rd, TorontoE4079805114 Roosevelt Rd, Toronto
36 Harbord St, MarkhamN408090636 Harbord St, Markham
71 Griffiths Dr, AjaxE407826371 Griffiths Dr, Ajax
16 Melva Cres, TorontoE407921716 Melva Cres, Toronto
170 Warden Ave, TorontoE4079472170 Warden Ave, Toronto
98 Winter Gardens Tr, TorontoE407944598 Winter Gardens Tr, Toronto
126 Fletcher Ave, AjaxE4081372126 Fletcher Ave, Ajax
50 Arundel Dr, VaughanN407854450 Arundel Dr, Vaughan
417 Margueretta St, TorontoW4078606417 Margueretta St, Toronto
73 Rembrandt Dr, MarkhamN407848273 Rembrandt Dr, Markham
780 Ashprior Ave, MississaugaW4079865780 Ashprior Ave, Mississauga
19 N Brownridge Cres, TorontoW407966219 N Brownridge Cres, Toronto
13 Skelton Cres, AjaxE408096713 Skelton Cres, Ajax
8 Cobb Ave, TorontoW40788738 Cobb Ave, Toronto
397 Pepper Dr, BurlingtonW4079018397 Pepper Dr, Burlington
52 Wildwood Ave, Richmond HillN408001752 Wildwood Ave, Richmond Hill
971 Leslie Valley DrN4078344971 Leslie Valley Dr
390 Marf Ave, MississaugaW4079984390 Marf Ave, Mississauga
1032 Blain St, MiltonW40784861032 Blain St, Milton
989 Leslie Valley DrN4080159989 Leslie Valley Dr
5474 Fudge Terr, MississaugaW40796865474 Fudge Terr, Mississauga
64 Emmett Ave, TorontoW408040464 Emmett Ave, Toronto
12 Sunway Sq, MarkhamN407928312 Sunway Sq, Markham
202 Plunkett Rd, TorontoW4078499202 Plunkett Rd, Toronto
17 Nina Pl, BramptonW407977617 Nina Pl, Brampton
2101 Deer Run Ave, BurlingtonW40798292101 Deer Run Ave, Burlington
665 Montego Cres, BurlingtonW4080824665 Montego Cres, Burlington
172 Darren Ave, WhitbyE4078620172 Darren Ave, Whitby
425 Sandford St, NewmarketN4079263425 Sandford St, Newmarket
935 Winterton Way, MississaugaW4079652935 Winterton Way, Mississauga
3114 Plum Tree CresW40808283114 Plum Tree Cres
40 Dills Cres, MiltonW407864140 Dills Cres, Milton
65 Chatterson St, WhitbyE407884965 Chatterson St, Whitby
4 Saint Ave BradfordN40809004 Saint Ave Bradford
62 Emmett Ave, TorontoW407977962 Emmett Ave, Toronto
99 Forest Edge CresN408039299 Forest Edge Cres
91 Beech St, BramptonW407948391 Beech St, Brampton
11 Duncan Bull Dr, BramptonW407921511 Duncan Bull Dr, Brampton
45 Aster Cres, WhitbyE407835745 Aster Cres, Whitby
891 Jackman Gate, MiltonW4081411891 Jackman Gate, Milton
20 Sahara Tr, BramptonW408102820 Sahara Tr, Brampton
43 Sedgewick Circ, BramptonW407855343 Sedgewick Circ, Brampton
194 Sugarhill Dr, BramptonW4080609194 Sugarhill Dr, Brampton
25 City Park Circ, VaughanN407995425 City Park Circ, Vaughan
48 Chimney Hill Way, ScugogE408059348 Chimney Hill Way, Scugog
1758 Samuelson CircW40789541758 Samuelson Circ
3469 Ashcroft CresW40792313469 Ashcroft Cres
18 Stephenfrank Rd, TorontoE407935318 Stephenfrank Rd, Toronto
6932 Haines Artist WayW40791916932 Haines Artist Way
72 Village Vista Way, VaughanN407862372 Village Vista Way, Vaughan
1131 W Mceachern Crt, MiltonW40808101131 W Mceachern Crt, Milton
8345 Kipling Ave, VaughanN40813518345 Kipling Ave, Vaughan
751 Elgin St, NewmarketN4078712751 Elgin St, Newmarket
35 Madison Heights BlvdN407953835 Madison Heights Blvd
11 Matthew Harrison StW408110011 Matthew Harrison St
46 Abbey Clse, HamiltonX408013446 Abbey Clse, Hamilton
16 Park Rd, WhitbyE408035416 Park Rd, Whitby
10 Nantucket Cres, BramptonW407825010 Nantucket Cres, Brampton
188 Portview Rd, ScugogE4080289188 Portview Rd, Scugog
58 Guild Hall Dr, TorontoE407838258 Guild Hall Dr, Toronto
70 Woodroof Cres, AuroraN407845870 Woodroof Cres, Aurora
118 Bayview Ave, GeorginaN4078783118 Bayview Ave, Georgina
38 Stephen Ave, ClaringtonE408056038 Stephen Ave, Clarington
2372 Penrose Lane, OakvilleW40793052372 Penrose Lane, Oakville

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